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best dock ladder

Getting in and out of your boat at the dock can be awkward, especially if you have family and friends wanting to join you in the water.

The best way to ensure that everyone can board your boat safely is with a strong and sturdy dock ladder. Of course, there are a ton of these on the market right now and it can be difficult to know which one to buy.

Here’s where our dock ladder review round-up can help. We have done the research for you, bringing together 5 top-rated ladders covering a range of budgets, lengths, and functionality.

For our findings at a glance, just head to the table below. For a comprehensive review of each of our picks, keep on reading.

Top 5 Best Dock Ladders for 2022

100% aluminumStep interval: 11.5”Step width: 5”Capacity: 300 lbs
Height: 64.5"Width: 16"3/8" Ports
4-Step, FoldingLength: 41.5″Width: 16.25″Step Gap: 10″
316 StainlessStep Width: 2”Length: 41.375”Width: 16.25″
4 Step LadderCapacity: 600lbsLgth: 44.4cm-109.cmWidth: 35.5cm

Dock Ladder Reviews

dock ladder

The following reviews are meant to give you all the information you need so that choosing a dock ladder doesn’t become a headache.

Below you’ll find our top pick overall, a number one budget option and some model ladders that can also be fitted to the back of a boat or pontoon should you need.

How’s that for flexibility. So if you are ready, let’s jump to it.

1. TOP PICK: Extreme Max 3005.3380 4-Step Pontoon/Dock Ladder

Extreme Max is a popular brand for the manufacturing of boating accessories. And it is clear they have come up trumps with this high-quality dock ladder.

This is also a flexible option that can be used for swimming pools too. Whether you want to board a dock, floating raft or a pontoon, you can do so without any hassle with the help of this heavy-duty aluminum dock ladder.

For safe use, it features an angled design that lets it anchor securely even in deep water and makes boarding easier. The steps are wide too, even heavy-footed uncle John will be able to board comfortably with this ladder.

As you would expect, this ladder from Extreme Max feels robust as you stand on it, yet the light-weight aluminum design makes it easy for you to store or relocate.

Another great benefit of the ladder is that it is designed so you can mount to docks or floating rafts within minutes.

The kit comes with stainless steel mounting hardware that will help you to set it up easily. If you need to relocate at any point, you can buy the Footman Relocation Kit to help you move the ladder easily.

The Max is also hard wearing, providing the longevity you need from a ladder that could well end up being in harsh sunshine, yet wet conditions for many months of the year.

  • Heavy-duty square tubing construction
  • 100% aluminum 4-step ladder
  • Step interval is 11.5”
  • Step width is 15”
  • Weight capacity is 300 lbs
Pros of the Extreme Max 3005.3380 4-Step Pontoon/Dock Ladder
  • Angular design, so anchoring on deepwater possible.
  • Wide steps for extra safety.
  • A secure mounting system makes it easy to relocate the ladder.
  • It is easy to set up and store.
  • Comes with a two-year replacement warranty.
The Cons
  • The storage position is quite inconvenient as it has to be stored straight.

Bottom line

This dock ladder from Extreme Max ticks all the right boxes. Strong, affordable and easy to set up. It is our number one choice for good reason.

No matter what the weather is like, you will be able to board and dock comfortably and safely with minimum fuss. And that’s exactly what you should be looking for at the end of the day.

2. 4 Step Heavy Duty Anodized Aluminum Swimming Pool Dock Ladder FLIP UP

Here we have another great dock ladder that doubles up as an option for an outdoor pool too.

This is a 4-step ladder, constructed with extra heavy-duty anodized aluminum which is resistant to corrosion and abrasion. It provides a great grip and so there is no chance of slipping and causing an accident.

There is no rough edge so you won’t get hurt while climbing down or up. The steps are constructed in such a way to avoid slippage.

Mounting hardware is available and you will be able to set it up with the detailed instruction given with the product.

It easily flips up 180 degrees from the deck and stows out of the water. When not in use it pulls out of the water and stands up.

