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best wheel chocks

A wheel chock is a vital tool for keeping your motorcycle stable and secure when not in use. Whether used for standing in your garage space or for trailering, you will need a sturdy, well-built wheel chock with the correct specifications for your bike.

However, with the wide range of motorcycle chocks available, it can be difficult to know which one to buy.

In this review roundup, we have selected 7 top-rated models covering different price points and sizes. There are some designed specifically for trailering, others that are more universal in function.

For our findings at a glance, just head to the table below. For a comprehensive review of each of our picks, plus a detailed buyer’s guide, keep on reading.

Top 7 Best Wheel Chocks for Motorcycles

EDITORS CHOICE:Condor PSTK 6400 MotorcycleWheel Chock
Trailer/GroundQuick ReleaseWheel Dia: 14-22"Tire: 80-220mm
BEST BUDGET:Extreme MaxMotorcycleWheel Chock
Trailer/GroundWheel Dia: 17-21"Tire: 3-5" to 7-3"
Lock N LoadBK1000Wheel ChockCombo Kit
Trailering19 x 15.4 x 11.5”Tie Downs
& Ratchets
MaxxHaul 70075Motorcycle Wheel Chock
Trailer/Ground15-5/8"x10-5/8"3 Positions
Dragway ToolsMotorcycleWheel Chock
Trailer/Ground1500lbs CapacityWheel Dia: 16"-21"
BEST TRAILERING:CONDOR SC-2000Trailer-Only Wheel Chock
Trailer OnlyQuick Release3000lbs Capacity
GoplusMotorcycleWheel Chock
Trailer/GroundWheel Dia: 15"-22"Tire: 76-30mm1800lbs Capacity

Motorcycle Wheel Chock Reviews


The following wheel chocks have been selected based on price/performance benefits, functionality, features, and build quality.

Our testing method involves a combination of hands-on use, a study of online customer reviews and feedback, plus an in-depth analysis of how each product fares against others on the market.

The following selection brings together what we believe to be some of the best wheel chocks available in 2021.

1. EDITORS CHOICE: Condor – PSTK 6400 Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Our top pick motorcycle wheel chock for 2021 is this excellent offering from Condor. Much like the Condor Dolly, (reviewed here), the build quality is what sets this chock apart.

Although lightweight at only 32lbs the aluminum-framed chock is able to support large bikes either as a floor stand or in transport.

You see, the Condor PSTK6400 is exactly the same as the very popular PS1500; however here a quick release trailer mounting kit has been added.

This enables you to use the chock as a simple floor stand, or on your trailer with a simple flick of the release mechanism.

The chock is able to take wheels (front or rear) that are 14 – 22 inches in diameter. The tire width range is a versatile 80 – 220mm.

In short, most bike sizes can be safely secured in the upright position using the Condor 6400 wheel chock.

Pros of the Condor - PSTK #6400 Motorcycle Wheel Chock
  • Trailer quick release mounting kit means you can easily use as a ground chock or for trailer transportation
  • Sturdy Aluminum frame with steel hardware and components.
  • Large range of wheel diameters and tire sizes can be accommodated
  • Made in the USA
The Cons
  • The most expensive chock in our top 7 line up (you get what you pay for, however)

Bottom Line

Motorcycle wheel chocks vary widely in price. Some models retail for just $50 while others such as those from Condor often come in at over $200.

The reason is quality and versatility. The 6400 has both in spades. The quick-release kit enabling you to use the chock securely in both your garage space or trailer is excellent. The range of motorcycle sizes you can accommodate is also market-leading.

In other words, by paying more for the chock in the first place you will have a device that you can hold on to for years.

Our number one pick for good reason.

2. BEST BUDGET: Extreme Max 5001.5010 Standard Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Extreme Max 5001.5010 Standard Motorcycle Wheel Chock

From the most expensive wheel chock in our top 7 to one of the cheapest.

But don’t let that fool you into thinking this is a cheaply manufactured motorcycle chock. Far from it.

While the Extreme Max does not have the build quality or versatility of our top pick from Condor, this is still a very capable solution to your wheel chock needs.

The Amazon customer feedback speaks for itself in this regard.

Designed to secure bikes with wheels from 17-21 inches, this unit can accommodate a number of bike sizes.

Extreme Max 5001.5010 Standard Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Tire width can range between 3-5/32″ – 7-3/32″ wide so it is a good idea to check your motorcycle tire specifications before you buy.

