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What is the best carport you can buy in 2021? That’s exactly what we will look into today.

From all-steel builds to canopy-covered frames, those with sidewalls and guttering and simpler, portable options without. We’ve selected a range of carports to give you a comprehensive low down on what you should buy.

For our findings at a glance, just head to the table below. For a short buyer’s guide, plus in-depth reviews on each of our top 5 picks, keep on reading.

Best Carport Top 5

Abba Patio Carport Heavy Duty Carport with Removable Sidewalls & Doors Portable Garage Extra Large Car Canopy for Auto, Boat, Party, Wedding, Market stall, 10 x 20 ft with 8 Legs, Beige
Palram - Canopia Arcadia 4300 Carport - 12' x 14' - Bronze/Gray
King Canopy Hercules 10-Feet by 20-Feet, 2-Inch Steel Frame, 8-Leg, Carport, White
ShelterLogic All-Steel Metal Frame Roof Instant Garage and AutoShelter with Waterproof and UV-Treated Ripstop Cover
Abba Patio Carport Heavy Duty Carport with Removable Sidewalls & Doors Portable Garage Extra Large Car Canopy for Auto, Boat, Party, Wedding, Market stall, 10 x 20 ft with 8 Legs, Beige
Palram - Canopia Arcadia 4300 Carport - 12' x 14' - Bronze/Gray
King Canopy Hercules 10-Feet by 20-Feet, 2-Inch Steel Frame, 8-Leg, Carport, White
ShelterLogic All-Steel Metal Frame Roof Instant Garage and AutoShelter with Waterproof and UV-Treated Ripstop Cover
Abba Patio Carport Heavy Duty Carport with Removable Sidewalls & Doors Portable Garage Extra Large Car Canopy for Auto, Boat, Party, Wedding, Market stall, 10 x 20 ft with 8 Legs, Beige
Abba Patio Carport Heavy Duty Carport with Removable Sidewalls & Doors Portable Garage Extra Large Car Canopy for Auto, Boat, Party, Wedding, Market stall, 10 x 20 ft with 8 Legs, Beige
Palram - Canopia Arcadia 4300 Carport - 12' x 14' - Bronze/Gray
Palram - Canopia Arcadia 4300 Carport - 12' x 14' - Bronze/Gray
King Canopy Hercules 10-Feet by 20-Feet, 2-Inch Steel Frame, 8-Leg, Carport, White
King Canopy Hercules 10-Feet by 20-Feet, 2-Inch Steel Frame, 8-Leg, Carport, White
ShelterLogic All-Steel Metal Frame Roof Instant Garage and AutoShelter with Waterproof and UV-Treated Ripstop Cover
ShelterLogic All-Steel Metal Frame Roof Instant Garage and AutoShelter with Waterproof and UV-Treated Ripstop Cover

Best Carport Reviews

1. BEST CANOPY: Abba Patio 10 x 20 ft. Heavy Duty Carport with Sidewalls

One of the best carports on the market today is the Abba Patio Heavy Duty Carport with Sidewalls. This car shade is very versatile as you can still use it for other shade needs apart from just storing your vehicle.

It can come in handy during outdoor events and can also act as a horse shade. It comes with 8 stabilizers and a high-quality polyethylene cover. It is easy to set it up and can be installed on any surface.

Here is a review of this carport from Abba Patio.

The Manufacturer

Abba Patio is a popular company that is known for offering gardening and backyard solutions. Its product portfolio includes outdoor umbrellas, canopies and gazebos, patio furniture and so on. Abba Patio products are known to be of high-quality and affordable.

Large Size

This carport sports a spacious design making it ideal for auto storage as well as outdoor events. It measures 10 by 20 feet and can be erected on any surface. This makes it a versatile shade for storage as well as hosting outdoor events.

Strong Steel Frames and 8 Stabilizers

To ensure stability and sturdiness, this carport comes with powder-coated steel frames that are rust & corrosion resistant. When it comes to stabilizers, it has 8 strong stabilizers that give the canopy resistance even in strong winds.

