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best kicker motor brackets

When looking for the best kicker motor bracket there are a number of issues to consider. First off, stretching your budget to purchase the highest quality bracket you can afford, can only be beneficial in the long run.

These things get knocked around, there’s the corrosive nature of the water as well as the weight, torque, and vibrations of the mounted motor. At the end of the day, you should opt for something built to last.

However, which of the many options available should you go for? That’s what we aim to help with. Below we have selected 5 different kicker motor brackets across a range of price points and functionality.

For our findings at a glance, just head to the table below. For an in-depth review of each bracket keep on reading.

Best Kicker Motor Bracket – Top 5

TOP RATED PICK:Panther 55-0407ALBracket
Aluminum4-stroke: 15HP2-stroke: 20HPMax Weight: 132lbs
10 1/4" L x 7 1/2" WMax Weight: 169lbs
Aluminum Bracket4 Stroke MotorsExtra Wide: 11-1/2"
Up to 25 HPMax Weight: 110lbs
Vertical Lift: 10.5"
2-Stroke MotorsUp to 20 HPStainless SteelMax Weight: 115lbs

Kicker Motor Bracket Reviews

kicker motor

A kicker motor bracket plays a significant role in securing your motor to the boat. There are different brands on the market, but you need to choose the best.

When buying the motor brackets, you need to pay careful attention to the specifications. For example, if you have a powerful motor, then you need a sturdy bracket that can accommodate the weight of that motor.

With the right motor bracket, you can even prolong the lifespan of your boat motor because it will not have to experience unnecessary vibrations which can lead to the weakening of parts.

Anyway, if you are ready to find out which is the best kicker motor bracket for your needs, let us jump into the reviews.

1. TOP PICK: Panther 55 Aluminum Lightweight 4-Stroke Bracket review

The Panther is an adjustable outboard motor bracket that you can use with a 4 stroke motor, (up to 15HP) or a 2 stroke motor, (up to 20HP). It can also hold a maximum weight of 132 pounds.

One great feature of the Panther motor bracket is that it is made from anodized aluminum. This helps the structure of the bracket remain sound, a necessary requirement in light of the torque of many modern outboard 4-stroke engines.

The unit has also been treated to withstand the different corrosion agents you find in a wet environment.

To allow for varying needs, the bracket is adjustable. You are free to adjust it to different sizes so that you can operate your motor quickly and efficiently.

Safety issues are well taken care of too. The Panther comes with a twist knob safety lock which is easy to operate even in tough conditions. The reassurance that the motor is securely connected to the bracket is exactly what you need.

The bracket also includes a 2 inch thick, extra-wide, polypropylene mounting board. This is designed to be waterproof (of course) and maintenance-free.

The use of heavy-duty steel torsion springs is another great feature. You can use the torsion springs to secure the unit into place for smooth operation and minimum vibration.

Furthermore, the springs are highly effective in counterbalancing the motor so that you can always remain in control of your vessel while the kicker is employed.

Also, 10 inches of travel is available giving you a wide degree of motor control overall.

Pros of the Panther 55 Aluminum Lightweight 4-Stroke Bracket review
  • Adjustable outboard motor bracket
  • Hard coat anodized aluminum bracket
  • Twist lock safety
  • Maintenance-free
  • Aircraft stainless steel hardware
The Cons
  • Can only handle a maximum weight of 132 pounds, which means larger motors cannot be attached, (consult the user manual of your kicker motor to ascertain the relevant specifications).

Bottom Line

Overall the Panther kicker motor is a great buy, (and our number one pick for good reason). It balances adequate strength, affordability, and safety features to cover everything you would need from a kicker bracket.

Sure, you will need to check your motor specs to see if it comes under 132lbs. If this is the case, the Panther should be your go-to choice. A top-quality product all around.

2. TMS Outboard Motor Bracket review

The TMS motor bracket comes locking clamps that can accommodate long as well as short shaft motors. After securing the motor to the bracket, it is very easy to operate.

There are five vertical running lock bars to allow adjusting according to the water surface and boat load conditions. The twist-lock knobs secure the bracket in place for the safe operation of your kicker motor.

But let’s dive into some of the important specs. The maximum weight capacity for the bracket is 169lbs. It is also recommended that the motor does not exceed 30HP.

