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What are the best skid steer tires on the market in 2019? That’s exactly what we will look into today.

We have taken, 5 sets of top quality tires and put them through their paces. This we hope will give you all the information you need before going out and spending your hard-earned money on new treads.

For our findings at a glance, just head to the table below. For a comprehensive review of each of the showcased skid steer tires, keep on reading.

Best Skid Steer Tires – Top 5

Set of 4 New ZEEMAX Heavy Duty
Skid Steer Tires
(10-16.5/10PR G2, Bobcat w/Rim Guard)
John Deere 4 Solid Skid Steer Tires
(12X16.5 Flat Proof 8 Lug)
Summit Flat Proof Skid steer Tires
(10X16.5 W/Rims Cat/Deere/Bobcat
Gehl Solid)
4 x Heavy Duty Skid Steer Tires
10x16.5 10 Ply fits Bobcat Gehl Deere Cat

Skid Steer Tire Reviews


Skid steer tires enable the vehicle to lift heavy loads while at the same time giving important adhesion on the terrain beneath the wheels.

So much so, it is possible to purchase specific tires designed for different environs; hard surfaces, muddy or soft soil, turf, gravel and snow for example.

This has to be taken into consideration when buying a new set of skid steer tires. Other factors such as build quality (tube or solid), performance, size and of course cost are all important.

Flat proof tires with deeper treads are quite effective when it comes to durability and cutting the cost of unnecessary repairs. Solid tires are generally more expensive, but provide greater longgevity.

Below are a selection of top rated best skid tires on the market today.

1. TOP RATED PICK: Set of 4 New ZEEMAX Heavy Duty 10-16.5/10PR G2 Skid Steer Tires for Bobcat w/Rim Guard

The Zeemax Heavy Duty Tires are a sturdy solution to your needs. Featuring rim guards that protect your wheel, these tires have a deep treads and patterns on them that help with stability and as well as durability.

The tires are perfect solution for light farming, landscaping and can also be applied in muddy terrain. The approximate tire size is 10-16.5 and it also has a ply rating of 10.

The overall diameter of each of these sets is approximately 30.4” and its section width is 10.4”. Furthermore, the tread depth is 23/32”.

Essentially, these deep treads in the wheels are designed to resist burrowing out and or any wearing. They have an ideal G2 pattern with stepped shoulder lugs and a natural rubber compound.

Pros of the Set of 4 New WestLake Heavy Duty Skid Steer Tires
  • They have reinforced sidewall that help with damage protection hence an assurance of long lasting.
  • They have a rim guard that protects your tires and are usually pressed together.
  • The skid tires have a durable tread pattern for super stability and also to increase traction
  • The presence of the treads in the wheels help to resist gouging and gashing.
The Cons
  • Tread is not as wide as rim.


The New Zeemax Heavy Duty Skid Tires are a great option for the price. These are durable and efficient tires that can assist in many ways from terracing, landscaping and light farming.

These will not only last long but will also help you in cutting unnecessary costs that usually results from puncture repair.

Highly recommended and our top rated pick for 2019.

2. John’s Deere’s 4 New Solid Skid Steer’s Tires of 12X16.5 Flat Proof with the 8 Lug Fits John-s Deere

These tires from John Deere are among the few skid tires that are mounted on steels, providing extremely high tensile strength and long lasting functionality.

Cases of tire failures and even punctures have been completely eliminated due to the presence of the deep treads which have adequate strength and enough stability.

You are paying the price for this robustness however, as these are one of the most expensive tires in our top 5 round up.

Styled for conditions and environments where punctures or tire flats are commonly experienced, they are a great option for difficult terrain.

The tires have rubber compounds that are dense that also add on the total weight which consequently increase the stability of the skid steer loader while being used in any terrains.

Essentially, the skid steer can last four times longer than any average pneumatic tires. They are perfectly designed with top rated features for your machinery.

These amazing features include the ideal rows of holes in the skid steer that tend to increase the flexing ability to the tire.

Therefore, this will add on the comfort of your ride as the vibration or even the damage will be highly minimized.

Pros of the John's Deere's 4 New Solid Skid Steer's Tires (12X16.5 Flat Proof)
  • Can be used in various adverse environment and conditions that have high rate of punctures and flat tires
  • The tire gives more comfort as it has aperture holes that increase the flex on the tire.
  • Damage to the undercarriage is also minimized. This is also due to the aperture holes in the tire.
  • Its long lasting as compared to other tires. This is because of the deep treads that tend to reduce the chances of the tire getting any unnecessary flat tires.
  • The tread on this tires eliminate the time wasted during puncture repair. Hence the duration of using a particular machine is reduced hence time is not wasted.
  • It’s quite durable as it has low tendency of getting flat tire. It’s built with strong materials to ensure it lasts longer.
  • The tire has proved and trusted performance.
  • The tire also has improved stability due to its extra weight that result from the extra natural compounds. This gives the support and stability to the machine or the skid steer loader.
The Cons
  • Quite heavy hence might be difficult to mount onto the machine.
  • Very expensive

Bottom line

John Deere’s New Solid Skid Steer’s Tires of 12X16.5 with Flat Proof with the 8 Lug Fit are on of the best solutions if you wish to avoid any flat tires and unnecessary punctures.

Basically, the comfort and the low susceptibility to damage of its undercarriage are an assurance that it will last longer and your machine will be in good condition for a longer period of time.

An excellent choice if your budget stretches that far.

3. Set of Four (4) of 12-16.5 Skid Steer’s Loader Tire, with 14 PLY, and NHS SKS 400

This tire is designed with a rim guard and its final total weight is approximately 63 pounds each. It has an unmounted dimensions of about 30″ high to 10″ tread width.

