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Hookah diving is a great way for people to get into the water without the restriction of having a compressed air tank attached to their back.

On a very simple level, the air that you breath is coming from the surface. A compressor is attached to a floating device with the pipes and regulators dropped into the water.

The diver below uses the regulator attached to the compressor on the surface in order to breathe.

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When to Use a Hookah Dive System

In the past the Hookah diving system has been widely used by commercial divers. This is because the setup makes it easier for the diver to move in the water; they are not carrying cumbersome scuba equipment with them.

However, as Hookah dive systems have come down in price, recreational divers and boat owners have been snapping them up.

Up to 4 divers can breathe using one hookah unit, making it fun for beginners that just want to jump in and get started without any formal dive training.

It’s easy to see why they have become so popular; breathing comfortably under water with the freedom of a free diver. Trust me when I say it is a lot of fun.

What makes up a Hookah Diving System

The three main parts of a hookah dive system is the compressor, the motor and the floating platform that everything sits on top.

The compressor is continually filled with air, via the motor. This air is then fed along hoses to the regualtors at the end, (which of course are placed inside the diver’s mouth).

A major difference in scuba diving and hookah diving is that scuba diving tanks use compressed air, hookah diving does not.

Training and Certification for Hookah Diving

One of the advantageous of hookah diving is that no formal training is required. This is why it has proven popular with boat owners. Simply set it up, place it in the water and family and friends can enjoy the freedom of diving without the hassle of scuba gear, (or certification).

That being said, it is good practice for at least one party going under the water in any group to have a scuba diving certificate.

This is because basic skills like regulator second stage and mask clearing is required and it is good to have someone with this knowledge in order to guide the other divers.

The One Major Pre-Caution About Hookah Diving

If what you’ve read so far isn’t enough to make you want to get in the water with a hookah dive system, we will have to put the brakes on here with a bit of a warning.

Because the system is located above the water, (and in every respect is your life line), it is impossible for any diver to realize an upcoming malfunction.

For this reason you should always have one person above the water checking the system and ready to warn the divers to begin their ascent should a problem occur.

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