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car cover for hail reviews

What is the best hail car cover on the market today? There’s a wide range of brands, with different sizes and features available. Knowing which is right for you and your vehicle can be difficult.

You will clearly want something that is strong and will withstand various weather conditions. Other important factors include mounting system, stability in storms, and whether it can be used for long-term storage or not.

To help you in your search we have selected 5 top-rated hail and all-weather car protectors across a range of sizes and price points.

For our findings at a glance, just head to the table below. For a detailed review of each of our picks keep on reading.

Best Car Covers for Hail

Hail Protector Car Cover for SUVs - 9mm Strong Guarding for External Factors Hail, Storm, Stone, Snow / 600x375cm Dims
Hail Protector Car Cover for Sedan Limousine - 9mm Strong Guarding for External Factors Hail, Storm, Stone, Snow 500x300cm Dims
Hail Protector Car Cover for SUVs - 9mm Strong Guarding for External Factors Hail, Storm, Stone, Snow / 600x375cm Dims
Hail Protector Car Cover for Sedan Limousine - 9mm Strong Guarding for External Factors Hail, Storm, Stone, Snow 500x300cm Dims
Hail Protector Car Cover for SUVs - 9mm Strong Guarding for External Factors Hail, Storm, Stone, Snow / 600x375cm Dims
Hail Protector Car Cover for SUVs - 9mm Strong Guarding for External Factors Hail, Storm, Stone, Snow / 600x375cm Dims
Hail Protector Car Cover for Sedan Limousine - 9mm Strong Guarding for External Factors Hail, Storm, Stone, Snow 500x300cm Dims
Hail Protector Car Cover for Sedan Limousine - 9mm Strong Guarding for External Factors Hail, Storm, Stone, Snow 500x300cm Dims

Hail Protector Reviews

We selected the following covers based on their cost/performance benefits, overall build quality, and other factors such as vehicle suitability and strength.

In our investigation, we have chosen a favorite our favorite option for each type of vehicle (Sedan, SUV, and Truck). Our aim is to give you an insight into the best hail protectors currently available in 2021.

1. BEST BUDGET: Autsop Waterproof, All-Weather, 6 Layers Car Cover

Our top budget car cover for hail is this sturdy offering from Autsop. Opting for a durable 6 layer construction, this cover is suitable for sedans and will bring you the peace of mind you need this winter at an excellent price. (Larger versions are available so make sure to check the product page)

The 6 layers are made from different materials, each offering superior protection. The first layer is non-woven and acts as an overall protective coating.

The second layer is a PE waterproof material that is designed to stop moisture seeping through to your car.

Layer three is an EVA dust-proof material to ensure dust and dirt do not damage the paintwork. The fourth layer is also PE waterproof and acts as a safeguard in case of extra heavy rain.

The fifth layer is made from an aluminum film that reflects light off the vehicle while being sun-proof and anti-UV.

The final layer is cotton so that there is no danger of the cover scratching the bodywork of your car.

Put all of these layers together and you have a top-quality hail-proof rain cover at a budget-friendly price point.

There is also the overall design to comment on. The manufacturers have wisely placed a zipper on the driver’s side so that you can still have access to your vehicle while it is covered.

The fixed straps on either end of the cover make it easy to mount. There are also fluorescent light strips along sections of the cover so that your vehicle is more visible to traffic at night.

Finally, the convenient storage bag means the cover does not get in the way when not in use.

Pros of the Autsop Waterproof, All-Weather, 6 Layers Car Cover
  • 6 layer premium material design
  • Windproof & Rainproof
  • UV Protection & Sun Protection
  • Anti-hail & Anti-freeze
  • Easy to mount with attached strap
  • Driver’s side access zipper
  • Reflective strips for increased visibility
The Cons
  • Despite being 6 layers the cover is still relatively thin
  • Some areas of the cover will flap around in high winds

Bottom Line

With its 6 layer premium material design, robust build quality that includes hail protection, and other features such as the reflective strips, this is a lot of car cover for the money.

Our number one budget option for good reason.

2. BEST FOR SUVs: Big Size CAR Cover Hail Protector for SUVs and 4x4s

If you’re looking for an over-sized hail protection car cover that is suitable for SUVs, your search should end here.

Measuring 600cm in length this offering will protect the average 4×4 and SUV from all heavy-weather conditions. Should 600cm not be long enough for your vehicle, the manufacturers also offer custom-made service, simply write to them with your required dimensions and they will build to order.

The inner material thickness comes in at 6mm, while the three laminated protective tiles add extra protection that the manufacturers’ state will withstand hail, snow, strong rains, and other harsh environmental conditions.

