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Pontoon boat guide

How to Apply Bottom Paint to an Inflatable Pontoon Boat

For those that own an inflatable pontoon boat, the question often arises about suitable protection for the bottom of the boat. Just how much maintenance does an inflatable need, and should you be applying paint to the bottom for increased longevity? The fact is, bottom

Best Kayak Trailer On The Market in 2021 – Top 5 Reviews

What is the best kayak trailer you can buy in 2021? As with many products, it really does come down to your own specific needs. The main one being the number of kayaks you wish to tow. That being said, some universal features on any

Hemmingway submarines

Ernest Hemingway and his Hunt for German U-Boats

As famous for his outlandish behavior as he is for his timeless contribution to the canon of American literature, Ernest Hemingway wasn’t going to standby and do nothing as the German offensive threatened the USA during WW2. In 1942, Hemingway was enlisted by the U.S.

boat dock safety and maintenance guide

Top 5 Maintenance Tips for a Safe and Clean Boat Dock

If you own a boat dock it is easy to take it for granted. All your attention is directed towards your boat, with a little leftover for that important construction that sees you, family and friends, safely in and out of the vessel. Because let’s

Kayak Guide

Inflatable Kayak vs Hardshell – Which is the best to buy?

Kayaking is a fun sport. And if you venture out often there will inevitably come a time that you will begin to consider buying your own gear. When it comes to the actual kayak you will have two main choices: opt for the hard-sided, rigid

best shallow water anchor

Best Shallow Water Anchor (Includes Minn Kota Talon Review)

What is the best shallow water anchor on the market in 2021? There are the current offerings from industry leaders Minn Kota and Power-Pole, however, there are also some budget-friendly under-dogs that are worth a look. To answer the question we have selected 5 top-rated

best pole spear

Best Pole Spear on the Market in 2021 (A TOP 5 REVIEW ROUND UP)

Pole spears are an affordable and versatile way to begin spearfishing. However, with the many brands and configurations of pole spears available, along with the different tips, bands, and accessories you can buy – which is the best pole spear on the market today? We

best pontoon boat

Inflatable Pontoon Boat Reviews – Top Rated Picks for 2021

What is the best inflatable pontoon boat on the market today? That’s exactly what we have tried to uncover in this detailed review round-up. There’s a lot of models available, and with their various sizes, different weight capacities, and features, and of course price point,