The benefit of this of course is that the boat can safely use the side of the dock when the ladder is lifted up and not in use.

  • The total length of the ladder is 64.5 inches
  • Length from the deck to bottom step is 46 inches and width is 16 inches
  • It has universal 3/8 inches ports
  • It weighs 22.5 pounds
  • It is made of anodized aluminum
Pros of the Step Heavy Duty Anodized Aluminum Swimming Pool Dock Ladder FLIP UP
  • It is attractive and lightweight.
  • You can even choose it in different colors.
  • It is made up of a 1.5-inch smooth anodized aluminum finish that makes it strong and durable.
  • It has twin rails making it sturdier.
  • It can withstand the weight of 300lbs
  • With no rough edges, it is safe and comfortable to use.
  • The steps feature a no-slip design
  • Easy install and has a mounting kit.
  • No rusting issues as it is corrosion resistant
The Cons
  • The handle of the ladder is not as strong as the rest of the ladder.
  • When flipping up, the ladder sometimes doesn’t get enough room to clear the dock and so there have been examples where it scrapes the surface of the dock.

Bottom Line

This ladder will give you a safer dock environment. It is well constructed to last a long time without having any corrosion.

As it doesn’t rust it is also great for use in a saltwater swimming pool. In short, it offers great value for money as a solution for getting in and out of your kayak or boat.

You will be able to mount it easily on any surface and use it without worrying about your safety.

3. BEST PREMIUM OPTION: Amarine Made 4 Steps Removable / Folding Ladder

Amarine Made is another brand producing high-quality products built to last. This is the most premium designed product in our top 5 and the results speak for themselves.

This 4-step model has a universal self-supporting design that can be used for multiple applications. It requires no support to stand.

The steps of a ladder are the main concern when it comes to safety, here the manufacturers have opted for an extra-wide design so you will feel comfortable using it.

This ladder is also tall, making it appropriate for use in deep water or high docking arrangements.

It features handrails that make it easy for boarding and ensure safety when you go down into the water.

The Amarine ladder is constructed using 15” diameter 316 stainless steel tubing.

The ladder flips up when not in use and so you can easily store it as it will take very little space. Furthermoree, it won’t get affected by saltwater as it is corrosion resistant.

  • Ladder Length (extended): 41.375″
  • Ladder is constructed of 1.5″ diameter
  • Overall Ladder Width: 16.25″
  • Distance to the first step: 10.5″
  • Distance Between Steps: 10″
  • Mounting Holes: 7
  • Hole Diameter: 1/4″
  • Handle Height: 17″
Pros of the Amarine Made 4 Steps Removable/Folding Rear Entry Pontoon Boat Ladder
  • Can be used for various applications.
  • Easy step-up with detailed instructions provided.
  • It is possible to relocate easily even after setting up.
  • Can support 400 lb. capacity which is more than most of the other ladders found in the market.
  • It has 2” wide steps making it comfortable to use.
  • It flips up for easy storage.
  • It won’t rust and so will last for a long time.
The Cons
  • Mounting hardware is not included with the ladder, so you will have to purchase it separately.
  • As the ladder doesn’t come with nuts, bolts, and screws, you might have to buy different sizes of these if you are going to use the ladder for various applications.

Bottom Line

Everything about this ladder from Amarine exudes quality. Sure it is quite expensive, but then you are purchasing something that will stand the test of time.

Unlike some of the other dock ladders in the market, it flips up easily when not in use and so you will be able to store it easily.

As it can withstand a lot of loads, the ladder is sturdy and durable. In terms of safety and durability, you can’t really go wrong. Our top premium option for good reason.

4. Stainless Steel Inboard Swim Fiberglass Platform 4-steps Ladder Reinforce Folding Docking Ladder

As we have covered in each of our reviews above, your chosen docking ladder needs to be strong as it has to withstand the water condition and other adverse factors as well.

