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best underground water detector

If you are a farm owner, company, or specialist in the field of water exploration and prospecting, the most important tool in your arsenal is obviously the underground water detector.

However, with so many models on the market, covering a wide range of price points, it can be difficult to decide which device to invest in.

There are also questions of depth detection range, mapping ability, and overall build quality to think about.

Professional users will undoubtedly benefit from real-time geographic mapping. For a farm owner exploring the land for water, such features may not be as important.

There’s also the issue of portability; a lightweight option will make scanning easier. However, the inevitable knocks and bumps that a detector will experience in its working life, means it needs to be robust too.

There are also accuracy levels to think about. How well can you fine-tune the detection in order to differentiate between the different types of water? Is the LCD screen clear and easy to read? How much data can be recorded? All of these are factors you will need to think about.

To help you in your search we have pulled together a selection of top-rated underground water detectors, (we’ve also included a pipe leak detector). Our choices are backed by verified customer reviews alongside in-house product research and analysis.

These are the results for 2021.

Top 5 Picks

AUTO mapping
Water Detector
1200m Range
Long Range
Water Detector
1300m Range
Water Detector
1300m Range
Water Detector
500m Range
leak detector

Underground Water Detector Reviews

1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: PQWT-TC900 Colourful AUTO mapping 1200M deep underground geoelectrical water detector

Our top pick underground water detector this year, is the TC900 from PQWT.

This is an extremely high-quality detector packed with features for commercial use. Giving the ability to undertake geophysical groundwater prospect mapping with ease, this is an essential tool to speed up your workflow.

The efficient one button groundwater detection works by utilizing the natural electric field as a working electromagnetic field source.

The system does this by measuring the resistivity differences of underground rock, ore or groundwater if present.

The performance levels, as a result, have made the TC900 one of the industry’s leading groundwater detectors.

In fact, a number of patented technologies have gone into this unit. It really is on the cutting edge of water prospecting equipment.

Beyond the detection technology itself, there’s a whole host of other features and design choices that make this an extremely satisfying machine to work with.

The instrument is lightweight for a start, meaning there’s less strain while using it. Combine this with the fact the measuring line needs only 10 meters, and you have a system that can be fully operated with just one person. A cost-saving measure for your company by reducing team sizes.

The TC-900 is also very easy to use. The full touch screen menu and options accessibility is most intuitive, meaning little training is required.

Working in conjunction with a high-capacity memory card you can record all necessary data.

There’s also real-time mapping functionality, all of which can be operated with just one button.

The instrument can detect high resistance fault zones, as well as low resistance areas such as water.

Furthermore, once the data has been collected, recorded and stored, the unit display can automatically create a curve graph and profile map of the terrain.

Even a novice will then be able to see the geological structure in a wider context, enabling them to pinpoint the locations of the various elements and structures located under the ground.

  • Measuring Depth:1200 meter
  • Optional Measuring Depth:
    • 150Meter (20 frequency)
    • 300Meter (40 frequency)
    • 600Meter(56 frequency)
    • 1200Meter (68 frequency)
  • Measurement Range: 0mV-2000mV, instrument automatic conversion range
  • Measurement Accuracy: 0.001mV
  • Measurement Channel:8
  • Measuring Frequency: Single, triple and 68 frequency
  • Optional Language: Chinese, English, French, Arabic
  • A/D Conversion:12-bit 1Msps
  • Input Impedance: ≧10MΩ
  • Power Supply: DC12V4000mAh Built-in Battery /Controllable Power supply
  • Power Consumption: About 4W
  • Working Temperature: -10℃~50℃
  • RH: ≦85%
Pros of the PQWT-TC900 Colourful AUTO mapping 1200M
  • 1200m depth detector
  • Full-color display with geographical mapping at the touch of a button
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • One man operation saving labor costs
  • High capacity data recording
The Cons
  • This is the most expensive unit in our top 5

Bottom Line

If you are a professional and need to detect groundwater for commercial purposes, this is the detector for you and/or your business.

Highly efficient, yet easy to use, the TC900 can be operated by just one person, providing high-quality, accurate results every time.

An industry leader and our top pick underground water detector for good reason. If you have the budget, look no further than this.

2. GOLD AKS Aqua Long Range Water Detector | Professional Underground Water Finder and Detection System | 1,300 Meter Depth

For a more budget-friendly underground water detector, you might look towards the GOLD AKS Aqua Long Range Water Detector.

