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sewer inspection through plumbing pipes

A Sewer Inspection Camera Buyer’s Guide

We recently took an in-depth look at the sewer inspection camera; the different types of inspection and where and when the professional might need one. However, if you are in the market for buying one, (and none of the top 5 we recently reviewed tickled

winter tires in summer guide

Why You Shouldn’t Use Winter Tires All Year Round

As we make our way through spring, the sun is shining again and if you are lucky you might even be wearing a t-shirt on a particularly warm day. However, the winter tires are still on the car, and changing them for a new set

fuel transfer pump being used

A Beginner’s Guide to the Fuel Transfer Pump

What is exactly is a furl transfer pump and why would you need one? That’s what we will look into today. And while our recent fuel transfer pump review round up covered some of these details, our aim there was to give you the complete

Pond Pump Maintenance

Pond Pump Maintenance & Troubleshooting – An OC Guide

The pond pump is very much the “heart” of the pond. And it is easy to see why the comparison fits; without the pump fresh oxygenated water would not circulate, fish and filtering bacteria would fail to flourish – with a ‘heart’ the pond is

A closer look at the sewer camera

A Closer Look at the Sewer (Plumbing) Inspection Camera

Environmental health practices require private homes and businesses, along with state-owned institutions to discharge their waste fluids into the local sewerage (infrastructure) system, which is usually maintained by the local authorities. This sewer system conveys sewage fluids and surface runoff water, including rainwater, storm-water, and

Top 5 Winter Driving Safety Tips

Fall will soon make way for winter. And with that comes the need to prepare ourselves for the colder months. For many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, you can also look forward to the onset of the white stuff. Snow, sleet, and freezing rain bring

winter storage motorcycle

How to Keep Your Motorcycle Maintained During Winter Storage

Over the winter months, while your motorcycle may be getting far less use, safe storage can be an issue. Not only do you want your motorcycle to be secure, but you will also want it to be protected from harsh, cold conditions. So what is

growing strawberries

How to Grow Strawberries – A Short OC Guide

Strawberries are a wonderful fruit to grow in your garden. They require marginal maintenance, do not take much space, and if you plant the right kind can yield fruit throughout the year. And that’s all before you get to the fact they are absolutely delicious.

How to Buy Your First Motorboat – 5 Essential Steps

Buying a boat for the first time is a big decision. Even a small fishing boat becomes a commitment when you start taking into account, mooring or storage, repairs and dry-docking, and where and when you will use it. However, if you are a lover