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Automatic seed counter review

What is the best automatic seed counter on the market in 2022? That’s exactly what this article will cover.

We have selected 3 superior counting machines covering a range of price points and functionality.

Whether you are working for an agricultural laboratory, where careful counting and sorting of seeds is paramount, or are an owner of a small farm in need of an affordable seed counter, there will be a machine here for you.

For our top choices at a glance, check out the panel below. For an in-depth review of each of our selected counters, keep on reading.

Best Automatic Seed Counter

Automatic Seed Counter Reviews

Although there are different types of seed counters available, each can be rated based on build quality and functionality, as well as features such as counter speed and data recording options.

Based on these rating criteria and more, the following models are what we consider to be the best automatic seed counters in 2022.

1. EDITORS CHOICE: CGOLDENWALL SLY C Automatic Seeds Counter Machine

Our top pick seed counter for the 2020 season is the CGOLDENWALL Automatic SLY-C.

This is an affordable counter that provides the reliability and features of any farm or seed testing center (Agricultural Sciences, institutes, etc) needs when analyzing and counting seeds.

Different seed types can be accommodated simply by changing the settings to measure varying sizes. Wheat, rice, vegetable seeds (and more) can be counted using the machine.

The unit is especially helpful is you need to survey the weight of thousand seeds, track germination counts and sows counts with high accuracy.

Once the required number of seeds has been counted, the machine will automatically shut down.

Furthermore, the SLY-C is suitable for food category testing which increases its application even further.

The high-precision counter tracks the seed count via a clear digital display. The same screen is used to change menu settings and change the seed size type.

The speed that the seeds are counted can also be adjusted.

Included Items
  • SLY-C Mainframe Seed Counter
  • Large and small sample plate
  • Power cable
  • English Instructions
  • Counting Accuracy:
    • small and medium sample:±4pcs/1000;
    • Large sample:±2pcs/1000
  • Counting Speed:1000pcs/3min
  • Counting Range:1-99999
  • Continuous Working Time: >=5h
  • Power supply:110V
  • Dimensions:196*254*150mm
Pros of the CGOLDENWALL Automatic Seeds Counter Machine SLY-C
  • Accurate and affordable seed counter
  • Easy to use
  • Accommodates various seed types
  • Adjustable speed settings
The Cons
  • A minority of users have complained that the instructions lack detail.

Bottom Line

Overall the SLY-C is a top-quality seed counter that will suit farms of technical institutes that need to count, analyze and test seeds quality, germination levels, etc.

It is fast, accurate, and easy to use and that is why it is our top choice for 2020.

2. CGOLDENWALL New Automatic Seeds Counter Machine (with Clearance Adjustment Knob)

The CGOLDENWALL New Automatic Seeds Counter Machine is similar to the SLY-C.

The unit can automatically count varying kinds of grain, such as Rice, Wheat, Sorghum, Corn, Soy, and Vegetables.

As with the SLY-C, you can simply adjust the settings to accommodate the seed type of choice.

Then, set the number of seeds you want to be counted and the machine will shut down once it reaches the required amount.

The counting speed is easily adjusted via manipulation of the speed knob. This can even be done while the seeds are moving through the machine; turn the knob clockwise and the seeds flow faster, anti-clockwise and the counting machine will slow down.

The internal microprocessor is a large part of why the unit is so accurate. A thin membrane triggers the count once a seed falls onto it. This is registered by the machine and added to the tally. The process takes milliseconds so that each individual seed is counted correctly.

As with the SLY-C, this unit from CGOLDENWALL is suitable for a range of seed counting applications. Whether in conjunction with agricultural science work, commercial industry or even a small, homestead; if your work requires the counting of seeds, this machine will deliver.

  • Counting Accuracy:
    • small and medium sample:±4pcs/1000;
    • Large sample:±2pcs/1000
  • Counting Speed:1000pcs/3min
  • Counting Range:1-99999
  • Continuous Working Time: >=5h
  • Power supply:110V
  • Dimensions:196*254*150mm
  • Comes with a clearance adjustment knob
Pros of the CGOLDENWALL New Automatic Seeds Counter Machine
  • Accurate and easy to use
  • Membrane counting device
  • Varying speed settings
  • Can count different types of grain
The Cons
  • More expensive than our top pick despite similar features

Bottom Line

Overall this unit from CGOLDENWALL is a fast and reliable way of analyzing seed samples. You will get your desired amount of seeds in the sample tray each and every time.

It mainly loses out to our top pick SLY-C based on price point. Why spend more here, when you can purchase that instead and enjoy similar features.