At less than half the price of our top pick, this will be a more interesting choice for those on a tighter budget, (having said that, make sure you read the review below too if price-point is a deciding factor for you).

The Gold AKS is still a professional level machine mind you. Suitable for commercial use, the range on this beast is impressive.

The water detector can scan all layers of the ground to a depth of 1300 meters. The front range is also useful, providing the user with up to 5000 meters in detection ability.

Furthermore, you can choose the type of water you are trying to detect in the main unit settings.

MWF Aqua Long Range Underground Water Detector - Professional Groundwater Detection System - Identify All Types of Water

Fine-tune the system with just a few clicks of a button, to recognize water types such as Salty, Natural, and Artesian. You can also check the depths of these with the automatic depth checking function.

However, it doesn’t have the high-grade geographical map-making ability that our top pick TC-900 has, but then this shouldn’t be expected at the price point we are in with this model.

A manufacturer’s warranty is available on all products from Detector Power.

The sales provider also offer a hassle-free 15-day return policy if the machine doesn’t match your expectations upon arrival.

  • Model Name/Number: AKS AQUA water detector
  • Brand: Real Gold AKS
  • Model: Aqua LR-TR
  • Power Supply: 12V
  • Search Range: 4500-5000 m
  • Detecting Depth: 1200-1300 m
  • Energy: 12V,1600mAh
  • Launch Frequency: 5.6-6KHz
  • Signal Frequency: 360-440Hz
  • Package Weight: 3.5 Kilogram
  • Detection Type: Natural Water, Artesian Water, Water Wells and More
  • Shell Material: Aluminium
  • Case Size: Approx.40x30x15 cm
  • Adapter Model: KDL-121000
  • Adapter Input: 100-240V,50-60Hz,0.3A
  • Adapter Output: 12V,1A
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Pros of the GOLD AKS Aqua Long Range Water Detector
  • Impressive range and depth detection, at 5000m and 1300m respectively
  • Affordable price point
  • Choose from 3 different types of water detection
  • Warranty and 15-day money-back guarantee
The Cons
  • No visual geographical mapping

Bottom Line

The GOLD AKS Aqua Long is a good groundwater detector, however, for those looking for more features, there are better options.

And if you are on a budget, the GER Detect (reviewed below) is the better buy. Still, a worthy addition to our top 5 nonetheless.

3. BEST BUDGET: GER DETECT River F High Resolution Long Range Underground Water Detector

Our best budget choice underground water detector is the GER Detect River F.

As with the GOLD AKS reviewed above, this is a 3 water search instrument that allows users to detect the location of fresh, salty and natural water deposits and sources.

The unit itself can be operated via the touch screen or the keypad, and the different search attributes can be selected with a few taps of a button.

Essentially, the Ger Detect River F can detect underground water sources as well as artesian wells. The range for such detection is good too.

While not as wide as the Gold AKS, you can still reliably scan and detect to a depth of 1300m, with a front range of 3000m.

It is also easy to pick up and use. Opting for a pistol grip style mode of operation, you can literally, begin scanning the terrain with the press of a button.

The unit features a built-in digital compass so that users can set the north and south directions before they begin to search the terrain.

Language selection is also a highlight, with the device working in German – English – French – Italian – Spanish, and Arabic languages.

The supplier on Amazon (Detector Power) is the same as for the GOLD AKS, so you can expect similar support levels here too. Namely the manufacturer’s warranty and 15-day no-hassle return policy.

  • Touch screen to display full search data.
  • 1200 meters depth range
  • Length up to 3000 meters with the possibility of determining the desired length.
  • The user can choose the type of soil desired in the search area
  • It operates in six different languages: (German – English – French – Italian – Spanish and Arabic)
  • Certificate of origin and guarantee for two years from the date of purchase.
  • Total weight of the device with accessories (6 kg).
Pros of the GER DETECT River F Underground Water Detector
  • Professional quality groundwater scanning on a budget
  • A good depth range 1300 (but not as far as the GOLD AKS in terms of front range)
  • Easy to pick up and use – touch screen and keypad operation
  • Ability to set the detector to sense different types of groundwater
The Cons
  • While it is our best budget choice, it is still more expensive than the GOLD AKS

Bottom Line

For those looking for a high-quality underground detector that is cost-effective and easy to use, the GER DETECT is our number one choice.

Balancing professional-level accuracy and operation modes at an affordable price point, this is a highly recommended device for 2021.

