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motorcycle with tank bag

Best Motorcycle Tank Bag [TOP 5 FOR 2021]

What is the best motorcycle tank bag on the market in 2021? As with most buying decisions, the answer is very much dependent on your specific needs, your budget, and in this case the type of motorcycle you own. In this top 5 review round

hvac vacuum pump


During maintenance of an HVAC system, the HVAC vacuum pump and HVAC system become complementary units, at least operationally; and they should be matched with each other. This implies that a low-capacity vacuum pump should not be used to evacuate a high-capacity HVAC unit. There

best vacuum pump reviews

What are the Best HVAC Vacuum Pumps on the Market Today?

Buying a reliable, well built HVAC vacuum pump is becoming difficult in 2021. More and more brands and models are entering the market and knowing which is the best one for your needs can be confusing. However, to help you we have researched some of


How To Prevent A Cougar Attack & What To Do If You Fail

While it is very rare these days, it is still possible to come across a cougar in the wild if you’re hiking within the United States. Experts state that approximately 30,000 cougars live in the west­ern United States. They are hunters and typically travel alone

Searching the Depths with the Top 5 Best Ice Fishing Sonars

What is the best ice fishing sonar on the market today? That’s exactly what we will attempt to answer now. If you’ve already begun your search you will know there’s a ton of options out there. Price point, depth capacity and extra features such as

deer hunting

An Introduction to the Hunting Tree Stand

Currently, hunting is described as a practice that involves seeking a game, identifying it, and pursuing it before capturing or killing it. The animal to be hunted is called the game. Regulations serve to differentiate between (acceptable) hunting and poaching (which is illegal). Across human

Top 10 Off Road Driving Tips For Beginners

If you own a 4×4 and feel it’s time to put it through its paces, you’re going to want to go off road. And whether you decide to do this alone, or as part of an organized event, when you’re just starting out there are

Preparing Your Truck For Hunting Season – Top 10 Tips

Hunting season is just around the corner. It is time to give your gear a dust down and be ready for the outdoor action ahead. However, there is one vital piece of equipment that can very often be overlooked – your trusty truck. As the

intro to hvac vacuum pump featured

An OC Overview of the HVAC Vacuum Pump

We here at Outdoor Chief like to dig deep when we start to research a particular tool or product. Sometimes these means are articles can reach stupid word counts in our attempt to cover a topic comprehensively. However, we know you are busy people. You’re