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What is the best hookah dive system you can buy in 2020? That’s exactly what we will look in to today. We have taken 5 top-rated systems and put them through their paces.

For our findings at a glance, just head to the table below. For an in-depth review of each of our selected hookah systems, plus a short buyer’s guide, keep on reading.

Best Hookah Dive System – Top 5

AirLine's R260-4
Hookah Dive
2 depth 70'
3 to 40' w/Add
Diver package
Brownie's Third
Lung, F285X
Scuba Diving
Hookah System
Motor: 4.5 HP
Run time: 3+
Single Head
Direct Drive
IORMAN Original
Third Lung
Surface Hookah
Dive System
12V 160W Oil-Free
Diaphragm Electric
Vacuum Air
NARDI Esprit 3T
Electric Compressor
Hookah System
Scuba Diving
Third Lung
Surface Air
Accumulator Tank,
20 Cubic Feet
at 114 PSI, 500 Watt
2 Cylinder
50' Hose
Brownie's Third
Lung, E150B
Electric Hookah
Single Head
Direct Drive
Motor: .75 HP

Hookah Dive System Buyer’s Guide

Scuba diving can be fun, but only if you have the right equipment and of course suitable skills and accreditation.

However, there is a way of enjoying breathing while underwater without having to go through the usual diving courses.

The equipment you need to use is a hookah diving system.

What is the Hookah Dive System

A diving hookah system is an equipment that uses a compressor to support divers when they dive into the waters.

The unit stays above the water with hoses feeding down to regulators that are worn by the divers.

This means you do not have to wear any tank or other diving equipment; only the mask and regulator are required.

Hookahs are increasingly becoming popular for boat owners because it allows friends and family, (and customers in a commercial setting), to start diving without the need for formal training.

Just hook yourself up and dive into the blue.

What to look for when buying a hookah dive system

Now that hookahs are becoming more popular, more and more systems are entering the market. Here are a few factors that you need to consider when shopping for hookahs.

Key points to consider:


A good hookah should be compact and lightweight. This is important to ensure they remain portable.

Run time

This implies the maximum time it should support divers. On average, gasoline hookahs have a run time of approximately 3 hours. There are also electric hookahs that can run continuously as long as there is power.


This is another important factor. It is recommended that you go for a hookah that has minimal impact on marine and aquatic life. This may be in terms of emissions and operation-noise.


To use a hookah, it needs to have been certified. For this reason, it is important to purchase a hookah from a well-known brand as a guarantee that it will be certified for use by the relevant authorities.

Top 5 Best Diving Hookah Systems Reviewed

Now you have an idea on what it is you should look out for when buying a hookah diving system, let’s ‘dive right in’ (sorry, couldn’t resist) and get to the reviews.

What follows are in our opinion 5 of the best hookah dive kits available today.

1. TOP PICK: The AirLine R260-4 Hookah System

The AirLine R260-4 is a lightweight kit that enables you to scuba dive without the pressure of heavy gear.

It is powered by a 4.0HP Honda engine and can support up to 50 lbs. With this scuba diving kit, you can go just anywhere, from the shallow waters to deep trenches. Here is a review of the AirLine R260-4.

The Manufacturer

This scuba diving kit has been manufactured by Jsink, a renowned manufacturer of deep water diving equipment. These include scuba dive kits, commercial dive equipment, dive gear, and so on. The company also offers scuba diving and a great downloadable, hookah training home study guide.

Compact and Lightweight Design

This kit sports a compact and lightweight design for a remarkable diving experience. It measures 19.5 by 25 by 17 inches and weighs only 46 lbs. For easy storage and portability, it comes with a free case with lid and a deluxe gear bag.

Superb Performance

When it comes to performance, the AirLine R260-4 is among the best there is. It comes with a 4.0HP Honda engine that has the ability to support up to 2 divers for a depth of 70 ft. or 3 divers to 40 ft.

The compressor has a direct drive, oil-free, single-head Wobble piston that has been optimized for maximum output. The compressor is cooled by a fan and is well vented for internal wash-out without necessarily disassembling the unit.

Maintenance and Warranty

Unlike many other kits, this particular one is very easy to maintain. First, the compressor is marine-friendly and has a 400-500 hour service interval. It also has an internal wash-out vent system so you won’t need to worry about this.