(It is not suitable for long-term storage conditions, however. You should avoid long exposure to sunlight.)

As with our top budget pick from Autspo, this hail cover features specially designed stabilizer hooks for easy mounting, as well as a convenient storage bag.

Pros of the Big Size CAR Cover Hail Protector for SUVs and 4x4s
  • Oversized 320cm x 600cm for SUVs & 4x4s
  • 6 mm Inner Material Thickness
  • 3 Laminated Protective Tiles
  • Flexible structure while resistant to impacts
  • Custom sizes are available
The Cons
  • Not suitable for long time storage use
  • Does not protect from sunlight

Bottom Line

This is currently one of the best hail protection car covers for SUVs you can buy. The sturdy construction makes this a perfect way of protecting your car in severe weather.

However, be aware that it is not a long term storage solution.

3. Sojoy All-Weather Hail Protector

The Sojoy All-Weather Hail protector for vehicles is a good all-rounder

The heavy-duty Tetron 5 mm thick compressed material is good in both high temperatures and cold, making it great for indoor and outdoor use as well as summer/winter covering.

The water-resistant elastic-plastic (EVA) cotton fabric will help protect your vehicle’s surface from hail, dirt, dust, and ultraviolet light.

Even extreme hail conditions are not a problem with this cover. The manufacturer state that it can withstand up to category H6 damage on the TORRO scale.

The silver reflective surface blocks UV radiation. This in turn helps stop the heat from aging your interior and the dashboard, while also preventing the vehicle paint from fading.

It is easy to put on and take off, which is exactly what you need if a sudden winter storm hits and you want to protect your vehicle from the elements.

There are buckle clips at each end of the cover, providing peace of mind during heavy winds.

The cover measures 200 x 65 x 45 inches, making it a great fit for average-sized sedans and hatchbacks.

Pros of the Sojoy All-Weather Hail Protector
  • Protects up to H6 damage on TORRO scale
  • Strong and durable EVA cotton fabric
  • Will block UV light preventing aging to car interior and paintwork
  • Easy to take on and off
The Cons
  • Strap clip could be stronger

Bottom Line

The Sojoy All-Weather Hail protector is a reliable cover for all weather conditions. One of the few covers in our top 5 that will adequately protect your vehicle from both hail and sunshine, it is worth considering for that reason alone. Highly recommended.

4. BEST FOR SEDANS: CAR Cover Hail Protector for SEDANS Hail, Storm, Stones & Snow

Although our top budget pick from Autsop is a great hail protection solution for sedans, you may want to consider something even more durable if you live in a state where the winter months are long and cold.

Our recommendation in such circumstances would be this 6mm thick portable tarpaulin.

When you know a storm is coming, this is the cover you will want to throw over your sedan.

Measuring 242cm X 500cm, (with custom-made options available), it features three laminated protective tiles in order to form a robust cover for your vehicle.

Stabilizer hooks hold the cover in place, so if the wind rips up, your car stays protected.

The cover is suitable for hail, sleet, snow, and heavy rain, however, much like our top pick for SUVs it should not be used as a full-time storage solution. It is not resistant to sunlight over long periods.

The durable tarpaulin can be pulled over your sedan in less than a minute, with fasteners in place.

When not in use there is a handy storage bag so the cover does not take up valuable space in the garage or shed.

Pros of the CAR Cover Hail Protector for SEDANS
  • 242cm X 500cm for standard sedans
  • 6 mm Inner Material Thickness
  • 3 Laminated Protective Tiles
  • Easy to use mounting straps and storage bag
  • Custom sizes are available
The Cons
  • Not suitable for long time storage use
  • Does not protect from sunlight

Bottom Line

Another quality car cover for hail enters our top 5. This is a great option for sedans, offering superior protection during those severe winter storms.

Just ensure you do not use it as a long term storage solution. Consistent sunlight will perish this cover before its time.

5. BEST FOR TRUCKS: Huge Size 700x400cm CAR Cover Hail Protector for Pickup Trucks

The final hail protection cover in our top 5 is this huge size 700x400cm beast that is suitable for pick-up trucks and large 4x4s.

It is by far the largest cover reviewed here and makes for an excellent choice if your vehicle is over-sized.

It features a 6mm thick material with 3 laminated protective tiles for added protection.

Because it is so large, the cover will adequately protect not only the roof, bonnet, and trunk bed of the vehicle but also the sides and even the wheels.

It is waterproof too and importantly will shield your truck during a heavy hail storm.

For such a large cover it is also relatively lightweight and easy to mount. Fixing hooks are attached to the end of the cover that can be fixed to appropriate positions around your vehicle.

