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How to Buy Your First Motorboat – 5 Essential Steps

Buying a boat for the first time is a big decision. Even a small fishing boat becomes a commitment when you start taking into account, mooring or storage, repairs and dry-docking, and where and when you will use it. However, if you are a lover

Learning To Kite Surf – An OC Guide

There’s no denying that kite surfing is an exhilarating sport. However, the barrier to entry can be difficult if you do not have the available resources. The first step before buying any of the gear is to find out where your nearest school is. Here

girl jumping off dock

How to Install a Dock ladder for Safe Summer, Water Fun

With summer approaching it will soon be times for lazy days by the water. There’s very little more enjoyable than jumping in and out of the water from a dock, boat or pontoon when the heat really sets in. To help keep the fun safe

jack plate guide

5 Boat Jack Plate Maintenance Tips & Tricks

Jack plates are becoming more and more popular and are a good investment for your boat. Not only do they provide greater control, a good jack plate positioned correctly will offer better top speeds, gas mileage, and versatility. However, to benefit from all of this

wakeboarding tips

Essential Wakeboarding Tips for Beginners (Riders & Drivers)

Wakeboarding is a lot of fun, however, like anything new when you first start out, learning can be frustrating. If you’re unlucky, it can also be rather painful. Having an instructor will definitely help the learning curve, as will having a friend there to guide

marine toilets

Top 5 Best Marine Toilets on the Market (2021 UPDATE)

What is the best marine toilet you can buy today? Getting it right is important. No one wants a malfunctioning lavatory while they are out on the open water. You should also want a unit that is eco-friendly, odorless, and as quiet as possible. However,

windlass safety tips

Top 10 Windlass Safety Tips (An OC Guide)

If you have a windlass installed on your boat or yacht, there are a number of safety precautions you should have in mind when you use it. Not only will this ensure the safety of the user and others on board, following these guidelines will


PRODUCT REVIEW: Newport Vessels Inflatable Dinghy Boats

To continue our series reviewing the latest inflatable boats to hit the market, today we’re going to take a look at what Newport Vessels has to offer. This 12-year-old company has made quite a mark in the industry, releasing a wide range of affordable inflatables,

marine autopilot guide

7 Important Safety Tips when using a Marine Autopilot

Marine autopilots are a great bit of tech. There are many advantages to fitting your boat with an autopilot system. However, there are right and wrong ways to use an autopilot. You always need to remember that the system is not a replacement for seamanship.

freediving mask

Best Freediving Mask for 2021 [TOP 5 REVIEWS]

If you are thinking about getting involved with the wonderful sport of freediving there are obviously a few pieces of equipment you need first; the most important of all being your mask. So what is the best freediving mask you can buy in 2021? That’s