The main poly mounting board comes in at 10 1/4″ long and 7 1/2″ wide, which allows it to accommodate wider style motor locking clamps.

That being said, old models of motors can easily be clamped into position too. First and foremost, the manufacturers have opted for a simple design with an emphasis on making the unit versatile and simple to use.

When you expose the boat to different load conditions, the surface of the water will obviously raise. To compensate for such differences, the motor bracket mounting levels are easily adjustable.

To secure the motor into position before you start using it, the motor comes with a twist safety knob so that you can quickly secure the motor into location before you start your boating adventure.

The handle has been designed in such a way to can easily allow the operation of different outbound motor styles.

The TMS also features a steel body structure that has been treated to resist corrosion. If you are after a unit with longevity, this motor bracket is a great buy.

The bracket can support up to 169 pounds of motor, giving it a higher weight capacity than our top pick Panther. When buying your motor bracket, you need to check on the maximum weight which the unit can accommodate in line with the motor you own.

However, considering the majority of outbound kicker motors come below 169lbs, the TMS will allow you to accommodate most units on the market.

Pros of the TMS Outboard Motor Bracket review
  • Easy to operate motor bracket
  • Twist lock safety feature
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Five vertical position lock
  • Can accommodate up to 169 pounds motor
The Cons
  • More expensive than other brackets in our top 5

Bottom Line

As one of the sturdiest kicker motor brackets in our top 5 this unit is definitely worth considering if your motor is on the heavy side.

Otherwise, there are better options available.

3. BEST PREMIUM: Garelick/Eez Aluminum Motor Bracket review

The Garelick motor bracket allows for easy raising and lowering of your auxiliary motor.

Furthermore, you will also find it easy to operate motors on sailboats too. The bracket is built to support new four-stroke heavy-duty motors, that are capable of exuding more torque.

When running an engine with high torque, you clearly need to secure firmly to the body of the boat. The bracket makes it very easy to secure the motor under more challenging circumstances.

The bracket is extra wide (the mounting boards come in at an impressive 11-1/2″ wide) which helps to effectively mount large motors. The bracket is also compatible with the style of locking clamps used with newer style outboard motors.

The unit can also accommodate both short and long shaft motors too.

To guarantee your safety upon buying the motor bracket, it comes with a motor cable safety so that you can enjoy operating the motor with confidence.

Pros of the 3. Garelick/Eez Aluminum Motor Bracket review
  • Easy to use
  • The extra-wide mounting board is 11-1/2″ wide
  • Can accommodate both long and short motors (plus newer models)
  • Motor safety cable included
The Cons
  • No twist-lock feature

Bottom Line

For those looking for a secure, easy to operate bracket for their sailing boat, the Garelick is hard to beat. It comes in at a good price, has an extra-wide construction for larger motors, and can accommodate variable shaft sizes. Highly recommended.

4. Norestar Outboard Bracket/Kicker for Boat Motors review

The Norestar kicker motor bracket can lock and hold outboard motors to the boat securely. For effective propulsion the bracket is able to lower the motor down beneath the water level.

As with all the brackets we have selected, it can accommodate different boat sizes and motors. However, here, the maximum capacity is only 110 pounds. Fine if you have a lightweight motor, not so great for heavier units.

With four locking positions, you can also be assured that everything is safely attached as it should be.

Another benefit in opting for a bracket of this size is that it requires little mounting space. So although the weight capacity makes it suitable for smaller motors only, the bracket can be efficiently mounted to boats of all sizes.

Mind you, the low weight capacity does make this bracket more applicable to smaller vessels that only need a light weight extra motor.

Pros of the Norestar Outboard Bracket/Kicker for Boat Motors
  • Lowers and raises the motor
  • Requires small mounting spaces
  • 4 locking positions
The Cons
  • Ideal for small motors only

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a lightweight bracket for a small outboard motor, than this is well worthy of consideration. All the normal features are available, and the build quality and price are good too.

Those with larger, heavier requirements should look elsewhere, however.

5. BEST FOR SMALL MOTORS: Amarine-made Stainless Steel Motor Bracket review

The Amarine bracket is another unit designed for small motors. The maximum capacity here is 2-stroke motors between 7.5 and 20HP.

In fact, if you have a motor that fits these specifications and weighs less than 115lbs, this could be the best solution for you compared to all others in our top 5. It certainly is the most cost-effective.

