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best wakeboard bindings

Wakeboarding is a fantastic sport. However, whether you are a newbie or seasoned pro your comfort on the water is directly related to the quality of your bindings.

Ill-fitting or badly designed bindings can turn something fun into the misery of sores and frustration. In some cases, it can be enough to put a beginner off forever.

None of us want that to happen. That’s why buying the right wakeboard bindings is so important.

In this review roundup, we have selected 6 top-rated bindings and put them through their paces. For our findings at a glance, just head to the table below. For full review details, plus a dedicated buyer’s guide, keep on reading.

Best Wakeboard Bindings

AIRHEAD VENOM Wakeboard Binding, US 9 - 12 , Black
Hyperlite Women's Mystique Wakeboard Bindings Fits Boot Sizes 6-11
Ronix Kid's Wakeboard Bindings August Girl's Boot - White/Turquoise/Pink - 2-6 (2019)
Liquid Force Rant Kids Wakeboard Bindings 2018-4-6/Black-Green
Hyperlite Agent Wakeboard Bindings Fit Wakeboard Boot Sizes 8-14
Humanoid Wakeboards Howl Wakeboard Binding, Aqua, 12-13+
AIRHEAD VENOM Wakeboard Binding, US 9 - 12 , Black
Hyperlite Women's Mystique Wakeboard Bindings Fits Boot Sizes 6-11
Ronix Kid's Wakeboard Bindings August Girl's Boot - White/Turquoise/Pink - 2-6 (2019)
Liquid Force Rant Kids Wakeboard Bindings 2018-4-6/Black-Green
Hyperlite Agent Wakeboard Bindings Fit Wakeboard Boot Sizes 8-14
Humanoid Wakeboards Howl Wakeboard Binding, Aqua, 12-13+
AIRHEAD VENOM Wakeboard Binding, US 9 - 12 , Black
AIRHEAD VENOM Wakeboard Binding, US 9 - 12 , Black
Hyperlite Women's Mystique Wakeboard Bindings Fits Boot Sizes 6-11
Hyperlite Women's Mystique Wakeboard Bindings Fits Boot Sizes 6-11
Ronix Kid's Wakeboard Bindings August Girl's Boot - White/Turquoise/Pink - 2-6 (2019)
Ronix Kid's Wakeboard Bindings August Girl's Boot - White/Turquoise/Pink - 2-6 (2019)
Liquid Force Rant Kids Wakeboard Bindings 2018-4-6/Black-Green
Liquid Force Rant Kids Wakeboard Bindings 2018-4-6/Black-Green
Hyperlite Agent Wakeboard Bindings Fit Wakeboard Boot Sizes 8-14
Hyperlite Agent Wakeboard Bindings Fit Wakeboard Boot Sizes 8-14
Humanoid Wakeboards Howl Wakeboard Binding, Aqua, 12-13+
Humanoid Wakeboards Howl Wakeboard Binding, Aqua, 12-13+

Wakeboard Binding Reviews

boy on wakeboard

The following wakeboard bindings have been selected based on comfort, build quality, and styling. We have also paid close attention to the fastening system and how easy the bindings are to get on and off.

Our testing method involves a combination of hands-on use on the water, a study of recent customer reviews and feedback, plus an analysis of how each binding fares against others on the market.

The following selection brings together what we believe to be some of the best wakeboard bindings available in 2021.

1. BEST FOR MEN: Airhead Binding Venom Wakeboard

The VENOM wakeboard binding from Airhead is our top pick option for men for good reason, (although in all fairness this open-toe binding does come in a range of sizes making it appropriate for women also – the styling can be considered quite masculine, however).

The Venom has left and right specific plates which allow for a better, more versatile fit. The lightweight chassis is of a size that will accommodate most adult feet.

The binding is also extremely easy to put on as it features a large and wide opening.