Durable Polyethylene cover

The Abba Patio Domain Carport has a high-quality polyethylene cover that covers the top as well as sidewalls. This cover shields your vehicle from the damaging effects of scorching sun and other adverse conditions. There are two front-zipped flaps for easy opening and closing.

  1. Measures 10 x 20 x 9.4 ft.
  2. 210g beige Polyethylene cover
  3. Sidewalls
  4. Two front-zipped flaps
  5. Powder-coated steel frames
  6. Eight Stabilizers
Pros of the Abba Patio APGP36PEB 10 x 20 ft. Heavy Duty Domain Carport with Sidewalls / Event Canopy
  • Can be placed anywhere
  • Highly versatile
  • Easy set-up
  • Has sidewalls
  • Rust and corrosion-free steel frames
The Cons
  • Gets overpowered by strong winds

Bottom Line

The Abba Patio Heavy Duty Domain Carport is a unique and highly versatile carport that can also host outdoor events.

Its cover is made from high-quality polyethylene material and covers even sidewalls. If you are looking for versatility, this really does fit the bill. It is marred by a less than hard-wearing construction, however.

2. BEST STEEL: Palram HG9115 Arcadia 4300 – 12×14 ft. Metal Carport Kit

The Palram Arcadia 4300 is another great carport for those looking for an easy installation carport.

It comes with pre-cut and pre-drilled parts and only requires two people for assembly.

Its roof panels are unbreakable and the UV-protected cover material is effective in protecting your car comprehensively.

This carport is very versatile and can be used for other purposes for example, like a patio cover for hot tubs, outdoor events and so much more. Here is a review of this great carport from Palram.

The Manufacturer

The Arcadia 4300 is manufactured and distributed by Palram, an established company that manufactures a wide range of products from building materials to specialty products.

All its products are designed and engineered using the latest technologies for efficiency and durability, the Arcadia 4300 is no exception.

Impressive Size

Even though this carport is not as large as the others, it is still impressively spacious. It measures 12 Ft. x 14 Ft.

Easy Assembly

Installing a carport is quite a challenge but not with the Arcadia 4300. This carport comes with ready parts that require only two people to install. You don’t need any carpentry skills or tools.

Strong and Durable Frames

To ensure your car shade lasts long and the carport resists strong winds, the frames have to be strong. For this reason, Palram brings on board powder-coated aluminum and galvanized steel frames that guarantee sturdiness.

Besides, these frames are rust and corrosion resistant to ensure your carport lasts for many years even in harsh weather conditions.

Polycarbonate Roof System

Unlike many carports that use the lighter polyethylene material, Palram used high-quality 6mm polycarbonate material which has been reinforced to make it incredibly strong.

Furthermore, this material is 100% UV protected thus shielding your car from harmful sun rays that might cause the paint to fade.

The only shortcoming of this carport is that it doesn’t have sidewalls meaning your car will be exposed when the sun is at an acute angle.

Integrated Gutters

During the rainy season, you don’t need to worry about rainwater stalling at the top. This is because Palram designed this carport with integrated gutters for enhancing drainage.

You can take advantage of these gutters and channel rainwater for home use, or at least, for washing your car.

Anchor it Anywhere

Another great addition to this carport is the anchoring and foot pads that secure the carport tightly to the ground. It also enables homeowners to move the structure with ease.

  1. Measures 12 x 14 Ft.
  2. 6mm polycarbonate cover
  3. Six strong stabilizers
  4. Aluminum and galvanized steel frames
  5. Integrated gutters
  6. Anchoring and foot pads
  7. Ten Years Limited Warranty
Pros of the Palram HG9115 Arcadia 4300 - 14x12 ft. Metal Carport Kit
  • Multi-purpose; carport/patio cover
  • UV resistant cover
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant frames
  • Easy assembly
  • Easily movable
  • Extended warranty
  • Maintenance-free
The Cons
  • No sidewalls
  • Small size
  • Expensive in comparison to many of the options in our top 5

Bottom Line

Even though this carport has no sidewalls, it can still be a great purchase for anyone looking for a multi-purpose and durable carport.

