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If you have a sense of humor and are looking for a way of brightening up the neighborhood, then what you really need is a life-size Bigfoot statue.

Or that was my thought process after I had finally convinced my wife that we should get one, and started to search online for my very own Bigfoot.

Amazon was my first port of call (as is the way these days) and sure enough, they had a life-size version, from Design Toscano that even came with free shipping.

And these suckers are big!

It wasn’t exactly cheap, but I’ll be honest, ever since seeing them in countless gardens during a road trip through the Pacific Northwest last year; the seed was planted that I would one day have a life-size Sasquatch in my yard.

And that day has finally come…

Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti Statue

Design Toscano Yeti the Bigfoot Garden Statue, Life Size 72 Inch, Fiberglass Polyresin, Full Color

The life-size Bigfoot from Design Toscano comes in at a whopping 72” high. The shock value of a yeti this big in your garden cannot be understated. Especially if you position it somewhere subtle, such as peaking out behind a tree.

That being said, you should be careful if your Yet is designed to startle people driving by your property; you wouldn’t want to cause an accident!

The dimensions of the Bigfoot are impressive all-round actually. Being 45” wide, this is a sasquatch built to intimidate.

It’s not the easiest to maneuver in position, however. It is a bulky beast weighing in at 147 lbs. You’ll want assistance put it that way.

On the plus side, once you have him in place, a little short of a passing tornado will have him over. (It also makes it a lot more difficult for any would-be thieves).

Build Quality

The most important thing to look for when buying a yeti for the yard is how realistic it looks, and weatherproofing. For the latter, I would say that Design Toscano has come up trumps.

The statue is hand-cast using real crushed stone that is also bonded with durable designer resin. This accounts for the large weight I was talking about earlier. This stone compound is extremely sturdy and non-porous (so that the rain doesn’t seep in and weaken it from the inside).

Furthermore, the bigfoot garden statue is topped with a UV resistant, natural camouflage finish. In short, it will not fade or deteriorate when pitted against the elements.

You might want to watch out for birds, however; reading some of the reviews online and people have experienced problems with birds landing on Bigfoot’s shoulder and chipping away at the paint.

Design of the Garden Yeti Statue


The answer as to how realistic the statue looks is a complicated one. For a start.. Have you actually seen what a yeti looks like in real life.

Beyond that, however, is your level of expectation. I just wanted something that was large and bigfoot-like. I didn’t need to hold up to close artistic scrutiny.

Having said that, the design of the yeti is extremely detailed. Especially around the face where there is a lot of expression going on.

The shape of the body hair and muscle contours look great and provide that lumbering beast silhouette that I was looking for.

Overall, both the sculpting and the finishing paintwork have been carried out to a high level of quality.

The results speak for themselves in the number of people that stop, stare and even take pictures of the Yeti in our yard.


To really kitsch it up, there are accessories that can be added to your Bigfoot garden statue display. My favorite has to be the “life of the party”, a Yeti dressed up with a lei and hula skirt. He is also sipping a Sarsaparilla out of a coconut. Hilarious!

There are also versions of him wheeling a suitcase, or maybe you’d prefer the wild outdoorsman and have him carrying his fishing tackle.

For the true patriot bigfoot, there’s nothing better than having him holding the stars and stripes.

Pros and cons of Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti Statue

Pros of the Bigfoot Garden Statue
  • It will get the attention of anyone that walks past and sees it
  • Large, life-like and lumbering – the statue is certainly a taking point
  • Robust build quality and detailed design
  • Fit him with accessories for even greater impact
The Cons
  • There is no denying that the statue is expensive
  • Some owners have experienced the paint chipping to easily

Bottom Line

Okay, so placing a life-size bigfoot in your garden is a novelty. It’s not something you really need. But, what’s the point in being on this earth if you can’t have a bit of fun once in a while.

And that’s exactly what the Garden Yeti statue will do. It will bring you joy.

Whether it’s from watching people’s reactions to it for the first time, or just standing back and admiring your bigfoot as the wackiest addition to your yard. I am pretty sure you will not tire of it.

Oh, and the answer to what the neighbors say? Well, the opinions definitely vary, and you’ll have the fun of finding all that out too.