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We’re Accepting Writing Contributions to Outdoor Chief

We’re always on the look out for people that share the same passion as us for the outdoors. And if you feel you can get that across in your writing, we would love to hear from you.

We need authors whose insight and experience will lead to content our readers will adore. And that starts with knowing your subject inside and out.

So if you fill your free time with outdoor sports, are always out on the water or climbing a mountain – you will find a good home for your prose with us.

How will it benefit you?

Unfortunately we are not in the position to pay for guest contributions at the moment; (however, if you go onto become a regular staff writer – there will be discussion on percentages); that being said, the traffic to Outdoor Chief is growing.

Your article will end up being read by enthusiasts from all over the world. We will also share the post onto all of our social profiles and other marketing channels.

What we Need

writing for outdoor chief - your passion

We advise that you reach out to us before sending any unsolicted work, (we don’t want you to waste your time).

Any article we publish on Outdoor Chief should be well-researched, using a light and readable tone and of course free from grammatical errors. Review topics should definitely demonstrate an in depth knowledge of the product being showcased.

Any revisions that need to be carried out, will be done so with close collaboration with a member of our editorial team.

As you will see from the website, the main area of content is product reviews, helpful, how-to guides and other insight into everything outdoors.

The various lead categories are:

  1. The Road – Driving, road trips, 4×4 and ATV
  2. The Blue – anything to do with the water: sailing, fishing, rowing etc
  3. Garden – speaks for itself
  4. Great Outdoors – Hiking, climbing, hunting etc
  5. Winter – anything that reqires cold climes to carry out

How to Apply?

If you are keen to contribute to Outdoor Chief, send us a message using the form below, (alternatively you can email us at

State your area of interest, and a short overview of your experience in the field. If you have some ideas for content, you can add those too.

Once you have got in touch we will then discuss you sending over a short piece in order for us to evaluate your writing form, style, and knowledge.

Many thanks, and good luck! 🙂

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