Hence the overall width of the tire combined with the rim guard is about 11 1/2 “.

This skid tire is a first rated tire that is styled with deep traction treads hence it’s a perfect option for you when you want to use your machine on a muddy or even dirty surfaces.

They are capable to attain perfect traction and they are long lasting as they wear quite slowly.

Pros of the Set of Four (4) of 12-16.5 Skid Steer's Loader Tire, with 14 PLY, and NHS SKS 400
  • These tires have been proven to be high quality tires
  • The tires can also be used in muddy and even dirty environment
  • They tend to last longer as they wear out slowly
  • The thick treads on these tires ensure it has low occurrences of flat tires and punctures hence economical in regards to using it.
  • It has an extra weight that adds onto the stability of the skid steer loader.
The Cons
  • The tires are not ideally round
  • Most of them have bumps on their edges hence the machine or loader tends to bounce a lot when one is at high speed.
  • The traction is not that much perfect.
  • It’s bouncy hence uncomfortable to the operator of the machine that has these tires.

Bottom Line

This set of Four (4) of 12-16.5 Skid Steer’s Loader Tire, with 14 PLY, and NHS SKS 400 are an ideal solution for you when you want to get on the muddy surfaces without worry.

Its heavy weight gives you stability and its deep treads assures you of traction and movement at any given time.

A worthy addition to the top 5.

4. Summit’s Flat proof of 10 X 16.5 Skid steer’s Tires W/Rims of Cat Deere Bobcat GehL’s Solid

A top solution for unnecessary flat tires and punctures is found in these tires. The set comes with a perfect set of four brand new rims and tire.

These tires are amazingly flat proof and have been made to suit your general skid steer needs.

Essentially these versatile tires are designed to fit any brand of skid steer that allows an eight-hole rims. The tires are irreversibly bonded to the rim unlike other brands which are usually pressed onto each other.

This will guarantee you of no slippage from the rim. Therefore, the tires will last longer as cases of damage will be reduced.

Due to the flat proof nature of our tires, you won’t experience the costly repairs and more so, you’ll save most of your time.

This makes the tires to be very economical when one is using it. One can accomplish many tasks and for longer time without affecting or damaging the machine or tires.

Comfort for the operator is the key focus for this tires as they can work perfectly in any of the applications that you might want to apply.

These applications include demolition of asphalt and concrete and even the lawn work. In essence, these tires are resistant to tears and last longer due to their deep treads that also enhance the traction capabilities.

Fundamentally, the tires have two different sizes of holes that prevents collapse of the smaller hole hence providing enough support for heavier loads.

Also, the larger holes ensures a smooth ride and increases the comfort of the rider. The outer diameter of these tires is about 31″.

Pros of the Summit's Flat proof of 10 X 16.5 Skid steer's Tires
  • The tires are flat proof hence easy to work with in various types of terrain.
  • The tires have deep treads that help in avoiding unnecessary punctures and flat tires and also increases the traction during the movement.
  • The tires last longer as compared to other pneumatic tires
  • No slippage from the rims as the tires are bonded strongly to the rims. Hence tendency of failure our damage is highly reduced.
  • Quite comfortable for the operator.
  • Can fit any brand of skid steer machine
  • Has two different sizes of holes to ensure stability and support while dealing with heavier loads.
The Cons
  • The rims cannot be easily be reused as they are bonded irreversibly to the tires. Hence once its damaged one has to buy a new one.

Bottom Line

The summit’s Flat proof of 10 X 16.5 Skid steer’s Tires W/Rims for Cat, Deere, Bobcat GehL’s Solid is a long lasting skid steer tire that can serve you without unnecessary problems like punctures.

The flat proof tires with deep treads make these tires to be used in any environment that you want to.

5. Heavy Duty 12-16.5 of the Skid Steer’s Tires with – 12X16. And 12 ply Deere Bobcat Cat (set of 4)

This tire depicts the latest advancement in technology as it can be used in various Bobcats machinery and other models as well. It has a perfect ply rating of about 12.

The measurements of the tire is approximately 12 by 16.5.  The approximate weight of the tire is 58 pounds while its height is about 30″. The tread width of this skid tire is 10″ hence the overall width of the tire including the rim guard is 11.50″.

Its standard tread depth mostly at the center is half inches while deep towards outer sides is one inch. The tires tend to fit perfectly on the standard 16.5 by 9.75 size rim.

(4) Heavy Duty 12-16.5 of the Skid Steer's Tires with - 12X16. And 12 ply Deere Bobcat Cat
  • It ensures stability of the skid steer machine due to its weight.
  • The deep treads ensures it has less tendency to experience puncture and flat tires.
  • The thickness of its width ensures enough support and stability while it’s moving.
  • No time wasted in issues like tire repair.
  • The wide foot print increases the floatation of the machine hence comfortable
The Cons
  • Can be quite bouncy especially when one is moving faster.

Bottom Line

Basically, the (4) heavy Duty 12-16.5 of the Skid Steer’s Tires and 12X16.5 with a 12 ply Deere Bobcat Cat is good investment when one wants a stable long lasting tire for their machine.

It has low tendency of getting flat tire hence quite economical.


Essentially, above are the top 5 skid steer tires that you should go for when you want a high quality skid tires. Essentially, one should check on the features of the tires before buying them.

Ensure its flat proof and has deep treads which will consequently lead to its long lasting. This will not only make your operations easier, but it will also be cheaper when using it.

Some are bouncy too and some aren’t perfectly round. Hence one should check for this variable before buying. Check the measurements of the tires too.

The thicker the width of the tire the more the floatation of the machine hence the more the comfort. All in all, ensure you have acquired the best skid steer tire that will benefit you.