This stainless steel ladder fits that bill and then some. It is stable and won’t deform due to extreme weather conditions. You can also easily fold the ladder when not in use and store it in a corner.

It is a great docking ladder for swimming pool or dock boarding when you spend time on your kayak or wooden raft in the water.

The ladder has four steps that are wide and comfortable. The surface is smooth so you won’t get injured even if your skin comes in contact with it.

Overall, this is meant to be your one stop dock ladder solution and you will not be replacing it any time soon.

  • Constructed with 1.5” diameter
  • 316 stainless steel tubing.
  • Steps are 2” wide.
  • The hole diameter is inches.
  • Handle height is 17 ‘
  • Ladder length is 41.375”
  • Overall Ladder Width is 16.25″
  • Distance to the first step is 10.5″
Pros of Stainless Steel Inboard Swim Fiberglass Platform 4-steps Ladder Reinforce Folding Docking Ladder
  • It is easy to set up; all you need to do is follow the instructions.
  • It is sturdy and has a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs.
  • The steps are wide and with a no-slip’ feature and so there is less risk of accidents.
  • The ladder is tall and is perfect for use in a swimming pool where the depth of the water may be more.
  • It takes very little space for storage as it flips up and so you can leave it on a corner easily.
  • It looks good with the smooth and shiny finish.
The Cons
  • The handles can be uncomfortable to hold at times.
  • It is necessary to buy the installation hardware, nuts, bolts, extra and so you might have to spend some extra money.
  • There is no warranty for the product.

Bottom line

This ladder has been constructed with the highest quality in mind. You will be able to move it around comfortably without worrying that it might fall apart.

The steps are wide and very comfortable to step onto. You will be able to use the ladder without slipping or getting hurt in any other way.

You can use the ladder for multiple applications as well.

5. BEST BUDGET OPTION: Hoffen Telescopic, 4 Step, Stainless Steel Dock Ladder

This ladder from Hoffen makes our top 5 because it perfectly balances functionality with the price point. Not only that but it is super sturdy with the capacity to hold 600 pounds, as far as weight capacity it beats many other brands on the market.

With the extra tall handrails, you will find it easy to board your vessel. It easily mounts on the deck and your family and friends will be able to use it safely.

Furthermore, the design of the ladder is such that you can use it on the back of your pontoon boat or yacht. It is also suitable to use in the swimming pool or as a dock ladder. How’s that for multi-function hey?

best dock ladder

The installation process is very easy; all you need to do is bolt the ladder to a horizontal platform and you can start using it right away.

The ladder is slightly angled to make it easy to board and it will prevent you from falling as well.

  • Ladder Telescopic length 444mm (min) to 1095mm (max)
  • Ladder width: 355mm
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Length Stowed: 15-1/2″ (393mm)
  • Length Deployed: 45-1/2″ (1155mm)
  • Stainless Steel Diameter – 32/25/19mm
  • Centrum Width: 10″ (250mm)
  • 25.4cm mounting hole distance
Pros of the Hoffen Telescopic 4 Step Ladder Stainless Steel Telescoping Extendable Ladder 600 Pound Capacity
  • It has a sleek and contemporary design.
  • It is constructed with Marine Grade 304 stainless steel making it durable.
  • The steps have non-slip rubber so that you don’t slip.
  • The handrails provide support.
  • There is a Velcro strap so that you can secure the ladder in a non-extended position.
  • It has a smooth slide with nylon brushing between the sections of the ladder.
  • It can fold over the platform for easy fitting because of the hinged bracket.
The Cons
  • The ladder is meant to be bolted to the horizontal platform, like the boat floor.
  • Mounting screws need to be purchased separately which is a hassle and is an added cost of purchasing the ladder.

Bottom Line

As Marine Grade product is used in the construction of this ladder, it will be able to withstand harsh marine conditions. A compact, well-designed, and functional ladder at this price point is hard to ignore.

Highly recommended as a result.

What to look for when buying a dock ladder?

Summer will be here before you know it and those of us that have access to the water will be jumping in and out with abundance.

