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sewer inspection through plumbing pipes

A Sewer Inspection Camera Buyer’s Guide

We recently took an in-depth look at the sewer inspection camera; the different types of inspection and where and when the professional might need one. However, if you are in the market for buying one, (and none of the top 5 we recently reviewed tickled

best atv snow plow

Top 5 Best ATV Snow Plows For Winter 2022

Winter is almost upon us. When the snow falls, the back-breaking work of clearing it is never far behind. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. With the ATV snow plow kit, you can attach a plow to your all-terrain vehicle and clear your

retractable patio awning

An OC Guide to Retractable Awnings

A retractable awning can be used to convert a patio into an outdoor living space. In this guide, we will look at the different retractable awnings you can buy, the parts that make up such an awning, and a whole lot more besides. Patio Awning

best cable locator

Best Underground Cable, Pipe & Wire locators

Whether you’re a professional contractor, utility company, or another user of cable locating equipment, buying the correct unit for your needs is a very important step. With the wide range of underground cable locators on the market today, knowing which to buy can be complicated.

In Search of the Best Concrete Vibrator on the Market Today

Whether you’re working on a full-scale construction job, or creating a small wall in the yard, a professional compact finish without air bubbles and distortions is a high priority when laying concrete. Thankfully, one of the best tools to achieve that end result is a

Soil penetromter review

Top 5 Best Soil Penetrometer & Compaction Testers [2022]

When testing soil conditions there are two main tools at your disposal, a soil penetrometer or compaction tester. In fact, in many States, a pocket penetrometer is required by OSHA on all excavation jobs. To avoid costly construction delays, you should have one on-site to

Automatic seed counter review

Testing the Best Automatic Seed Counters [LATEST REVIEWS]

What is the best automatic seed counter on the market in 2022? That’s exactly what this article will cover. We have selected 3 superior counting machines covering a range of price points and functionality. Whether you are working for an agricultural laboratory, where careful counting

Pond Pump Maintenance

Pond Pump Maintenance & Troubleshooting – An OC Guide

The pond pump is very much the “heart” of the pond. And it is easy to see why the comparison fits; without the pump fresh oxygenated water would not circulate, fish and filtering bacteria would fail to flourish – with a ‘heart’ the pond is

best grain moisture detector

Best Grain Moisture Tester [TOP 5 REVIEWS]

Testing the moisture levels of your grain stock is very important. To ascertain the overall health of the grain, and to ensure that the storage conditions are optimum you need a reliable and accurate way of measuring. And clearly, the best tool for the job

best powder filling machine

Best Powder Filling Machine [TOP 5 PICKS ON THE MARKET]

What is the best powder filling machine on the market in 2022? That’s exactly what we will aim to answer today. We have selected 5 filling machines covering a range of price points and functionality. Whether you own a small farm, require powder filling capabilities