Besides protecting your car, you can take advantage of the gutters to harvest rain water for home use. If you want a lasting solution, then this is one of the best carports you can buy.

3. King Canopy HC1020PC Hercules 10 by 20 Ft. Carport

The King Canopy is an easy installation carport that can also serve different purposes and needs besides protecting your car.

This carport comes with 8 legs for maximum stability and has been joined by strong and sturdy frames for reinforcing its sturdiness on the ground and most importantly, for durability.

It is easily detachable and assembly is less intensive thus making it a great carport as well as a canopy for outdoor events. Here is a dissection of the King Canopy Hercules.

The Manufacturer

The Hercules HC1020PC is manufactured and distributed by King Canopy. This company is known for its high-quality canopies and garages, event booths, umbrellas and so on. Since 1940, their products have never disappointed and that’s why it remains a household name in many markets.


This carport measures 10 feet by 20 feet. This is quite enough for an average car as well as gardening equipment.

A-Frame Design

This carport sports a unique A-Frame design that gives it more room on the roof. Besides, it makes it more strong and sturdy.

Strong and Sturdy Frames

To guarantee sturdiness, this carport has been engineered with 2-inch white powder-coated frames that have been further pre-cut and drilled for easy assembly. It also boasts 8 stabilizers for reinforced sturdiness.

Patented Cover Design

One unique feature of the King Canopy Hercules is the patented Heavy-Duty Polyethylene cover. This cover features a fitted white drawstring design for easy installation as well as detaching. Furthermore, the cover has UV inhibitors and is fire and water-resistant.

  1. Measures 10 x 20 Ft.
  2. Patented cover design
  3. 2-inch powder-coated frames
  4. 8 stabilizers
  5. A-Frame design
  6. UV Inhibitors
  7. Fire Retardant
  8. Water Resistant
  9. 1 Year Limited
Pros of the King Canopy HC1020PC Hercules 10 by 20 Ft. Carport
  • Easy installation
  • Multi-purpose
  • Unique A-frame design for improved stability
The Cons

Bottom Line

The King Canopy HC1020PC Hercules 10 by 20 Ft Carport is a low-budget carport that can also serve other purposes like holding events. It has been built to last and protects your car from harsh conditions

Even though it has no sidewalls, it is a great purchase considering the friendly price tag, and is our number one canopy covered carport choice.

4. ShelterLogic AutoShelter 62680 – 10 x 20 ft. Instant Garage®

If you are looking for an easy-to-setup garage, then this carport from ShelterLogic will be your best purchase.

Besides, it has been crafted using high-grade materials for maximum car protection and most importantly, for durability.

It is ideal for a range of autos including cars, ATVs, trailers, gardening equipment, and other bulk storage needs. Here is a review of the ShelterLogic 1020 AutoShelter.

The Manufacturer

This carport has been manufactured by ShelterLogic, a renowned brand in the manufacture and distribution of shades, shelters, and other storage products.

With over 50 years in business, this company is known for its innovative and high-quality products including the ShelterLogic 1020 AutoShelter.

Spacious for a Wide Range of Storage Needs

The ShelterLogic AutoShelter measures 10 by 20 feet making it a great carport for several automobiles ranging from small ATVs to tractors.

High Quality and Durable Cover

This carport comes with a waterproof and UV-treated advanced engineered triple-layer ripstop polyethylene cover. It has further been reinforced with fade blockers, anti-aging, and anti-fungal properties to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Strong, Sturdy, and Durable Stabilizers

The ShelterLogic 62680 Instant Garage also comes with strong stabilizers for easy installation and most importantly, to give the carport the sturdiness it requires.

It comes with Patented ShelterLock® stabilizers that guarantee solidness and stability.