Extra stability is provided by the front crossbar and boot. The high strength steel combined with the semi-gloss black powder coat finish, not only looks good but will give you the peace of mind that your bike is in safe ‘chocks’

The unit also features a rear-wheel cradle adjustment system meaning the wheel is held tight once in place.

Pros of the Extreme Max 5001.5010 Standard Motorcycle Wheel Chock
  • Very affordable – one of the cheapest in our review round up
  • Sturdy steel and powder coat finish build quality
  • Adequate range of wheel sizes accommodated
  • Rear-wheel cradle adjustment feature to hold the wheel fast
  • Easy assembly
The Cons
  • Not suitable for bikes with very low fenders as they can catch
  • Not as versatile regarding wheel & tire size accommodation as the Condor

Bottom Line

It is hard to fault the Extreme Max motorcycle wheel chock at the current price point. Affordable, well built, and able to accommodate a range of wheel sizes it really is a no-brainer.

If you’re on a budget, this is the wheel chock to buy.

If however you have slightly deeper pockets and need greater versatility, the top pick from Condor is the one to go for.

3. Lock N Load – BK1000 Motorcycle Wheel Chock Combo Kit

The Lock n Load Wheel Chock Combo Kit is a product specifically designed for safe and secure trailering.

If you have your motorcycle strapped to your truck bed or trailer on a regular basis, this is exactly the type of chock kit you should be looking for.

The wheel chock automatically closes around the front wheel for stable transit. The kit also comes with front and rear tie-down ratchets in order to fasten the bike into position for the journey.

All of the components is from the BK range, with the kit including the following items in total:

  • BK100 Deluxe Wheel Chock
  • BK201 Ratchet Tie-Downs
  • BK100-1 Mounting Plate
  • BK100-2 Front Tire Tie-Down

The end result is a complete bundle of accessories that will ensure your motorbike is completely secure during transportation, no matter the terrain.

Overall dimensions come in at 19 x 15.4 x 11.5”.

Lock N Load - BK1000 Motorcycle Wheel Chock Combo Kit

Pros of the Lock N Load BK1000 Motorcycle Wheel Chock Combo Kit
  • Combo chock kit designed specifically for transporting motorcycles
  • All the strapping and ratcheting you need for safe transit
  • Sturdy overall design
The Cons
  • Users have complained that the chock requires the use of the straps to be secure
  • Build quality on the ratchets is lackluster

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a standalone chock designed specifically for trailering, the Lock n Load bundle does come highly recommended.

It does what it sets out to do very well indeed.

However, considering the top pick Condor quick release system will cater to both trailering and ground-based needs, the versatility you gain should not be ignored.

Or, if looking to buy a dedicated trailer motorcycle chock, you may want to check out the Condor SC-2000 reviewed below.

4. MaxxHaul 70075 Motorcycle Wheel Chock

The MaxxHaul 70075 Motorcycle wheel chock is a no frills affair that does exactly what it says on the tin.

In other words, it’s a great chock that can be mounted to a truck or trailer or fixed to your garage floor. (a mounting kit is supplied in the package).

The real selling point here, however, is the price, the MaxxHaul is the cheapest wheel chock in our review round-up by quite a large margin.

The 3-position adjustable holes on the wheelbase are designed to make the chock as versatile as possible. Most standard size motorcycles can be accommodated by the Maxxhaul.

A nice feature of the chock is that it locks around your tire as you roll it into position.

The all steel construction with powder coat finish will ensure that the chock has the strength and corrosion resistance to last.

  • Overall Dimensions: 24″ L x 9-3/4″ W x 12-7/8″ H;
  • Base Dimensions: 15-5/8″ L x 10-5/8″ W
Pros of the MaxxHaul 70075 Motorcycle Wheel Chock
  • Extremely cheap, the lowest priced chock in our top 7
  • 3-position adjustable holes to accommodate different motorcycle sizes
  • Locks your tire as you roll it into position
The Cons
  • Bikes with thin tires will not stand on their own with strap support
  • Some customers have complained that it can be tough to pull the bike from the chock

Bottom Line

Overall the MaxxHaul 70075 is a great wheel chock for the money.

The kit provided means you can mount the chock on your truck, trailer or garage floor and the range of bikes it can accommodate make it an great choice for those that want a simple solution at a rock bottom price.

5. Dragway Tools 1500 lb Fixed Motorcycle Front Wheel Chock

The Dragway tools wheel chock is a great option for those with heavy motorcycles with wide tires.