When it comes to warranty, the kit comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on compressor, 3 years on Honda motor and 1 year on other components.

Key Features (Click to view)

(i) 4.0HP Honda engine

(ii) Oil-free, single-head Wobble piston (direct drive)

(iii) Air discharge; 9 CFM @ 0 psi, 6 @ 6 @50 when running at standard 3400RPM

(iv) 3 hours operating time

(v) Grade E CGAA breathing air rating

Standard Two-Diver Gear Package Includes;

-Compressor unit

-5′ US Navy hose

-Inner tube

-Hose splitters

-60 ft. diver hoses

-Tow and weight belts

-Diver flag

-2nd stage regulators

-1000 denier UV Cordura cover

Pros of the AirLine R260-4 Hookah System
  1. Take it anywhere – With this kit, there are no limitations, you can take it anywhere including in airlines courtesy of its portable design and packaging equipment
  2. Can support up to 3 divers
  3. Easy maintenance
  4. Superb performance
  5. Extended run time
The Cons
  1. One of the more expensive units in our top 5.

Bottom Line

The AirLine 260-4 Hookah System is a great scuba diving kit. It offers unrivaled performance and can support up to 3 divers.

The system comes with full gear for two divers. Furthermore, it requires little maintenance and easy to set up and get started.

In our opinion it is the best hookah dive system on the market today.

2. Brownie’s Third Lung Explorer F285X Scuba Hookah Kit

The F285X is the lightest hookah system that Brownie have produced. This hookah diving system has been engineered with top notch features that revolutionize scuba diving.

It has a high-performance gasoline engine that guarantees a run time of up to 3 hours. With the Brownie’s F285X, scuba diving is on another level.

The Manufacturer

This kit has been manufactured by Brownie’s. Since the company’s establishment, it has slowly risen within the ranks into a global brand. The company is known for the manufacture of world-class diving equipment.

Compact and Lightweight Design

The Explorer F285X has been built in a compact and lightweight design. It measures 17 by 24 by 14 inches and weighs only 44 lbs. This makes it easy for divers to carry it even by boat. For easy portability and packaging, it comes with an impact-resistant HDPE cover and duffle gear bag.

Best In Class Performance

This hookah system has been engineered with a Robins Subaru 4 stroke motor engine that can deliver an impressive 4.5 HP. It is driven using gasoline and can last divers for slightly above 3 hours.

The compressor is an oil-less single-head direct drive. This hookah kit can support 2 divers at a depth of 70-80 ft. and 3 divers at 30-45 ft. depending on their breathing.

Key Features (Click to view)

(i) 4.5 HP gasoline powered Subaru engine

(ii) Oil-free single-head direct drive compressor

(iii) 3-hour run time

(iv) Supports 2 divers at 70-80 ft. and 3 divers at 30-45 ft.

Standard Two-Diver Gear Package Includes;

-Compressor unit

-7 ft. heat hose

-Inline particle filter

-Intake staff with dry top

-60 ft. downline with QRS fittings

-20 ft. individual diver hoses

-Brownie’s Patented Weight Cummerbelts

-Hookah regulators

-QRS Y-divider

-Float tube

-Dive flag

-Gear bag

-HDPE cover

Pros of the Brownie's Third Lung Explorer F285X Scuba Hookah Kit
  1. Lightweight design
  2. Supports up to 3 divers
  3. Easy to use
  4. Maintenance-free
  5. Extended run time
  6. Oil-free design
The Cons
  1. Compressor heats up on long use

Bottom Line

The Brownie’s Brownie’s Third Lung Explorer F285X Scuba Hookah Kit can be a great purchase for any diving enthusiast. It can support up to 3 divers and has an impressive run time.

Maintenance requirements are minimal and the price is affordable considering its features. If you are looking for a reliable hookah kit, then you need to add this kit to your wish list.

3. IORMAN Original Electric Vacuum Third Lung Surface Hookah

The IORMAN Original is another great hookah system that also comes with a hose regulator for instant diving. Its engine is electric and has a powerful 12V motor for optimum performance.

It offers low noise operation and is marine-friendly. Here is a review of this electric Third Lung Surface Hookah.

