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Running Boards Guide

Running boards can definitely be a worthwhile addition to your truck.

However, they don’t come cheap and it is one of those add-ons where it is easy to let slide.

Because let’s face it if you drive your vehicle around all this time without a set, why would you need them now?

Well as we will see, that opinion may be a little short-sighted.

Let’s take a look…

What are running boards used for?

Running boards attach to the bottom of a vehicle close to the door well.

They are mainly used as a step to help people get in and out of a taller truck with higher ground clearance.

Because of this, it is important that running boards are kept clean and dry. You don’t want the pregnant wife slipping as she gets into your truck because of all the grime on the steps.

To help prevent injury, some boards have a built-in high traction surface. However, this does where down overuse.

So maintenance is an issue with running boards. They are one more thing that needs to be looked after on your vehicle.

However, for some, the pros will outnumber the cons. (If you are interested in buying a set of running boards, head here for our top 5 reviews round-up).

Let’s dive in and see what they are…

Benefits of installing Running Boards

  • Added protection – a long-running board at the base of your doors is a good way to protect your vehicle’s bodywork from rock chips and scratches. Especially if you use your truck for more brutal, off-road activities; the added protection will do wonders in maintaining the paintwork.
  • Keeps the interior clean – Running boards often act like a doormat for people entering the vehicle. if you and your passengers have been out in a muddy field, the boards are a place where you can knock and scrape of the dirt from your boots. Furthermore, passengers will often subconsciously wipe their feet on the boards before entering the vehicle. Keeping your interior that little bit tidier.
  • They look damn cool – Running boards are a great way to customize your vehicle. They come in different colors, materials as well-tread patterns. You can also get boards with LED lights and even motorized runners that slide in and out for use.

The Cons of installing Running Boards

  • An extra item to maintain – We covered this one above, and it can be considered a con. Running boards need to be kept clean to prevent injury to people using them. The tread also wears down over time.
  • Running boards become clogged with snow in the winter – Similar to the maintenance deal, if you live in a part of the world with lots of snow in winter, the boards become another area that needs to be cleared before you can hit the road.
  • The boards will affect your ground clearance – Your vehicle’s ground clearance is only as high as its lowest point. Therefore, by adding running boards to your truck you will lose inches of clearance. Okay for some, for others it will be a nuisance.

Bottom Line

If the pros of the running board speak to you, i.e you have regular passengers that could do with a foot in and you want to make your truck look cooler, then installing a set definitely make sense.

The maintenance issues will not be too much of a pain.

However, if the pros really do not benefit you personally, there is probably no point in making the leap and having Running boards installed.

Like many after-market features that can be fitted to a vehicle, it all comes down to personal preference.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours…

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