Calling all sports bikes and road cruiser owners basically.

The 1500 lb load capacity is the real selling point here. If you do have a heavy bike it can be a risk settling on a chock that isn’t quite stable enough to accommodate your ride.

The last thing you want is to return to your bike to see it has fallen to the floor in the failing grip of a mangled wheel chock.

Those kinds of experiences is highly unlikely when using the Dragway tools, however.

The unit will fit most front wheel sizes between 16 and 21 inches in size. For the further versatile fitting, the upper shoe has 2 adjustment holes.

The easy lock and load mechanism ensures that the wheel locks into the chock once in position, making one person loading very simple.

4 non-slip rubber feet help ensure the chock doesn’t slide and damage ground surfaces. The high-grade alloy steel will maintain integrity even with the heaviest loads.

Pros of the Dragway Tools 1500 lb Fixed Motorcycle Front Wheel Chock
  • That 1500lbs load capacity – perfect for heavy sportbikes and cruisers
  • Easy lock and load mechanism, wheel locks into the chock once in position
  • The chock will allow for 16″ – 21″ front wheels
  • Tough construction made from high-grade alloy steel
The Cons
  • A small minority of users experienced the chock arriving with missing parts

Bottom Line

The Dragway Tools wheel chock is a top-quality option for those with larger bikes.

The high maximum load capacity of 1500lbs, coupled with the wider chock mouth for big wheels makes this the best option in our review round-up for cruisers and sports bikes.

Other style bike owners are better off looking elsewhere however.

6. BEST FOR TRAILERING: CONDOR SC-2000 Trailer-Only Chock

The CONDOR SC-2000 is a chock designed for trailer use only. Much like the Lock n Load reviewed above, the priority here is for increased stability during transit.

The unit is actually an all-steel version of the popular Condor Pit-Stop series of chocks, however, the SC-2000 features a mount made for trailering.

The adjustable wheel locking system is extremely versatile, giving you the ability to fasten your bike via the front or rear wheel.

The unit can accommodate tire sizes between 14-22 inches wide, which Condor boast in the specifications for the chock can:

“fit all bikes from dirt bikes and sport bikes, to cruisers and heavy touring bikes, and anything in between”

If that isn’t selling point enough, just wait until you see the specs for the maximum load.

With the chock constructed to withstand holding all-size motorcycles during transportation, the increased strength and stability provides a load-bearing weight of a massive 3000lbs.

The mounting system is quick release, with the trailer chock easily snapping on and off transport platforms.

It takes only one person to safely load the motorcycle and just two tie-down straps are required to keep everything safe and secure.

Pros of the CONDOR SC-2000 Trailer-Only Chock
  • Fits all motorcycle sizes and can accommodate a load up to 3000lbs
  • A reinforced design and mount made specifically for trailering
  • Fully adjustable, patented wheel locking system
  • Quick-release mount system
  • Requires only one person to load
The Cons
  • A tiny minority of customers complained that removing the wheel from the chock is difficult

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a chock for trailering the CONDOR SC-2000 Trailer-Only Chock is the one to buy. Full stop.

An extremely well-designed motorcycle chock that is built like a train. Strong, sturdy and reliable with a number of great features for ease of use.

What more do you need?

7. Goplus Adjustable Motorcycle Wheel Chock Stand

The GoPlus Adjustable Motorcycle Wheel Chock is another budget option with capabilities that make it a good value choice.

Larger bikes can be accommodated with the impressive 1800lbs weight capacity.

The fully adjustable wheel locking system allows for front or rear wheel mounting. As long as your wheel size comes in between 15″ – 22″ in diameter with tires no wider than 76 – 130mm that is.

This is another chock that claims to have a patented locking mechanism in place. This obviously takes care of securely supporting your motorcycle in an upright position.

The manufacturers have opted for reliable solid steel construction, the obligatory powder-coated finish is also in place to ensure no pesky rust begins to weaken the structure of the chock.

The unit is designed for ground-based mounting in the garage, as well as on trailer or truck bed.

Pros of the Goplus Adjustable Motorcycle Wheel Chock Stand
  • The high load-bearing ability of 1800 lbs
  • fully adjustable wheel locking system
  • solid steel construction with powder-coated finished for rust prevention
  • Designed for both garage storage and trailer transportation
The Cons
  • Customers with very wide tires have had difficulties getting the chock to work

Bottom Line

Overall the Goplus Adjustable Motorcycle Wheel Chock is a reliable option that will safely take care of your motorcycle chocking needs.

