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In Search of the Best Concrete Vibrator on the Market Today

Whether you’re working on a full-scale construction job, or creating a small wall in the yard, a professional compact finish without air bubbles and distortions is a high priority when laying concrete. Thankfully, one of the best tools to achieve that end result is a

Top 4 Essential Poolside Safety Issues to Remember

It won’t be long before summer hits the USA. For all those with swimming pools in the backyard, it will be time for lazy weekends by the water, and the oh-so-satisfying dunks after work or school. And while a lot of fun can be had

metal detector guide

27 Essential Metal Detecting Tips for Beginners

Today we have pulled together 27 essential tips for those of you that might be heading out to use your new metal detector for the first time. Clive has once again stepped up to helm the article, being the avid treasure hunter that he is.

swing set guide

Backyard Swing Set Safety Tips – MORE FUN WITHOUT THE TROUBLE

All children love a good backyard playset. Very often it’s a case of the bigger the better. However, the higher they are the harder they fall. And while we do not want to be the fun police here at Outdoor Chief, some interesting facts can

lawn sweeper guide

A Short Guide to the Lawn Sweeper

The lawn is a critical landscaping feature that fixes the aesthetics of a property, yard, or outdoor space. Landscaping specialists recommend that the grass in the lawn needs to be watered adequately and fertilized well – using lawn fertilizers – so that lush and healthy

hiding pond filters

Best Way to Hide Your Pond Filter

Hiding your pond filter is an integral part of achieving that overall natural effect. And let’s face it, that’s what we all want from our garden ponds, to make it look as far from man-made as possible. However, while hiding the filter out of plain

best pond liner

What is the Best Pond Liner? (2021 REVIEWS)

What is the best pond liner you can buy in 2021? There are various materials available these days and all have their pros and cons. The demands are the same, however. You need a hard-wearing liner that will stand the test of time. To help

Top 10 Tips For A Perfect BBQ

Summer is here. The sun is shining, the shorts are out and friends and family are getting together to enjoy the garden BBQ. But this time you’re in charge. And if you’ve reached this page, it could well be that you after a few BBQ

commercial wood chipper guide

12 Things to Consider When Buying a Commercial Wood Chipper

There are a few terms under the name chipper; shredder, combo (combination chipper shredder), and tree grinder are all types of a commercial wood chipper. As the expense of such a machine can be high, it is important to know what to look for when

healthy Pond

Top 10 Tips for a Healthier Pond

A healthy pond is a win, win situation for all involved. Firstly, if you have it well stocked with fish, those fish will be able to thrive. Furthermore, if you have prioritized plant life the entire ecosystem will benefit from the care and attention you