The Manufacturer

This surface hookah has been designed and manufactured by IORMAN, a growing brand that is known to offer affordable and reliable diving solutions. The company emphasizes on R& D to ensure it stays ahead of the game always.

Strong and Sturdy Build

The IORMAN Original Diaphragm Vacuum Pump sports a strong and sturdy design. More so, it is lightweight and easily portable. The pump’s main material is aluminum while the valves have been crafted from stainless steel.

Best-In-Class Performance

When it comes to performance, this hookah doesn’t disappoint. It has a 12V DC, 160 Watts Motor that delivers an impressive 1900 RPM when at its best.

With a Max Flow Rate of136L/Min, it can support one diver to a maximum depth of 82 feet.

It also has an FNPT Inlet and FNPT Outlet that measures 0.25-inches and comes with a hose regulator.


Unlike many hookahs that cause a lot of disturbance to the sea ecology, this hookah is marine-friendly.

First, it has an oil-less design so you don’t need to worry about the effects of oil spillage. It is also resistant to seawater corrosion, something that might end up in contaminated water.

On the other hand, the motor has been optimized to ensure it emits very little noise when in operation.

All-Day Operation

You can use this surface hooker for the whole day. This is unlike gasoline hookahs that constantly need cooling and refilling. This system will be operational for as long as you have power.

Key Features

(i) Electric powered

(ii) 12V DC, 160 Watts Motor

(iii) 1900 RPM

(iv) 136L/Min Max flow rate

(v) 55 db Noise-operation

(vi) Continuous cycle performance

(vii) 0.25-inch FNPT Inlet and FNPT Outlet

Standard Two-Diver Gear Package Includes;


-Power cord

-Dust filter

-Heat Hose

-Diver hose with QRS fittings


-Owner’s Manual

Pros of the IORMAN Air Pump Third Lung Surface Hookah
  1. Corrosion-resistant component parts
  2. Low noise operation-noise
  3. All-day operation
  4. Enhanced performance
  5. Easy setup
  6. Oil-less design
The Cons
  1. Supports only one diver

Bottom Line

Even though this hookah has been specially designed for a personal PCP paintball game, it is limitless and highly versatile.

You can also use it for recreational diving, maintenance of underwater equipment, and other recreational activities.

It guarantees optimum performance and the price is justifiable by all means. If you want a good hookah on a budget, try this one and you won’t regret it.

4. Nardi Esprit 3T 24 Volt 3 Litri Diving Hookah (With Hose & Regulator)

The Esprit 3T is a top performer in the market of Air Compressors and Diving Hookahs. This hookah is ideal for both professional and recreational use thanks to its high rankings in performance, reliability, and durability.

This is evident from its sales as well as its positive reviews. Let’s see why it is considered a super hookah.

The Manufacturer

This hookah is manufactured by Nardi Compressors, a successful Italian company in the market of oil-less and piston compressors.

Since its establishment in 1980, the company has grown exponentially into a world leader courtesy of the innovative designs that combine the latest technologies.

Today, it is among the trusted brands in the manufacture of compressors and other related solutions.

Sturdy and Compact

The Nardi Esprit 3T boasts of a sturdy and compact design that makes operation and portability easy.

It measures 45 x 24 x 28 and weighs only 27 lbs. The compressor has a cast aluminum case that complements the overall design.

The main component is housed in a strong frame that has been engineered to reduce vibrations. As a matter of fact, it produces only 58 DB. Making it among the quietest hookah kits in the market.

Easily Portable

The Esprit 3T has been crafted in a design that makes it easily portable. First, it is compact and lightweight.

It measures 45 x 24 x 28 and weighs only 27 lbs. Second, it has ergonomic handles that guarantee a tight grip. There are also wheels for easy movement.

Superb Performance

This hookah is powered by a two-cylinder 500 Watts compressor that can hit 2800 RPM comfortably.

The motors are super-efficient and the compressor features an oil-less approach in its design making it easy to maintain hookah.

Supports Up To Two Divers

The Esprit has a large 3-liter tank that can support up to two divers. Besides, the 210 lpm (7.4 cfm) air intake and 10 Bar (145 psi) pressure making it the perfect hookah system for deep dives.

This unit comes with a 50 -inch diver hose with quick disconnect fittings.

