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When summer arrives your motorboat will (hopefully) be getting regular use. A good way to take things to the next level is to kit the boat out for wakeboarding.

For this, of course, you need a strong and versatile wakeboard tower. But which should you buy? There’s a number of options available in 20 and knowing which will best suit your needs and your boat can be confusing.

That’s where Outdoor Chief comes in. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. In this review roundup, we’ve selected 5 top-rated wakeboard towers and put them through their paces.

For our findings at a glance, just head to the table below. For a detailed review of each of the towers plus a dedicated buyer’s guide, keep on reading.

Top 5 Best Wakeboard Towers

Origin OWT-I wakeboard tower
Big Air Ice Wakeboard Tower (Black Powder Coat) - Universal, Collapsible Boat Wake Tower - Accommodates 62" - 103" Mounting Width - 16' or Longer Boat Compatible
MT1 Wakeboard Tower - Universal Fit for Motor Boats (Width 60-102”), Quick Release Mounts, Corrosion Resistant Anodized Aluminum, 2.5" Tubing, Stainless Steel Joints, Swivel Tow (Polished Silver)
Origin OWT-I wakeboard tower
Big Air Ice Wakeboard Tower (Black Powder Coat) - Universal, Collapsible Boat Wake Tower - Accommodates 62" - 103" Mounting Width - 16' or Longer Boat Compatible
MT1 Wakeboard Tower - Universal Fit for Motor Boats (Width 60-102”), Quick Release Mounts, Corrosion Resistant Anodized Aluminum, 2.5" Tubing, Stainless Steel Joints, Swivel Tow (Polished Silver)
Origin OWT-I wakeboard tower
Origin OWT-I wakeboard tower
Big Air Ice Wakeboard Tower (Black Powder Coat) - Universal, Collapsible Boat Wake Tower - Accommodates 62" - 103" Mounting Width - 16' or Longer Boat Compatible
Big Air Ice Wakeboard Tower (Black Powder Coat) - Universal, Collapsible Boat Wake Tower - Accommodates 62" - 103" Mounting Width - 16' or Longer Boat Compatible
MT1 Wakeboard Tower - Universal Fit for Motor Boats (Width 60-102”), Quick Release Mounts, Corrosion Resistant Anodized Aluminum, 2.5" Tubing, Stainless Steel Joints, Swivel Tow (Polished Silver)
MT1 Wakeboard Tower - Universal Fit for Motor Boats (Width 60-102”), Quick Release Mounts, Corrosion Resistant Anodized Aluminum, 2.5" Tubing, Stainless Steel Joints, Swivel Tow (Polished Silver)

Wakeboard Tower Reviews

boat with wakeboard tower

The following towers have been selected based on functionality, features, build quality, and affordability. We have also taken into account how easy each unit is to install and collapse after use.

Our testing method involves a combination of hands-on use on the water, a study of recent customer reviews and feedback, plus an analysis of how each tower fares against others on the market.

The following selection brings together what we believe to be some of the best wakeboard towers available in 2021.

1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: Origin OWT-I Wakeboard Tower

origin wakeboard towerOur number one pick wakeboard tower for 2021 is the OWT-I from Origin. These guys have found a perfect balance between price point and build quality to bring you an affordable universal wakeboard tower that will fit most boats.

Not only that, Origin has such faith in their product that they throw in a full 5-year warranty on this tower too.

origin wakeboard towerAnyway, we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at some of the important specs.

As mentioned, the OWT-I follows a universal design and will fit boats with a 68 to 98-inch beam.

The tower is has a seamless construction built from 6063 Aircraft Aluminium tubing. The aluminum fittings are also made from CNC machined solid 6061 stainless steel in order to ensure maximum strength throughout.

origin wakeboard towerImportant measurements to note: there is up to 86 inches between the front deck mounts and 56″ to 72″ between the front and rear mounts.

The rear legs have the ability to adjust to fit up to 100″, however Origin does advise that the tower has been designed with low storage in mind.

Furthermore, the configuration of the Origin wakeboard tower means that the rear legs can easily be detached from the deck mounts to swing backward for extra space.

The front legs also conveniently pivot so that you can lower the top section.

Finally, the unit is extremely easy to install for anyone with a tool box and a little confidence.

Pros of the Origin OWT-I wakeboard tower
  • Universal design
  • Will fit most boats (with 68-98 inch wide beam)
  • 25 inch 6063 polished aluminum frame
  • High-quality stainless steel components
  • 5-year warranty from manufacturer defect
The Cons
  • No installation instructions provided (there are resources on Youtube, however)
  • More joints within the structure compared to more premium towers available

Bottom Line

Overall the Origin OWT-I wakeboard tower is a high-quality unit that balances affordable price points with superior construction to a level that will appeal to most.

Sure, there are more stylish towers reviewed in this roundup, however, in some cases, you can end up paying double what you would here.

Our top pick wakeboard tower for 2021 for good reason.