With the binding on, you also need a simple fastening system. This is also an area where the Venom shines. The flexible plastisol overlay combined with the simple to operate (even with wet hands) adjustable lace system, means that whatever the conditions you will be able to fasten the bindings as needed.

The captive thumbscrew system is another nice design feature that will help reduce the risk of misplacing your mounting hardware.

A child’s version of this top-rated binding is also available.

  • AHB-21 fits youth size 4 – 8 (EU 36-41)
  • AHB-22 fits US men’s size 9 – 12 (EU 42-45)
Pros of the Airhead Binding Venom Wakeboard
  • Left and right specific plates for a better fit
  • Easy to operate the fastening system
  • Large opening for pulling on and off your feet
  • Captive thumbscrews on the mounting hardware
The Cons
  • One of the more expensive bindings in our review roundup.

Bottom Line

Venom is on to a winner with their series of wakeboard bindings. Tough and durable build quality combined with nice design features such as the dual plates and captive thumbscrews makes these a clear leader on the market in 2020.

Highly recommended, and our number one binding for men for good reason.

2. BEST FOR WOMEN: Hyperlite Women’s Mystique Wakeboard Bindings

Hyperlite have been releasing some good bindings in recent years and this Mystique model designed for women is no different.

This customized female-specific version of the bestselling Destroyer model is a stylish bright purple in color and is available in a smaller size, (It is a one size fits all model, adjustable to fit women’s 6 – 11).

The customized footbeds with inbuilt flex zones all help ensure that females using the bindings for wakeboard will enjoy a more comfortable fit.

Furthermore, the molded EVA inside the binding provides extra cushioning for the heel and toe. There’s also a much-needed rear flex zone. This has been added in order to reduce abrasion on the back of the leg during riding.

Hyperlite’s new 6″ low pro plate system is at the core of the biding. This is robust while being lightweight at the same time. All of which will increase the responsiveness of your actions on the water.

What more could you need?

Pros of the Hyperlite Women's Mystique Wakeboard Bindings
  • Specifically designed for women with appropriate dimensions and styling
  • 6″ lightweight Low Pro Plate System
  • Added comfort for the back of the leg, with added Rear flex zone
  • Extra cushioning in the heel and the toe
The Cons
  • The distinctive, vivid purple color may not suit all tastes

Bottom Line

Designed as an OSFM Women’s model the Hyperlite Mystique is a top-choice option for female riders.

Stylish, comfortable and also lightweight you will see an improvement in your skills as soon as you hit the water.

3. BEST FOR GIRLS: Ronix Kid’s Wakeboard Bindings August Girl’s Boot – White/Turquoise/Pink – 2-6

Our top pick wakeboard bindings for girls are these attractive offerings from Ronix.

Built on their new MainFrame that has been specifically designed for children, the styling of the bindings should appeal to young girls keen to get up and on the water.

The construction of the binding ensures easy entry and exit. There’s also an inbuilt auto-lock technology that will ensure your child’s feet are safe and secure.

The stage 1 liner is there to ensure a comfortable fit and overall experience, (especially important for any young ones taking to wakeboarding for the very first time)

The built-in J-bars add to the overall durable build quality and will mean your child will have long grown into larger bindings before these wear out.

Pros of the Ronix Kid's Wakeboard Bindings
  • Specifically designed MainFrame for child sizes
  • AutoLock Technology for safe fastening
  • Stage 1 Liner for increased comfort
  • Built-in J-Bars for added stability
The Cons
  • For young girls only, teens will not appreciate the styling
  • Expensive considering these are a child’s binding

Bottom Line

What young girl would not want to put these bindings on and take to the water. While that may be a tad presumptuous, there is no getting away from the fact that these are stylish little numbers.

Everything is here to ensure a comfortable ride, from stage 1 liner to the auto-lock technology for a safe and secure fit.

If you are looking for a wakeboard binding suitable for young girls, the Ronix’s kids option is the one to go for.

4. BEST FOR BOYS: Liquid Force Rant Kids Wakeboard Bindings

Our top pick wakeboard bindings for boys in 2020 are these cool looking black and green beasts from Liquid Force.