Highly Versatile

Unlike many hookahs that are specifically designed for a specific activity, the Nardi Esprit 3T can be used for a wide range of activities.

It is popularly used in swimming pool maintenance, boat maintenance, training, and recreational diving among other purposes. Notably, it’s even used for spearfishing.

Key Features (Click to view)

(i) Electric powered engine

(ii) Two-cylinder 500 Watts compressor

(iii) Oil-less design

(iv) 50 -inch diver hose

(v) 3-liter tank

(vi) Supports up to two divers

(vii) Y-Splitter for extra diver

Standard Two-Diver Gear Package Includes;

-Compressor unit

-50-inch hose

-Hookah regulator


-User manual

Pros of the Nardi Esprit 3T Diving Hookah
  1. Highly portable
  2. Low noise operation
  3. Super efficient
  4. Supports two divers
  5. Comes with hose and regulator
  6. Can be used for a wide range of applications
The Cons
  1. The need for a battery makes its usage tedious

Bottom Line

The Nardi Esprit 3T is a reliable and most importantly, efficient surface supplied air unit. It has a strong build and tough design that doesn’t compromise portability.

Besides, its price is very reasonable when you factor in its benefits. If you check out the many online reviews, you will understand more about the Nardi Esprit 3T Surface Supplied Air Compressor. A recommended system nonetheless.

5. Brownie’s Third Lung E150B Commercial Duty Electric Hookah

The Brownie’s E150B is a great hookah that has been built for recreational as well as commercial use. It is powered by a 75 HP engine that enables the compressor to serve even two diverse. Here is an in depth review of the Third Lung E150B.

The Manufacturer

This system has been manufactured by Brownie’s, a successful diving solutions provider. Since the company’s establishment, it has slowly risen within the ranks into a global brand.

The company is known for the manufacture of world-class diving equipment as well as servicing.

Simple and Easily Portable Design

The Brownie’s Third Lung E150B has been crafted in a simple and portable design. The materials used were studied well to guarantee efficiency and most importantly, durability. Besides this, it comes with a free protective storage case with HDPE cover for carrying it.

Superior Performance

The Brownie’s E150B offers impressive performance when compared to other similar hookahs in its price range.

It boasts of a 1.0 HP TEFC motor with a sealed switch. The compressor is a Single Head Direct Drive system. It can serve one diver to a depth of 50 – 55 feet and two divers 25 – 30 feet.

Comes with Regulator and Hose

This compressor comes with a 10 ft. hose and another 60 ft. diver hose with fully equipped QRS fittings. There’s also the Patented Brownie’s second stage hookah regulator that delivers exceptional performance.

Continuous Run Time

The Brownie’s E150B offers continuous operation as long as power is available. The motors have been designed to ensure long hours of use without heating up. This makes it a great hookah for research, recreation, deep water maintenance and so on.

Key Features (Click to view)
(i) 1.0 HP TEFC motor

(ii) 1800 RPM

(iii) Sealed switch

(iv) Single-head direct drive

(v) 60-90 minutes run time

(vi) Depth: 1 diver 50”-55” and two divers 25”-30”

Standard Two-Diver Gear Package Includes;


-Storage case with impact resistant HDPE cover

-6ft. power cord

-Air intake dust filter

-In-line particle filter

-10′ heat hose

-60′ diver hose with QRS fittings

-2nd hookah regulator

-Owner’s Manual

Pros of the Brownie's Third Lung E150B Commercial Duty Electric Hookah
  1. Can support two divers
  2. Continuous run time
  3. Easily portable
  4. Easy setup
The Cons
  1. Low motor output (1.0 HP)

Bottom Line

The Brownie’s E150B offers unrivaled performance. This is why it is among the best sellers on many retail platforms.

It can run continuously unlike gasoline powered hookers that have an average 3-hour run time. If you want a hookah that will guarantee you more hours underwater, then this will be the perfect purchase for you.

Wrap Up

A good diving hookah kit is very important if you want a good and safe diving experience.

These kits come with several types of equipment necessary for a complete and safe dive.

Compared to traditional scuba diving kits, hookahs are easy to use, safe and offer longer dive hours. So, if you have been looking for a reliable hookah system, get any of the above kits and be ready for a revolutionary diving experience anywhere, anytime.