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comfortable camping guide

Camping is no longer the grueling experience that some may envisage.

If you find it difficult to be away from your home, “creature-comforts” and the idea of staying in a tent with bugs, mosquitoes, and dubious washing facilities fills you with dread, this article may help change your mind.

Because modern camping is far from that now.

With lots of excellent gear available and even the smallest campsites furnished with good facilities, a night under the stars can be a pleasurable experience for even the most pessimistic camper.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 5 ways of ensuring more comfortable camping…

1. Choose the right campsite for your needs

This is number one in my opinion. Comfortable camping starts with the choice of site and whether it adequately meets your needs.

While some campers will want the back to basics nature of a mountain site where the washbasin is a bucket with water you have brought along for the ride, others will need something more.

Today, many sites will have showers, picnic tables onsite supply stores, and even WiFi.

Will you be bringing the kids? Family sites have plenty of activities for the children with some even organizing daycare. A good pool is also a great way of entertaining the kids for free.

Is the site near a lake for watersports, (gnats might be a problem mind you)? What else in nearby?

You get the picture anyway. Have a good think about your needs and then use the internet to check images and reviews of the campsite to see if it is right for you.

If enough boxes are ticked, you should be in for a great time.

2. An appropriate tent

While a little two-man tent will suit a couple that is planning on maximum exploring with little time at the campsite, a family will need something spacious that adequately houses everyone throughout the trip.

Whatever your setup, a tent where you can stand up in the middle will increase comfort levels exponentially.

The tent also needs to hold up to the weather conditions where you are camping. If strong winds or storms crop up, will your temporary home survive the deluge?

A water-logged and draughty tent will have even the hardened camper irritable after a while.

A well-designed, sturdy tent that is the right size for your party will go a long way to ensuring your camping experience is a good one.

3. A comfortable sleeping bag

Do not scrimp on the sleeping bag. You will need something with the right shape and temperature rating.

Sleeping somewhere hot and you will want something with space enough so you do not sweat. In cold climes, you will need a sleeping bag with a low-temperature rating (0–20°F) that is snug, thick and keeps you comfortably warm.

A double sleeping bag for couples is a lovely luxury for the increased body heat and the chance to be intimate.

The pillow is also important. I bring the memory pillow from my own bed to ensure no neck or back pains while camping. If you have a trusty pillow that you rely on, make sure it is packed with the rest of the gear.

4. Good cooking equipment and supplies

It goes without saying that adequate cooking facilities will increase your comfort.

This can come in a few forms. Whether you are using an onsite camping grill, a gas-powered kitchenette inside a large family tent, or a small gas-stove in a 2-man awning, the cooking equipment needs to be adequate for the size of your party.

If you want to minimize the campsite cooking, prepare a load of ready-to-eat foods inside your cooler before departing.

This can be inline with what you would normally eat. Try not to do it on the packaged snacks, these are unhealthy and will not sustain you alongside the activities you might be undertaking on your camping trip.

However, salads, cold cuts, cheeses, oats, and various fruits make for a great breakfast as well as food on the go.

For the hearty stuff, bring easy to grill meats such as chicken, pork, and sausages. Vegetables on the grill in the form of eggplant, mushrooms, and peppers will always go down well and are easy to prepare.

If you bring fish, make sure this is cooked early on in the trip, (the smell can be overwhelming if left too long).

There are plenty of camping recipes online and dedicated cookbooks too, so if in doubt, check some of those out.

In essence, prepared with the right cooking gear and ingredients, your camping trip will be a lot more comfortable.

5. Bring the right clothing

Finally, there is the clothing element of the camping trip. Waterproofs are generally a must unless you are camping somewhere where you know the rain will not be an issue.

Warm clothing will be required almost everywhere at night. The best way to combat the cold is through layers and a jacket that is designed for the outdoors.

If hiking while on your trip, adequate footwear and socks will also increase the comfort levels.

With kids, plenty of spare clothes will be needed, unless you are prepared to spend a lot of time at a laundrette facility, (the need to roll around in the dirt goes hand in hand with camping for children).

And don’t forget the bathers and any other clothing that is required for whatever activities you may be doing.

BONUS TIP: Bug Spray and insect zapper

Okay, we said this would be a 5 tip guide. One more that needs to be included, is the good old bug spray or ultraviolet bug zapper. Keeping those pesky mozzies at bay will definitely make the camping experience a whole lot more comfortable.

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