The Amarine features stainless steel construction to assure you of great durability. The non-corrosive design avoids the stress of having to deal with the corrosiveness of saltwater.

You can use the bracket on either power or even a sailboat. Raising and lowering the motor you will have to apply the inbuilt manual raising and lowering mechanism.

The solid polypropylene mounting board is designed to provide a high level of stability.

Essentially, if you have a small boat and you need lightweight components this bracket from Amarine will definitely deliver.

It will take you a matter of a few minutes, and you will secure it to your boat ready for the action. Amarine-made took time to include most of the features you need to enjoy operating your boat.

Pros of the Amarine-made Stainless Steel Motor Bracket
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Non-corrosive
  • Easily lowers and raises the motor
The Cons
  • No safety cable provided
  • Lightweight capacity is suitable for small motors and boats only.

Bottom Line

Here we have another kicker motor bracket specifically designed for lightweight motors. If your outboard weighs 80lbs or under, why go for a more cumbersome bracket where you don’t need it.

Highly recommended for owners of small boats that want to quickly and efficiently add a secondary motor to their vessel.

The above are among the best kicker motor brackets you can buy. We took time to research and list only the best products so that you can find it easy when trying to buy the most appropriate bracket for your needs.

We took into consideration different features such as the durability, the price, and the general performance of these motor brackets.

Buying one of our recommended brackets will see you enjoy the great performance when operating your vessel, no matter the circumstances.

What to look for when buying a kicker motor bracket?

boat from the top

Size, weight, and power of your motor

One of the first issues you need to consider when buying a kicker motor bracket is the weight capacity.

If you already have the outboard that you plan on using, note the engine size and weight and then begin your search for a bracket. (If you have yet to purchase the engine, you may need to opt for a larger bracket in order to accommodate a wider range of potential engine sizes).

Most kicker brackets will have different weigh thresholds depending on the stroke of the engine. This is due to the amount of torque a larger, 4-stroke engine can exert on the bracket.

Essentially, the bracket needs to be able to withstand the extra power and acceleration (and resulting thrust and vibration) while remaining secure.

All brackets will provide these specifications. Note from the reviews above; our top pick from Panther states a maximum capacity for 2 stroke engines up to 20HP, with the maximum for 4-stroke being 15HP.

An overall weight capacity in-lbs is also generally provided.


boat in the water

The way your boat sits in the water changes in relation to the amount of onboard weight. The heavier the load, the lower the boat will be in the water.

In order for your engine to function correctly, the propeller needs to be fully immersed. While this is all out of boating 101, it stands to reason that you will need a bracket with an adjustable vertical position locking system.

For a light load, your bracket needs to be adjusted lower in the water, and vice-versa for a heavy load.

Therefore, when looking to buy a kicker bracket, you need to ensure that this feature is available and is also easy to operate.

Build Quality & added Components

fishing boat

Kicker brackets are generally made from aluminum because of the light-weight, anti-corrosive nature of the material. You can also get stainless steel models.

Look out for superior design features such as anti-corrosive coatings, or airplane grade components.

Our top pick also has a leather-coated bracket back-wall that not only cushions the unit against vibration and potential knocks and scratches but is also suitably waterproof and easy to clean.

Essentially, when looking to buy a kicker motor battery, try to stretch the budget to as much as you can afford in order to buy a unit of superior design made from high-quality components. That way you be assured that the bracket will last longer.

Price Point

As mentioned above, everyone will have a different amount of money in mind that they plan on purchasing a kicker bracket for.

The budget option in a top 5 is a quality little bracket; however, it is only suitable for small, 2-stroke engines. If that suits your needs, perfect.

If you plan on using a larger, 4-stroke engine you need to be prepared to pay more for a bracket that is up to the job.

Best kicker motor setup – Installation Tips

In the video above you will see how a kicker motor bracket should be set up for optimum performance.

Here the boat owner has used a Mercury 9.9 Command Thrust with tie bar off a Mercury 200XL Verado.

In order to mount the kicker to the boat, a Weldcraft Maverick DV 201 has been used. As you will see, in order to create the best kicker motor setup the owner has adjusted the bracket so that the motor is sufficiently immersed.

There’s no lag, excess vibration or loss of power through the propeller rising above the waterline. For more on how to set up your bracket, head here.

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