The all-steel frames measure 1-3/8 in. / 3,1 cm and have been bonded using thermoset premium powder coating to shield them from peeling, chipping, corrosion and rust.

Tight and Neat Look

Nothing can be more stressful when winds keep blowing away the cover. One advantage of the ShelterLogic 1020 is the Ratchet Tite cover tensioning system and Easy Slide Cross Rail system that keeps the cover tight and neat always.

  1. Measures 10 x 20 x 8 ft.
  2. Triple-layer ripstop polyethylene cover
  3. Ratchet Tite cover tensioning system
  4. Easy Slide Cross Rail system
  5. Patented ShelterLock® stabilizers
  6. 1-3/8 in. / 3,1 cm all-steel frames
  7. One Double zippered doors, 1 rear end panel
  8. One-year manufacturer’s warranty
Pros of the ShelterLogic AutoShelter 62680 - 10 x 20 ft. Instant Garage®
  • High-quality cover material
  • Anti-fade, anti-aging, and waterproof cover
  • Strong stabilizers
  • High-quality all-steel frames
  • Tight and neat outline
  • Has sidewalls
  • Easy installation
The Cons
  • Quite pricey

Bottom Line

The ShelterLogic AutoShelter 62680 Carport is a great vehicle storage option. Even though its price tag is quite high, it is worth every penny. It is stable, strong and long-lasting compared to may carports out there.

Besides, it is easy to set it up and provided great protection. For simplicity alone, this is a worthy entry in our top 5 carport review round up.

5. Eagle, All Steel Carport Cover 18′ x 21′ x 6′

This carport is the ultimate way to shield your car from harsh weather and even dust. Besides, you can use it to hold outdoor events.

One great thing about this carport is that it is large enough to accommodate two cars. Built with high-grade materials, this carport is ideal for multiple car owners or those who drive large vehicles.

Here is the review of the Regular Style 18′ x 21′ Two-Car Carport.

The Manufacturer

This carport is manufactured by Eagle Carports, a growing company that manufactures car shades and garages, and are based in the USA.

For Two Cars

Unlike many carports in this range, the Regular Style 18′ x 21′ is large enough to accommodate two cars wholly. This makes it a great purchase for anyone who has more than one car, (or has regular visitors).

Strong and Sturdy

This carport has been built using American-made steel frames and heavy-duty roof panels. Its design is also open to customization, unlike many similar products.

High-Grade Roof Material

This carport boasts of a 29-gauge horizontal roof. With this carport, your car is completely shielded from the scorching sun and rain. However, it doesn’t have sidewalls thus making it just an average carport, but durable.

  1. Measures 18′ x 21′
  2. Maxi-rib 29-gauge horizontal roof
  3. 14-gauge steel frames
  4. 2 1/2 inch square tubing
  5. 20 year limited warranty
Pros of the Regular Style 18' x 21' Two-Car Carport
  • Can be customized
  • Can fit up to two cars
  • Durable steel frames
  • Extended 20-year warranty
The Cons
  • No sidewalls
  • The large dimensions obviously take up a lot of space.

Bottom Line

Even though this carport just sounds like an average carport, its size is impressive. It can accommodate up to two cars which is a great thing for such a low-budget carport.

Besides, it is customizable meaning you can add a few things for the best experience. The size, price, and materials used make this our top-pick all-steel carport option. Highly recommended.

Buying the Best Carport – A Short Guide

If you love your ride, you should care about its storage. A good way to keep your car safe from the effects of weather and other conditions that may damage it is to buy a carport.

As we mentioned above, carports can range from simple canopies with stabilizers that offer cool shade for your car, to fully installed steel-covered builds designed to last for decades.

However, that being said all carports do the same thing; they protect your vehicle from the elements, shielding your car from the scorching sun, or damaging rain and snow.

What to look for when buying a Carport

There are very many carports in the market manufactured and sold by different companies. They also come with different features and prices.

However, for most car owners, shopping for the best carport can be quite confusing; especially for first-time buyers.

