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Best tires for Honda CRV

Replacing the tires on your Honda CRV is no easy task. There are so many brands available and then on top of that, types of tire, varying tread patterns, warranty and of course sizes too.

If your head is spinning, you’re in the right place. In this simple yet in-depth review roundup, we have selected 7 top-rated tires for Honda CRVs across a range of categories, (winter, all-season, off-road, etc) to bring you the definitive low down on what you should buy in 2021.

For our findings at a glance, just head to the table below. For detailed reviews of each of our picks, plus a beginner’s buyer’s guide, keep on reading.

Best Tires For Honda CRV

Bridgestone Dueler
H/L 422 Ecopia
65,000 Miles
Kumho Solus TA11
See Sales Page
All Season
50,000 Miles
Yokohama Geolandar
A/T G015
See Sales Page
Toyo Tire
Open Country
M/T Mud-Terrain
70,000 Miles
Ultra Grip
Winter Tire
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Blizzak WS80
Winter Tire
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Honda CRV Tire Reviews

honda crv

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The following tires have been selected based on construction quality, off-road ability, tread design and price point.

Our testing method involves a combination of the above criteria, plus recent customer reviews and feedback on performance, as well as analysis of how each product fares against others on the market.

1. BEST ALL SEASON: Bridgestone Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia (ECO) All Season Tire

Our top pick all season tire for the Honda CRV is the Bridgestone Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia (ECO).

The tire combines all-year traction and reliability with the comfort that you want when driving your CRV. The tire is easy on the ears too, with the ride very quiet when you take into account the tread levels of the Bridgestone Dueler.

Designed with Bridgestone’s NanoPro-Technology the company has yet again produced a tire that is way superior to others in the market. Both roll resistance and energy loss are reduced, while traction in even icy conditions remains unimpaired.

  • Item Weight: 34 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 31.1 x 31.1 x 10.1 inches
  • Special Features: tread_wear_indicator
  • Section Width: 255 millimeters
  • Aspect Ratio: 65
  • Construction: Radial
  • Rim Diameter: 18 inches
  • Load Index Rating: 109
  • Speed Rating: S
  • Tread Depth: 10 thirty_seconds_inches
  • UTQG: 640-A-B
  • Rim Width: 255 millimeters

Bottom Line

It is hard to fault Bridgestone generally. They continue to manufacturer superior tires and are not afraid to spend substantial amounts on R&D to ensure the products remain market leaders.

A recommended upgrade on stock tires that won’t disappoint.

2.  Kumho Solus TA11 All-Season Tire

Another all season tire for the Honda CRV here, and one that also provides great fuel efficiency for general driving purposes.

While the stock tire that is fitted with current CRV’s is adequate, if you want superior all-season performance, the TA11 is highly recommended.

Not only does this tire provide a comfortable ride, but the rounded shoulder of this particular model also aids traction and keeps more of the tire in contact with the road.

As an all-season tire, you will get the benefit of the fact the TA11 is designed to perform reliably in both wet and dry conditions. It also excels with the long tread life and good fuel economy.

The Kumho Solus can even cope in moderate winter conditions. While on ice the deep center groove provides extra traction while also helping channel water and slush from beneath the tire.

  • Item Weight: 27.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 27.6 x 9 x 27.6 inches
  • Cover Included: N/A
  • Special Features: run_flat
  • Vehicle Service Type: P
  • Section Width: 225 millimeters
  • Aspect Ratio: 60
  • Construction: Radial
  • Rim Diameter: 17 inches
  • Load Index Rating: 99
  • Speed Rating: T
  • Tread Depth: 10.8 inches
  • UTQG: 600AB

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an affordable all-season tire that will work well on the ice and offer long tread life, you may well have found your answer to your Honda CRV needs.

3. MICHELIN Defender LTX M/S All-Season Tire

From one of the most well-known manufacturer of tires to another, here the Michelin Defender makes an appearance in our top 7. This all-season tire is a great aftermarket option for CRV owners.

Constructed using what Michelin calls their ‘Evertread compound’ you can expect increased longevity from the Defender as well as a tire that can easily handle wet and snow conditions.

The high-density Active Sipes have a large impact on the wet weather handling ability, utilizing lateral grooves that help drain water from beneath the wheels.

There’s also the MaxTouch technology that is designed to exert external forces throughout the tire evenly. Heat and strain are dissipated more efficiently, leading to increased reliability and shelf life.

