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trim tab guide

A Comprehensive Guide to Boat Trim Tabs

To counter the challenges of water-bound navigation, boat engineers developed a device – called the trim tab – that can be fitted at the trailing edge of the boat hull where it allows for adjustment of the pitch attitude and consequently enables the boat to

best marine autopilot

Best Marine Autopilot – TOP 5 REVIEWS FOR 2021

What is the best marine autopilot system you can buy in 2021? That’s exactly what we look into today. We have taken 5 top-rated autopilot systems covering a range of configurations. Providing an in-depth analysis of each, we aim to bring you the definitive answer

best hookah dive system

The Top 5 Best Hookah Dive Systems (2021 EDITION)

What is the best hookah dive system you can buy in 2021? That’s exactly what we will look into today. We have taken 5 top-rated systems and put them through their paces. For our findings at a glance, just head to the table below. For

How To Windsurf Upwind – 5 Tips For Beginners

Upwind windsurfing is a technique that can cause many problems for beginners. One of the most common issues I have come across, again and again, is the fact beginners tend to turn in to the wind too fast. This causes them to slow down too

Spearfishing 101 – How To Use A Pole Spear

The pole spear is a great alternative to the more commonly used speargun if you want to venture into the exciting sport of spearfishing. In fact, some purists will tell you it is the natural way to start. In essence, you are going back to

best kicker motor brackets

Buying the Best Kicker Motor Bracket in 2021 [TOP 5 PICKS]

When looking for the best kicker motor bracket there are a number of issues to consider. First off, stretching your budget to purchase the highest quality bracket you can afford, can only be beneficial in the long run. These things get knocked around, there’s the

Boat Trim Tabs Reviews [BEST RATED RIGS FOR 2021]

Buying trim tabs for your boat is a worthwhile investment. For greater control, stability and safety there are few upgrades you can do that will have more of an impact. However, which trim tab rig should you buy? Will you be installing it yourself or

How to Catch Bass – A Short OC Guide

We all have our little ways when it comes to bass fishing. Experience brings the techniques that work for us. As does knowledge of the area you are fishing. Each spot will have its particular idiosyncrasies. However, there are always a few universal truths that