Giving the look and feel of dinosaur scales, (or maybe an outfit from Ben 10) these bindings will definitely appeal to young riders.

Beyond the overall look, comfort and support is the name of the game here. The bindings have been designed to offer the most secure ride for the little one.

Features include a comfortable, dampening midsole, extra soft liners, and an EVA impact dampener.

The bindings include a single lace and velcro strap system. Not only does this hold nice and tight whatever the conditions, but they are also extremely easy to unfasten.

The strong, yet lightweight N66 chassis (with 6” mount) is built to last (or until the boy grows out of them and starts stealing your adult bindings).

The Liquid Force Rant is available in sizes 4 to 6.

Pros of the Liquid Force Rant Kids Wakeboard Bindings
  • Very comfortable includes EVA foot-bed, comfort liner, and cuff stretch zone
  • Dual Lace System for easy fastening
  • Lightweight N66 Chassis with 6” mount
  • Compatible With Any Wakeboard
The Cons
  • Younger children may have difficulties with the lacing system

Bottom Line

Overall the Liquid Force Rant kid’s wakeboard bindings are an excellent choice for any young boy.

With the distinct yet cool, green and black styling, lots of features to improve comfort and a system of getting everything on and off with ease, these cover everything youy need from a top quality binding for any little chap.

5. Hyperlite Agent Wakeboard Bindings

Here we have another Hyperlite binding to make our list. This time its their Agent series, newly modified.

These are actually an OSFM designed model made as a one size fits all type of binding. However, while these are adjustable to size the core range is 8-14.

There’s an inbuilt low pro plate system that is designed to increase stability throughout the length of the binding which minimizes flex between your foot and the board, (the result is increased control and responsivity).

The Super Kush rear flex zone is designed to decrease wear on the heel and back of the leg, while also ensuring the entry and exit from the binding is made easier.

There’s also Hyperlite’s high-quality speed lace system that helps reduce fastening time. Simply undo the binding with a single pull of the lace.

The revamped EVA padded footbed takes the comfort levels up a notch. This dual-density foam provides the extra support you need for a better riding experience.

Finally, Hyperlite throws in a 1-year warranty against any manufacturers defects.

Pros of the Hyperlite Agent Wakeboard Bindings
  • One size fits all OSFM design (core range is 8-14)
  • Speed lace fastening and removal – loosen biding with single pull on lace
  • Added comfort with EVA, dual-density foam footbed.
  • One year warranty
The Cons
  • Some customers have complained of too much room with smaller feet.

Bottom Line

Overall the Agent is another great binding from Hyperlite. The redesign has seen some great improvements over some existing models that the brand currently sells.

With the versatile one size fits all design, and features such as the speed lace and dual density foot bed, this is a comfortable set of bindings that will appeal to most wakeboard users.

6. Humanoid Wakeboards Howl Wakeboard Binding

The Humanoid Wakeboards Howl bindings are an interesting option that make our review round up for that reason and more.

While being on the more expensive end of our listed options, there are some high-quality features here that make these bindings worth a look.

The bindings we’re reviewing here are designed for feet sizes 12-13+.

The Howl opts for a velcro lacing system for the fast and effective solution fastening solution it provides.

Humanoid call it their ‘V Fly Lacing’ and it is certainly effective. The system increases the speed with which you can get in and out of the bindings significantly. The tight fit with the Velcro fly lacing pulled across is also suitably reassuring.

A foam liner takes care of the area of comfort, while the added feature of the swamp foot draining system helps to ensure that the bindings are not deluged with water while you ride.

For increased responsiveness between your feet and the board, a z bar chassis has been installed.

Finally, a quick word about the styling. I really like the look of these bindings. The pale aqua color providing a tasteful palette choice for what is a premium option.