With its high load-bearing and wide tire accommodation, most bikes will fit inside the mouth of this unit.

Add that to the competitive price point and you have a wheel chock that will not disappoint.

What to look for when buying a motorcycle wheel chock

motorcycle wheel size

Wheel Size

Step number one is to check the wheel diameter and tire width of your motorcycle.

Not all wheel chocks are made to the same dimensions so it is important that the one you buy will comfortably accommodate your bike wheels.

Generally speaking, most chocks will be suitable for wheel sizes between 17 and 21 inches.

If your bike size is either smaller or larger than this you will need to double-check the specifications of the chock to ensure it will be compatible with your bike.

For instance, it is possible to buy chocks specifically designed for large cruisers and sports bikes because of the wider tire widths that these types of motorcycles have.

Conversely, a thin motorbike tire will not fit securely into a larger chock; the bike will likely tip over.

Purpose of the Chock


You should also consider where and how you plan to use the chock. Will it be a permanent fixed feature in your garage space or will you mainly be using it for trailering?

You might need an option that will conveniently cater to both ground and trailer use, meaning a quick-release mounting system would be worthwhile.

You can also buy wheel chocks specific to trailering that come with additional ratchets and straps as well as a high load capacity to accommodate transportation.

Being aware of how and where you will mainly use the chock will help you buy the correct one to suit your needs.

Weight Capacity

large motorbike

Weight capacity is another important specification to be aware of when buying a wheel chock, especially if you own a heavy motorcycle.

A small chock with a large and heavy bike will cause stability issues and certainly shouldn’t be used for trailering.

Match the specs of the chock to those of your motorcycle in order to maximize safety.


A wheel chock that has the ability to adjust around the size of your wheel is a feature worth looking out for. This will increase stability as the chock can essentially be customized to your specific needs.

Build Quality

cool motorcycle

Build quality is very often linked to a price point. A more expensive wheel chock will hopefully be made from stronger materials and will have components built to a standard that will last you a long time.

Specs to look at here are high-grade steel or alloy frames, and powder-coated finishing to prevent corrosion.

User reviews can also help here as you will be able to read firsthand the experiences of other customers. Brand reputation is clearly linked to the build quality of their products too.

How to use a motorcycle wheel chock

Mounting the chock

As you will have seen from the reviews above, motorcycle wheel chocks come in different shapes, sizes, and mounting configurations.

A chock used for storage will be fixed permanently in place inside your garage. However, a chock used for transportation will need to be mounted to your truck or trailer.

Before buying the chock, you should ensure it comes with all the necessary mounting accessories in order to be fixed in the manner you want.

A full set of cleats and bolts will allow for the chock to be mounted securely to your mode of transport. However, knowing where to place these can be difficult if you’ve never done it before.

A good rule of thumb is to mount the chock as deep inside the truck bed or trailer as possible. However, if you have designated tie-down spots, the chock should be positioned equidistantly between them if possible.

The video above will provide some guidance on how to mount your chock to a trailer.

Locking the motorcycle

With the chock mounted it is now time to wheel your motorcycle into place and lock everything up securely.

The beauty of today’s wheel chocks is that the locking mechanism will engage automatically as you wheel the motorcycle onto it, (that’s assuming the chock you have bought has one installed).

With the stabilizing cradle in place, you can quickly move onto the final step: tying the bike down.

If the chock does not have a locking mechanism and/or stabilizing cradle, you will need the assistance of someone to hold the bike steady as you tie it up.

Tying the motorcycle down

With the motorcycle in place within the chock, it is time to tie everything down.

If the chock has been positioned correctly you will have two tiedown spots within easy reach of your rig. These are generally eyelets on your truck bed or trailer, or in some cases be part of the chock’s structure.

Ratchet straps can be strapped around the motorcycle and fastened securely to the tiedown spots. It is best to start on one side, but do not strap as tight as possible. Leave it loose until the second strap is in place.

Then, tighten both sides incrementally ensuring that the bike remains fully upright by the time you have finished and each strap is as tight as it can be.

Another important issue is to ensure that the front straps pull the bike into the direction of the wheel chock. This makes for a safer mount with less tension on both the chock and tiedown straps.

The video above will explain everything I have just said, in a much easier way to digest. 🙂

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