4. Deep Water Detection PQWT-TC500 Accurate Instrument for Water Well Drill

The TC500 is another PQWT device to make our top 5. While not as packed in features as the TC900, (nor does it have the same high range), this is still a top-quality instrument for underground water detection.

Utilizing the same patented technology as our top choice, the TC500 can also automatically provide a visual representation of the substances detected under the ground.

The TC500 will give you an understanding of the subterranean geological structures in the most user-friendly manner. As a portable water finder, it really is a great device.

However, one negative (and this is related to the lower cost nature of the equipment), the depth range is only 500m. To obtain greater power and detection ability you will need to buy one of the more premium devices.

That being said, if the 500m range is suitable for your needs the instrument is easy to pick up and use.

From a novice perspective, the device uses a single selective menu, with the options being intuitive and simple to understand.

For the professional user, it is important to know that the manufacturers state that the data acquisition accuracy rate is up to 0.001mv.

Also, relevant for commercial use is the fact that once data is collected, just one button will initiate the mapping of geographical features, with depth measurements being traced too.

Underground water prospecting really is efficient with this tool, (as long as 500m is deep enough for you).

  • Power Type: Rechargeable
  • With LCD Screen Or Not: Yes
  • Model Number: PQWT-TC500
  • Brand Name: PQWT
  • Working Principle: Natural electric filed
  • Measuring Depth: 500 meter
  • System Language: English, French, Spanish and Arabic
  • How to draw profile map and curve graph: Automatically drawing map within 1 second
  • Power Supply: 26650 DC12V 4000mAh Built-in Battery
  • Accuracy: More than 90%
  • Storage capacity: 999 measuring lines data and 999 points data each line
  • Supported data transmission device: Both cellphone and computer
Pros of the Deep Water Detection PQWT-TC500
  • An affordable price point when compared to the TC900
  • One button geographical mapping
  • Ability to record and store important data
The Cons
  • Only 500m depth range

Bottom Line

For the price, the PQWT TC500 packs a lot of very impressive features. The one-button geographical map-making ability is especially beneficial.

However, as we have covered throughout the review, with only 500m depth capacity at your disposal, this is a unit that you need to think carefully about buying. Is that detection range suitable for your needs?

5. BEST LEAK DETECTOR: VTSYIQI Underground Pipe water leak detector

For those looking for a water detector with less depth range, (suitable for underground pipe leaks for instance), the VTSYIQI 2000 is an excellent option.

For home or professional trade use, this device is a reliable way of getting to the source of disruptive water-pipe damage.

This water leak detector utilizes a special bandwidth in order to effectively analyze frequency in the pursuit of water leak sources.

Furthermore, the VTSYIQI Water Leak Detector features a low-power microprocessor (meaning battery life is very good) alongside an advanced special filter for digital processing of noise. The upshot being the device is very accurate and can pinpoint leaks with impressive accuracy.

The device has the ability to set 9 different channels of storage. With these the user is able to store the value of 7 measuring points for each bandwidth, enhancing the data collection ability while providing a more thorough leak detection sweep.

Build quality is also good on the VTSYIQI 2000. The main unit is housed in a special ABS plastic box. This is sturdy enough to meet the demands of regular in-field detection.

The main operation is simple too. Function keys provide an intuitive way of selecting different options, while the bright, backlit LCD display will give you the data readout you need whatever the work environment.

Finally, for those interested in the true specification of the water leak detector, it runs with a frequency analysis bandwidth of 70~3000Hz. This translates to nearly 5 octaves and two bandwidths overall.

  • Measurement Range: 70 to 3000Hz
  • Model Number: VTS-2000
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • country of origin: CN
  • Screen: 16*160mm pixel, LCD display
  • Frequency analysis bandwidth: 70-3000Hz
Pros of the VTSYIQI Underground Pipe water leak detector
  • High quality yet cost-effective water pipe leak detector
  • Sensitive detection device with analysis bandwidth of 70~3000Hz
  • Robust build quality suitable for commercial and home use
  • Long battery life
The Cons
  • Suitable for pipe leak detection rather than subterranean groundwater detection

Bottom Line

For practitioners looking for a way of detecting pipe water leaks, the VTSYIQI 2000 really is a system that is hard to beat.

Extra sensitive detection technology with low noise interference and long battery life, there is a lot to like here.

If you are a tradesman where water leak detection is a regular part of your working day, you will need a device as accurate as this. Highly recommended.

Anyone looking for an underground water detector, however, should look elsewhere.

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