A simple storage solution is provided in the form of the included durable bag. Simply roll the cover-up as shipped and place it inside.

One important consideration is that the cover should not be used as a permanent storage cover for your truck. In extended sunshine, it will begin to perish. This is best suited for heavy weather conditions where you wish to protect your vehicle from the elements.

Pros of the Huge Size 700x400cm CAR Cover Hail Protector
  • Oversized 700 x 400cm dimensions suitable for large trucks
  • 6 mm Inner Material Thickness
  • Will fully cover your vehicle
  • Easy installation in 2-3 minutes
  • Simple storage solution
The Cons
  • Not suitable for long time storage use
  • Does not protect from sunlight

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a large hail protection cover for your truck this is the best option on the market. The dimensions will cover your vehicle completely and will provide the damage protection you need during heavy hail storms. Our number one choice for good reason.

Car Covers for Hail – A Buyer’s Guide

There are a number of factors to consider when buying a cover for your car, especially if you require something robust enough to adequately protect your vehicle beneath a deluge of hail.

Let’s take a look at some of them now.

Design of the Car Cover

Car covers come in various sizes, designs, and the method with which they are wrapped over your car. Each will impact the level of protection you can expect in line with the type of vehicle you have.

Generic fit cover

A generic fit car cover is exactly what it says on the tin. They are designed to fit standard vehicles within the size range of the cover. These will provide basic cover, but due to the one-size-fits-all approach, it may not work well against hail. Especially, if you choose a cover that is too large or too small for your particular car.

They also perform badly in heavy storms and wind as the less than perfect fit will cause areas of the vehicle to be exposed. This is because the cover will either flap around unnecessarily (if too large) or fail to cover the car completely (if too small).

Custom-fit covers

If you opt for a custom-fit cover, you should get the best coverage available. This goes without saying as the cover is specifically designed for the dimensions of your vehicle model.

There will be no overhang or exposed areas with a custom fit. However, you will need to ensure that the cover is designed to withstand hail.

Portable Car Covers

Portable car covers are less heavy-duty and will not necessarily offer maximum protection in hail storm conditions. They are convenient in that they are easily pulled on and off, and can be stored in your boot without taking up too much space.

They are not designed for long time cover use, however.  Portable covers are more suitable for temporary use against dust, rain, and sunshine.

Inflatable car covers

A good type of vehicle protection against hail is the inflatable covers. These are inflated after covering your car, providing a robust shield against demanding hail and rainstorms.

The problem with them is that they need a power source (i.e a pump) to provide the flow of air to set up. In other words, if your car is outside your house and has access to the right gear. Not so good if you are parked elsewhere and cannot power the air-pump.

Type of Material

A car cover designed to protect against hail will typically be made from a heavy-duty, synthetic material that is resistant to water and impact. A layered design is commonly used, with the different layers bringing certain types of protection

For instance, the layer closest to the vehicle will be designed to not scratch the surface of the paint. The top layer on the other hand will sometimes have UV protection and be waterproof.

The inner materials, meanwhile maybe sturdy in order to lessen the impact of the hail. They will also be designed to breathe so that moisture and condensation do not build-up to adverse levels.

Car Covers for Hail FAQ


Q. Can covers damage the paintwork of my car?

Car covers are designed not to scratch your paintwork. However, this can happen through misuse. If you have dragged your cover along the ground before placing it over your car, the particles picked up will then scratch the car while the cover is in use. Also, a car with lots of dirt on it can end up getting damages with a cover on. A slight movement of the cover (shifting in the wind for instance), will grind that dirt across the surface scratching the paint.

Q. Will moisture build-up beneath the cover?

Today’s car covers are designed to breathe so that moisture and condensation levels remain low. However, long-term storage beneath a cover can lead to moisture build-up. It is a good idea to remove the cover periodically so that the vehicle can be “aired”.

Q. My car is wet, can I put a cover on it?

If you are reacting to a sudden storm and you are trying to protect your vehicle from hail, chances are the bodywork will already be wet. In this scenario, as long as the cover is not on too long, (i.e only the duration of the storm), you will not have any problems. However, for more permanent covering you should always ensure that the car is dry before you begin.

Q. What do I do about the Car Antenna?

If your car has a telescopic external antenna you can slide it down before putting on the cover. Where this is not possible you may have to create a hole in the cover in order to mount it. A lot of manufacturers will provide supplies and instruction on how to best create the hole so that the performance of the cover is not reduced.

Q. Can Car Covers be washed?

You should read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to maintain your car cover. Most can be washed periodically without detriment to the effectiveness of the cover.

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