2. PREMIUM PICK: Big Air Ice Wakeboard Tower

Big Air are a well known manufacturer of wakeboard tower and they have produced some good units over the last few years.

This stylish, gloss black tower will only help to maintain their reputation. Complete with a powder coat finish for extra durability this universal fit model is designed to accommodate boats between 62 and 103 inches wide.

Let’s refer back to the look, however. Understandably we boat owners like to prioritize aesthetics alongside function.

The swooped styling of the Big Air Ice is definitely nice to look at. The oversized tubing made from 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum also exudes quality, (a chrome finish tower is also available if that is more to your liking).

Extra versatility is provided by the telescoping top section (2.5″ diameter). As far as other dimensions is concerned; the tower itself will stand approximately 5’ from mounting points with a 12 degree inward taper. Again, this is a configuration that will work with most boats designed for wakeboarding.

Added convenience comes in the form of the truly foldable nature of the unit. The Ice Tower has been designed so that you can easily fold it below windshield height when placed in storage.

The front-to-back stance on the Ice tower once fitted is a minimum of 40″ with scope to move up to 60″.

The tower is relatively easy to install, (Big Air states that it takes between 3 to 6 hours and can be done by yourself or via a local dealer). All relevant hardware and backing plates are included of course.

It can be mounted to the side or on top of regular boat gunnels.

Finally, once in place, the Ice tower is designed to collapses simply and efficiently when not in use.

Pros of the Big Air Ice Wakeboard Tower
  • Universal fit (boats between 62” & 103” wide)
  • Constructed from 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum tubing
  • A stylish addition to any sports boat
  • Relatively easy to install
  • Collapsible when not in use
The Cons
  • More expensive than our top pick from Origin

Bottom Line

The Big Air Ice wakeboard tower is one of the best premium options on the market. It is extremely well designed, with durability and convenience in mind.

For those with a slightly larger budget, this is the wake tower to buy in 2021.

3. MT1 Wakeboard Tower

The MT1 wakeboard tower is another universal fit model that is designed for the same type of boats as the Big Air, namely those with a beam width between 60” to 102”.

6063-T6 Aluminum has been used for the construction of this unit, however. Being 2.5” in diameter it offers the strength you need in a robust, well-used wakeboard tower. (It also has an anodized and polished finish to enhance much-needed corrosion resistance.)

The 2.5” size makes the tube compatible with the majority of accessories you are likely to buy. Whether you wish to attach speakers, lights, racks of biminis you will be able to do so without any issues.

One real benefit of the MT1 is the easy installation process. Designed as a DIY install, the MT1 can be fitted to your boat in a matter of hours.

Assuming you have a few tools and a little DIY knowledge you will be able to set everything up yourself.

Also, if you find that the style and size of your boat mean you need to mount the tower on a curved surface, the MT1 has you covered with the included ‘Monster Paws’ mounting supports.

The tower also features stainless steel heim joints that allow for precision adjustment when positioning the unit.

Another great feature is the quick-release front mounts. This allows you to fold the tower away for storage when not in use.

Pros of the MT1 Wakeboard Tower
  • Universal fit (designed for beam width between 60” and 102”)
  • Constructed from 6063-T6 Aluminum (2.5″ Diameter to fit most accessories)
  • Quick Release mounts for easy folding and storage
  • Includes Monster Paws if you need to mount the tower on curved areas of the boat
The Cons
  • Monster Towers do not offer free returns so ensure compatibility with your boat before you buy.

Bottom Line

The MT1 is another high-quality wakeboard tower worthy of our top 5 list. Superior engineering and design have gone into this, with the quick release features and inclusion of the Monster Paws being notable highlights.

While not as stylish as the offering from Big Air, this remains a highly recommended wake tower option.

4. Vulcan Boost Wakeboard Tower with Rope

The Vulcan Boost Wakeboard tower differs from others in our top 5 in that it includes the wakeboarding rope too.

From the off, you are getting some real value for money here.

How does the actual tower design hold up, however? We’re pleased to say not bad at all, (it has made this list after all).

A universal fit for boats between 62” and 103” wide is the standard spec for this type of wakeboard tower and the Vulcan is no different.

It does have a slightly thinner diameter, however, coming in at 2.25” rather than the more common 2.5”. Most accessories will fit this sized tubing though.

6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum has been used for the construction of the tower because of the strength and anti-corrosive properties this material has.

The unit can be mounted on the side or on the top of boat gunnels, and all necessary hardware is included.

The Vulcan also has the ability to fully collapse to near windshield height when not in use.

The included heavy-duty rope is a real bonus. This high-quality accessory features a 15″ EVA Double braided handle construction.

Measuring 75 feet in length, the rope is sectioned – 45’+10’+5’+5’+5’+5′ with a 1,600 lb. break point tolerance.

Dual neoprene floats are also included to increase visibility in the water.

Finally, the manufacturers throw in a very generous 5-year warranty on the tower to provide extra peace of mind.