  • Item Weight: 47.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 31.7 x 31.7 x 8.5 inches
  • OEM Part Number: 27162
  • Cover Included: N/A
  • Special Features: 50000 Mile MFG Warranty
  • Aspect Ratio: 70
  • Construction: Radial
  • Rim Diameter: 17 inches
  • Load Index Rating: 121
  • Speed Rating: R
  • Tread Depth: 13.5 thirty_seconds_inches
  • UTQG: N/A
  • Rim Width: 17 inches

Bottom Line

The MICHELIN Defender is another worthy addition to our top 7 Honda CRV tire review round-up. Our 3rd all-season offering, the Defender provides increased reliability, superior construction to help increase handling and braking in equal measures.

If brand reputation is a high priority for you, the Michelin Defender is definitely worth your consideration.

4. BEST ALL-TERRAIN: Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 All-Terrain Tire

Our top pick all-terrain tire for Honda CRVs in 2021 is the Yokohama Geolander. The name says it all really. This aggressive option will take care of your off-roading needs, (as much as you can go in a Honda CRV that is).

If you’re one that aims to test your CRV to its limits you will need a tire that will provide peak performance. You’ll find it with this. The deep tread and robust sidewalls make for a tire that can not be stopped easily.

And while it is not the quietest tire in the world for normal highway driving, (what specific all-terrain model is), you will still be able to use your CRV for the shopping and the school run without issue.

Yokohama throws in a 60,000-mile tread warranty making it one more reason for it to be our top pick all terrain option.

  • Item Weight: 39.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 30 x 10 x 30 inches
  • Cover Included: None
  • Vehicle Service Type: P
  • Section Width: 265 millimeters
  • Aspect Ratio: 70
  • Construction: radial
  • Rim Diameter: 16 inches
  • Load Index Rating: 111
  • Speed Rating: T
  • Tread Depth: 13 thirty_seconds_inches
  • UTQG: 600-A-B
  • Bolt Pattern (Pitch Circle Diameter): 5 inches

Bottom Line

A good all-terrain tire needs to accomplish three main things, toughness, traction, and longevity; the Yokohama Geolandar does all of this with ease.

If you’re looking to test your Honda CRV to the max with off-road conditions, the first step you will need to take is to replace the standard tires with a set of these. What more can we say.

5. Toyo Tire Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire

toyo tire

Another quality all-terrain option comes in the form of the Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire from Toyo.

This is an M and S rated tire, constructed using a high turn-up, 3-ply polyester casing. In other words, this sucker is tough. All other features that you’d expect from an all-terrain tire are present and correct, with long tread life with an aggressive pattern.

Superior water, mud, stone, and ice ejecting abilities are there due to the scalloped shoulder blocks. This increased handling ability will be a welcome relief in tough off-road conditions.

And surprisingly, despite all the engineering being focused on the all-terrain driving; much like our number one pick from Yokohama, you will experience no adverse effects while on the highway or casually driving your CRV about town.

  • Item Weight: 81 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 12.5 inches
  • Special Features: tread_wear_indicator
  • Vehicle Service Type: Passenger All_Season
  • Section Width: 35 inches
  • Aspect Ratio: 12.5
  • Construction: Radial
  • Rim Diameter: 18 inches
  • Load Index Rating: 123
  • Speed Rating: Q
  • Tread Depth: 21 millimeters
  • UTQG: N/A

Bottom Line

Overall the Toyo Tire Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain is a great off-road option for Honda CRV owners. It has the robustness and reliability that you want from a tire of this type.

Missing out on our top pick Yokohama based on brand reputation and price point alone, this is still a recommended tire that will serve you well.

6. BEST WINTER: Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Tire

The Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Radial Tire is our top pick for snow and icy conditions for good reason.

Designed to maximize traction once the thermometer drops, the tire is constructed using a winter compound merged into the directional tread design. The boffins over at Goodyear have done this so that the tire remains flexible in ice-cold conditions, while still being robust enough to handle the snow-covered road.

The tread is patterned in such a way so that slush and ice can be easily drained away without blocking the tire and decreasing traction.

The design also incorporates strong shoulder blocks to help distribute pressure on the tire while also increasing the tread life. Furthermore, multiple sipes adorn the tire to help create a biting edge for greater driver control.