And maybe that’s one of the reasons you’ve found this guide. A dock ladder will certainly help facilitate the warm weather fun.

Providing easy access to family and friends (and yourself of course) to the water makes a day by the lake, river or ocean that much more enjoyable.

However, you will definitely want to make the correct choice when buying the dock ladder. While our reviews above should help narrow things down, you may well want to do your own research too.

If that’s the case, the following guidelines will help you in your decision on which is the best dock ladder to buy for your needs.

Where will the dock ladder be used?

woman on dock

Fresh Water Use

One important issue to consider is the material the dock ladder is made out of. This is closely related to the environment it will be used in.

For regular use in freshwater (lake or river basically), a standard marine-grade aluminum dock ladder is will offer the corrosive resistance you need.

This is also the case with a galvanized steel dock ladder. As selected ladders above demonstrated, most available dock ladders fall into that category and will hold up for many years in freshwater environments.

Saltwater use

Ladders used in saltwater need to have a higher level of resistance to corrosion. While aluminum or galvanized steel ladder will work in the shorter term, they will not have the same longevity as a higher-end stainless steel dock ladder.

Yes, a stainless steel option will cost more, (see our top premium pick above); however, you do save money in the long term by the fact you will not need to replace it so soon.

Floating and Stationary Docks

dock ladder and river

When looking for a ladder for a floating dock, 2 or 3 steps should be below the waterline. A good rule of thumb is to measure the distance from the water to the top of your dock. If you have a ladder in mind, you can then divide that length by the step height of the ladder.

For example, if your step height is 10″ and the distance between your dock and the waterline is 20″, a five-step ladder will provide you with 3 steps beneath the water, and the necessary 2 steps to reach a level with the dock.

For stationary docks, you can ascertain how many steps you need by adding the distance between the water surface and the top of your dock. Then, with knowledge of the surrounding water depth, you can divide this total by the step height of the ladder.

So, if your dock height and water depth add up to 36”. A dock ladder with 3 steps and a step height of 12″ will fit the bill.

Types of Dock Ladder

While you might think there are limited options when it comes to the type of dock ladders available, think again. There are various configurations depending on how and where you would like to use the ladder.

Straight Ladder

Straight ladders are the most popular option. Cost-effective, strong, and easy to install, they can be used in a wide range of situations. That being said, straight ladders can be more cumbersome and may not look as good as other options available.

That being said, their innate sturdiness means the straight ladder will likely be the one you go for.

Standard Lift ladder

Lift ladders are convenient because they can be lifted or dropped in relation to your needs. This makes them applicable to both vessels, docks, and different types of users (i.e young or old where more steps are required).

Furthermore, when not in use, the lift ladder can be moved away to save space.

Wide Step ladder

The wide step ladder comes in the above styles, but with, as the name suggests much wider steps. This provides additional support for users that require increased stability.

Floatstep Ladder

The FloatStep is a superior style of dock ladder that will automatically adjust to the water level.

This keeps the ladder above the waterline when not in use, which in turn helps minimize damage and corrosion.

Finger Pier Ladder

The finger pier ladder is smaller and more compact in design, making it a preferred choice for smaller docks and narrow walkways.

Finger Pier Lift Ladder

As with the standard lift ladder, this is a version of the finger pier lift with an adjustable height feature. Good for tight spots.


dock ladder

There are foldable dock ladders available. These are especially convenient where space might be an issue.

You can also find units that can be easily detached from a mount built into the dock. This type of ladder can then be used to get in and out of the boat while you are anchored someplace else.

These are also useful in areas where security might be an issue. At the end of your day at the water, the ladder can be detached and housed safely elsewhere.


Cost is always a factor when buying anything. We all have our varying budgets. As mentioned above, more affordable aluminum dock ladders are widely available. These are great for freshwater use, but will not last so well in saltwater environments.

Consider both what you need and your available budget, and in general, opt for the highest quality ladder you can afford.

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