Pros of the Vulcan Boost Wakeboard Tower with Rope
  • Universal fit for boats 62″-103″ wide
  • Can be mounted on the side or on the top of boat gunnels
  • Fully collapsible to close to average windshield height
  • Includes 75-foot wakeboarding rope and 5-year warranty
The Cons
  • The 2.5″ diameter tubing is thinner than you will find on other towers in our top 5.

Bottom Line

The Vulcan wakeboarding tower is another highly recommended unit. While it may not have all the features or the quick-release mode that you will find in the MT1, the stylish finish and bonuses such as the included wakeboarding rope do make it worthy of your attention.

5. Origin Catapult Universal Wakeboard Boat Tower

The final wakeboard tower in our top 5 is another offering from Origin.

These guys know how to build towers that both have the strength you need at a price that will suit most pockets.

Here we have the Catapult, a tower designed to fit boats up to 76″ to 106″ wide.

Similar to our top pick above, this tower has been CNC machined with 6061 feet and joints throughout. The hardware is stainless steel, with the main tubing made from aircraft-grade 6063 aluminum.

The Catapult has the ability to fold below windshield level for storage. However, unlike the MT1 and other towers in this list, to fold the tower you will need to remove 1 screw in each of the 2 front legs.

A quick-release option would definitely be a worthwhile design enhancement.

Installation time is good on this Origin tower mind you, the average being around 3 hrs.

Pros of the Origin Catapult Universal Wakeboard Boat Tower
  • Universal fit, beams widths between 76″ to 106″
  • 25″ aircraft grade 6063 aluminum tubing
  • Solid CNC machined 6061 feet and joints
The Cons
  • Folding the tower for storage involves removing screws

Bottom Line

While the Catapult offers similar value for money as our top pick from Origin, it misses the post on a few design decisions.

A cost effective solution for those looking for an affordable wakeboard tower, but nothing more.

What to look for when buying a wakeboard tower

There are various things you need to consider when buying a wakeboard tower.

Many of them are what our editorial team discussed while researching this article; quality of construction, ease of installation, price point are all factors that should be on your mind as you look for the best wakeboard tower for you.

Let’s take a look at some of these points in greater detail.

Construction Quality

motorboat with wakeboard tower

A wakeboard tower will experience a lot of strain during its lifetime. Everything from the load it will be pulling through the water, to actual exposure to the element itself.

A number one priority for anyone looking to buy a new tower is that they buy the best quality model they can afford.

A seamless design is one of the best types of towers to go for. High-grade aluminum construction is another variable you need to be aware of.

The premium pick in our review roundup is made from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum. This is incredibly durable and is one of the strongest aluminum alloys available.

This comes at a cost, however. More budget-friendly towers will have tubing made from 6063 aluminum. This is a weaker alloy, however, it will be up to the job in hand.

Finally, some towers will be made from stainless steel. This is a strong material but will also add weight to your boat and can be more difficult to install.

Anti-Corrosive Properties

We have touched on this above; a tower will need to withstand salt or fresh water and constant demands of the environment.

You will definitely want your tower to have a finish that will help prevent corrosion.

Polished aluminum is one of the most common preventative methods. While this works well, you cannot actually beat a powder-coated finish when it comes to increased durability.

Other options include anodized aluminum and brushed aluminum.

Whichever wakeboard tower you buy, ensure it has been treated to withstand the elements.

Ease of installation

Many brands of wakeboard towers will boast that they are easy to install. It is worth checking the specifications and supporting materials (online manuals, youtube videos)  to see exactly how easy they are to install in practice.

Do they come with additional mounting feet? Are they designed to be mounted on curved areas of the boat? How much will you be expected to drill into the bodywork of your boat?

You should be able to gather this information in order to ascertain the installation complexity.

Of course, if the manufacturer has dealers able to fit the tower for you, or you plan on visiting the local boatyard with your new project these issues are not such a problem.

Collapsible for storage

wakeboard and boat

A collapsible wakeboard tower is a real bonus. When not in use you will want to at least semi-fold the tower away.

Most collapsible models will fold so that they are close to the windshield level in height.

Look at the specifications to see how easy they are to fold away. A quick-release system is what you should be buying.

A tower that requires you to remove screws in order to collapse could be a nuisance.

Accessories and compatibility

What kind of accessories are available for your chosen wakeboard tower.

Bear in mind that most available add-on accessories (speakers, racks, etc) will be made to fit 2.25 or 2.5-inch tubing.

If the tower you buy falls outside of this you may have to resort to different types of aftermarket clamps or other ways of mounting the various items you plan to use.

Warranty & Customer Support


Finally, what is the reputation of the brand of the tower you are interested in? Do they provide a warranty? Where is the head office based and do they have a track record of good customer service and being easy to contact?

Knowing that you have bought your tower from a trusted brand with a good history of customer satisfaction is worth paying the extra money for.

That peace of mind and having everything sorted efficiently should an issue arise is another important consideration when buying the best aftermarket wakeboard tower for you.

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