3. BEST INDUSTRIAL USE: CGOLDENWALL Sly-E Automatic Seeds Counter (Weighing/Printing/Data Storage Function)

The best automatic seed counter for industrial-scale application where the real-time printing of data and/or data storage function is required, the SLY-E from CGOLDENWALL is a highly recommended choice.

Being one of the most sophisticated seed counting machines on the market, the unit has an LCD display with touch key control of the settings and fully automatic operation.

The display screen provides the user with a range of information including the number of grains that have been counted in the current sample.

It also provides data on counting mode, sensitivity, weighing weight, and counting time.

The SLY-E comes into its own with data recording, however. A user can create a printout of the current sample data (amount, weight, etc) with just a press of the button. The printout comes from the machine itself.

Furthermore, of those that require a digital trace of the sample data, the SLY-E stores historical sample data which can be viewed using the LCD display, and exported to your computer.

The wealth of information provided here is impressive, with date, time, the number of grains, counting time-consuming and weight all being stored within the machine.

From a practical perspective, the machines offer full control of the speed. It is also versatile in terms of the seed shape, size, and type that can be counted.

The high-precision gravity sensor has a weighing range of  0~2000g.

The two counting modes also make the SLY-E extremely easy to operate. In ‘counting self stop’ mode the machine will automatically shut-down once a pre-selected number of grains has been counted.

There is also a free counting mode. This works until there have been no seed drops or keypress operation for a full 2 minutes. The vibration disc will stop until an operator has returned to tend to the machine.

  • Applicable seeds size:
    • length * width < 12 x 4 mm (small particles)
    • Length * width < 12 X 10 mm (large particle)
  • Counting accuracy:
    • small particle 5/1000;
    • large particle 3/1000
  • Counting speed: 1000 /3 minutes
  • Counting capacity: 1~99999 read directly by LCD Display
  • Preset stop: any value in 1~99999, set 00000 not counting
  • Weighing range: 0~2000g
  • External power supply: 110V or 220V (optional)
Pros of the CGOLDENWALL Sly-E Automatic Seeds Counter Counting Machine
  • Superior data recording and handling
  • Print sample information directly from the machine
  • LCD screen and touch button operation
  • Easy to use with 2 basic automatic modes of operation
The Cons
  • Expensive when compared to the other units reviewed here

Bottom Line

Overall the CGOLDENWALL Sly-E is the best seed counter on the market for those that require the sophisticated counting operation and data retrieval that this machine offers.

Yes, it is expensive, however, having such easy access to in-depth information on your samples is a true benefit.

If these features speak to you, this is the machine to buy.

Automatic Seed Counter Buyer’s Guide


The type of seed counter you buy will clearly be dependant on the specific application.

However, whether you are a plant breeder, farm owner, or lab scientist in agricultural research, there are some common variables to think about when looking to purchase one of these machines.

Let’s take a closer look at some now.

Seed count speed

The speed at which the machine can reliably count seeds is an important factor to consider.

If you are working in a situation that requires a large number of seeds to be counted and your workflow is disrupted because you purchased a slow counter; this will clearly cost you money.

Larger, more sophisticated machines will be able to count your batches of seeds faster than a small, low-priced model.

Check the specifications and ensure that the operation speed is suited to your needs

Type and size of the seed that can be counted

Another extremely important factor. If the machine you buy is not compatible with the type of seed you need to count, you will be wasting your time.

In this regard, reviews such as the ones above will help you. Details of the specifications will also highlight the seed size that a machine can work with.

However, to really check it is wise to contact the manufacturer to ensure that the product you are interested in will suit your needs.

Counting accuracy

It goes without saying that you want the seed counter to be accurate. Miscounting your samples will not only frustrate but depending on the application, it could negatively impact your project.

All manufacturers will state that their units are close to 100% accurate so it becomes difficult to rely just on the printed specifications.

User reviews are important to fully understand the quality of a machine in this regard. Research what other people have said about a particular automatic seed counter that you’re interested in; what were their experiences?

If you read complaints about accuracy levels, you know to steer clear.

Data recording and storage

For anyone working in a lab, the detailed storage of data is going to be important. The same could be said for other scenarios where a seed counter might be used.

If you wish to extract data to a computer, or have the machine time stamp and record a long list of data from each sample, then you will need to buy a unit that has the features to do so.

The purchase price will likely be higher, however, such functionality may be necessary.

Price Point

The price point of the machine is closely related to all the points made above. Machines with high counting speed and versatility, that are accurate and will record lots of data will cost more.

It is a case of analyzing exactly what you need and then stretching the budget to accommodate. If that can’t be stretched then you might have to compromise.

Just don’t do it in a way that will impact the effectiveness of your work, as you may end up paying for it in the long run.

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