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testo digital manifold featured

Best Digital Manifold Gauges: 5 Market Leaders Reviewed

When buying a new digital manifold, you will want to ensure that the system you buy is fast, accurate, and features the necessary profiles in order to get the job done. As with all trades, a technician’s work is made easier if they have the

Buying the Best Refrigerant Recovery Machine [2021 Edition]

Whether you’re an HVACR technician working for a large company, or a one-man operation, the refrigerant recovery machine is your most important piece of equipment. Purchasing the best model for your needs is vital. However, with so many choices on the market, it can be

hvac vacuum pump


During maintenance of an HVAC system, the HVAC vacuum pump and HVAC system become complementary units, at least operationally; and they should be matched with each other. This implies that a low-capacity vacuum pump should not be used to evacuate a high-capacity HVAC unit. There

network cables featured

Best Network Cable Testers [2021 Edition]

Faults in a data network can be very disruptive. The old adage that time is money, is most appropriate here. If it’s your job to diagnose the issue you will be under a lot of pressure to rectify it as fast and efficiently as possible.

featured pipe freezing

Best Pipe Freezing Kit on the Market in 2021

Whether you are a full-time professional or a home user, when it comes to cutting and repairing water pipework, one of the best tools you can have in your arsenal is the pipe freeze kit. A good freeze machine will allow you to carry out

Top 5 Concrete Grinding Tips – Better Results Every Time

Concrete grinding and polishing can seem a bit daunting for those that are not used to the tools. If the work is carried out incorrectly can do permanent damage to your surfaces. However, whether you experienced contractor or attempting some home DIY, if you follow

best vacuum pump reviews

What are the Best HVAC Vacuum Pumps on the Market Today?

Buying a reliable, well built HVAC vacuum pump is becoming difficult in 2021. More and more brands and models are entering the market and knowing which is the best one for your needs can be confusing. However, to help you we have researched some of


Network Cable Tester Buyer’s Guide

Modern network cable testers are ethernet cable testers that feature a simple build design and are built to be durable, portable, and user-friendly. As mentioned in our recent overview of the network cable tester, the pins in the connector provide a terminal to test for

intro to hvac vacuum pump featured

An OC Overview of the HVAC Vacuum Pump

We here at Outdoor Chief like to dig deep when we start to research a particular tool or product. Sometimes these means are articles can reach stupid word counts in our attempt to cover a topic comprehensively. However, we know you are busy people. You’re