Pros of the Humanoid Wakeboards Howl Wakeboard Binding
  • Bottom of FormV Fly Lacing – Velcro fastening system for speed and security
  • Flight Foam Liner for increased comfort
  • Swamp Foot Drainage System – no more excess water dragging you down
  • Z Bar Chassis helping to create a more responsive ride.
The Cons
  • The robust construction can feel stiff before wearing the bindings in

Bottom Line

Well built, with some nice features and simple yet attractive styling, there’s very little to dislike with the Humanoid Howl Wakeboard Bindings.

Another worthy entry in our 2020 review round up.

What to look for when buying pair of wakeboard bindings

man wakeboarding

As we mentioned in the intro to this article, the right wakeboard bindings are a crucial element in fun, responsive and above all comfortable wakeboarding.

It can actually be argued that the bindings have more of an impact on the experience that the actual board.

This can make it a difficult choice when buying bindings online. Without trying them on, how can you know if they’ll be the right ones for you?

However, as long as you are accurate with your shoe size, and you take the following points into account, there’s no reason why you won’t be able to buy the perfect pair of wakeboard bindings for your needs.

Let’s take a look.

Open Toe vs. Closed Toe

wakeboard-in the air

The two main types of binding (once you’ve established whether you’re going for adult children’s sizes) are the open or closed-toe varieties.

There are pros and cons to both, however, there are a few questions you can ask yourself in order to decide which you should go for.

Open tow wakeboard bindings

An open-toe binding offers more flexibility in the foot size of the wearer.

In other words, if it is likely that more than one person will be using the binding, an open toe model is recommended.

They often come in a one size fits all (within a certain range) and will also offer greater flex in the actual design of the binding due to their open-toe construction.

Open toe bindings can also be good for kids if you are worried about them growing out of a fixed pair too soon.

However, as we will explain, the fit of the closed-toe does provide better responsiveness when compared to the adjustable open-toed. 

Closed Toe Bindings

The correct sized close-toe bindings will provide you with more comfort and greater responsiveness with the board, however, the non-universal design means they should really be used only by someone with that sized foot.

That being said, it is possible to purchase closed-toe bindings with adjustable liners so that some degree of size variation can be achieved. These are not as versatile as open-toed bindings, however.

Flex of the bindings

woman on wakeboard

The overall flex of the binding is an important consideration. For this, you will often need to find out what users have experienced with the bindings.

A softer flex will suit beginner and intermediate riders as this is more forgiving in relation to your weight and balance is off.

A firmer binding provides greater responsiveness and control, making them desired by more experienced users.

Fastening System

We mentioned quite extensively in our review round up above the types of fastening systems each binding uses.

Here you want something that is fast top operate while resulting in a safe and secure hold.

Let’s take a look at some of the options you have here.


Velcro fasteners are extremely popular due to the ease with which you can fasten and/or adjust the bindings while in or out of the water.

Releasing a Velcro fastening system allows you to remove your feet from the bindings with ease, which is another plus point.

Another added benefit is that Velcro fasteners are designed to last for years. They are more difficult to replace than say the lace style bindings, however.

BOA System (Similar to snowboarding boots)

The BOA System is a technology that first appeared in snowboarding.

The clasps used in BOA system fasteners are very quick to operate. They are also highly durable and will keep the bindings tight throughout the ride.

This system is becoming more and more popular now.

Traditional Lace and Fastener

The lacing system has been around for years. While older models could be a little cumbersome, many new bindings work on the one-pull principle, meaning you can tighten your bindings with speed and efficiency.

A real benefit of the lacing system is how easy they are to replace should they become worn or start to perish.

Added features for comfort

wakeboarding boots and board

From the height and padding in the binding cuff to the type of material used for the sole and toe pads, these variables will all have an impact on rider comfort.

Essentially, superior bindings will have all manner of linings and features such as water draining, in order to provide a better, more comfortable experience.

Take note of what customers have said before about a particular model and read reviews such as you have here.

This is the best way to ensure that the bindings you buy, will be the right ones for you.

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