For this reason, we have decided to review the best carports that should top your wish list.

But before that, we will discuss some of the general considerations you should have before buying a carport.

Here are a few important factors you need to consider:


Generally, go for a carport that has pre-cut and pre-drilled parts for easy installation. It will be very hard and costly when you buy a carport that needs a professional installer.


Carports come in different sizes. So, when shopping for them, make sure you have your clearly set requirements so that you don’t end up purchasing a carport that covers half your car.

You can even buy carports designed for two-vehicle. If you have space and need, this can be a very wise option.

Cover Material

The cover of a carport really matters especially in terms of durability. Make sure you go for a carport that has been crafted with a durable cover preferably, one that has been made from polyethylene or polycarbonate material.

The most hard-wearing carports are made from steel. If you live in an area with high snowfall, this is the direction you should take.

Even the strongest canopy-covered carport is likely to buckle under heavy snow.


With a strong frame, you are guaranteed a solid carport that will last for long and resist even harsh winds. A good carport frame should be made from galvanized steel and must be rust and corrosion-resistant.


When it comes to price, make sure you get value for your money. It is imperative that you do some window shopping to at least have a rough idea of what features you should expect depending on your budget.

Other Considerations when buying a Car Port


Image: Philipp König, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Zoning Ordinances

When buying a carport there are a few issues you should consider beyond the type and model you buy. Firstly, you should check your local zoning ordinances.

It could be that carports of a certain size, are not permitted her you live. (Some areas may state that carports are not allowed to be installed at all!)

There are also ordinances on the distance between a carport and your home, so ensure to check those too. Your local state government website will be able to help.

Underground Utility Lines

For a large carport that requires more extensive installation, you will need to ensure that the area where you plan on erecting the construction is clear of any underground objects. This obviously includes utility and plumbing lines.

Wherever you need to dig into the earth (fitting the anchor posts for your carport for example), you should check with your local utility companies to make sure it is safe to do so.

Level Terrain

Once you have cleared the legalities of owning a carport, and that no underlying utility lines will be affected, you should make sure that the installation site is level.

If the ground is unlevel by more than a few inches, and you can’t level the area manually, you might have to resort to cutting the legs of the carport for it to fit correctly. Either that or choose another location.


Not only do you need enough clearance to safely drive your vehicle in and out of the carport, but you should also ensure that there is enough space to open your car’s doors. You do not want to hit the posts when getting out of your car, or the side of your house if you are erecting the carport next to your dwelling.

Carport FAQs


Q. What preparations need to be done before installing a Carport

Before installing a carport you should ensure that the surface is flat, and has sufficient access for both the install and your vehicle/s when in use. You should also have checked for any building restrictions, and have homeowners association approvals, and know your zoning ordinance with county and/or city authorities.

Q. I plan on having a concrete floor beneath the carport, should this be completed first?

Generally no. By installing the carport first, you will have access to the earth for the works. You can then lay the floor around the finished construction to ensure a neater end result, with no missing areas.

However, if the concrete is already in place, the installation will require concrete lag bolts to ensure proper anchorage.

Q. What anchoring options are available for my carport?

There are several anchoring options for heavy-duty carports. These include:

  • Rebar – Rebar anchoring is more commonly used when installing a standard carport over gravel or dirt.
  • Auger Anchors – This is another method of anchoring carport posts into gravel or dirt.
  • Concrete lag bolts – This anchoring system is used when the carport is installed into cement.
  • Concrete Screws –  If you are installing the carport onto concrete pads or footers, concrete screws work well.

Q. Is a carport waterproof?

Carport roofs are waterproof, however, the rain will generally come in through the side, so your vehicle might not be completely protected. However, the amount of coverage and the intensity of the wind and rain, all have a part to play.

Q. What carport maintenance will I be expected to do?

Keeping the carport clean is a good way of ensuring its longevity. This includes keeping the integral gutter clear, ensuring debris doesn’t fester on the roof (both canvas and aluminum builds), and that the framework remains clean.

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