  • Item Weight: 23 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 27 x 27 x 8 inches
  • Cover Included: Tire
  • Special Features: tread_wear_indicator
  • Vehicle Service Type: P
  • Section Width: 225 millimeters
  • Aspect Ratio: 60
  • Construction: Radial
  • Rim Diameter: 16 inches
  • Load Index Rating: 98
  • Speed Rating: T
  • Tread Depth: 13 thirty_seconds_inches
  • UTQG: Good

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a safe and reliable winter tire for your Honda CRV, the Goodyear Ultra Grip is the one to buy. Packed with design features that all enhance traction and a better winter driving experience if you live in a place where snow is an abundance you are going to need these tires.

Our number one winter choice for good reason.

7. Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 Winter Tire

Bridgestone makes our list once again, this time as a highly recommended choice for winter driving. If you are looking for a specific model to fit on your vehicle when the ice and snow hits, this will not disappoint.

This 225 /65R17 sized tire provides the breaking responsiveness you want in a winter tire. The specially designed tread for snow and ice is able to grip the road with superior traction, offering the peace of mind you need if you live in a place where snow-covered roads exist for most of the winter.

  • Item Weight: 10 pounds
  • Special Features: tread_wear_indicator
  • Section Width: 215.
  • Aspect Ratio: 55.00
  • Rim Diameter: 17 inches
  • Load Index Rating: 94
  • Speed Rating: H

Bottom Line

The Blizzak from Bridgestone is a quality winter tire. Designed from the ground up to deal with harsh snow and ice conditions, if you live in such an environment you will need something like this.

Missing out to our top pick from Goodyear only marginally, if you decide to opt for the Bridgestone Blizzak you will be assured of safe winter driving.

What to consider when buying tires for Honda CRV

There’s a number of factors to think about when looking to replace you Honda CRV tires.

Let’s take a look at some of them now.

Driving Conditions

The most important issue when buying aftermarket tires for your CRV is to acknowledge what type of driving you will be doing, and buy appropriate tires for that purpose.

The All-Season Tire


For instance, for most people using their CRV for general driving, you cannot beat the all-season tire. A reputable tire of this category will have been constructed to offer safe driving on both wet and dry surfaces, as well as a moderate degree of traction during winter driving conditions.

If you live in a place where the snow and ice are only marginal during the colder months of the year, and you do not intend to be testing your CRV on demanding off-road environments, the all-season tire is the one you should go for.

All-Terrain Tire

This type of tire is all clear in the name; if you plan on going off-road regularly, you will need an all-terrain tire for your Honda CRV.

These will have the appropriate ruggedness and tread pattern to handle such terrain. They will also have stronger bearing sidewalls, and stone ejectors built-in.

Essentially, they will be sturdier than other types of the tire in readiness for off-road use. All-terrain tires will also be better on ice and snow when compared to the all-season type.

The downside is that they will generally not be as fuel-efficient or comfortable when used for normal driving.

Winter Tires

Again, the name gives the game away here. If you live in an area that has blanket snow for many months of the year, you will need winter tires on your CRV.

These are preferable to both all-terrain and all-season when it comes to challenging winter driving. The tread patterns are constructed to assist in draining ice and slush, and safe braking ability will be prioritized.

Winter tires should be changed during warmer months, however, as the thicker, deeper tread will quickly become worn on higher temperature surfaces.

Tire Size

To ascertain your current size you should look at the markings on the sidewall of the tire. In most instances, it makes sense to keep to these dimensions when buying replacement tires.

The video above provides a guide on what the sidewall markings mean and what they refer to in terms of the tire.

Load And Speed Ratings

The sidewall markings also correspond to the load and speed ratings of your tire. As you will have seen above, tires for the CRV (and any car for that matter) vary widely in terms of load and speed ratings.

Speed ratings are not too much of a concern as it is unlikely that you will ever push your vehicle past the speed rating of your selected tire, (we have discussed more on speed ratings here). For that, you would have to drive well over the legal limit.

Load ratings should be considered. If you will be driving with heavy loads or often with full passenger capacity, you should purchase replacement tires with a high load rating.

Construction Quality

The construction quality of the tire can be made apparent via various sources; customer feedback, general reviews, the type of material used in the build of the tire, and other features that make up the specifications of the product in question.

Your research when looking to buy your new CRV tires will unearth a lot of this, and will, of course, help you in your decision.

Brand Reputation

Closely connected to the overall quality of the design is brand reputation. A tire manufacturer will not have a loyal following of happy customers if they do not create safe and reliable products.

Some of the leaders in the market are constantly pushing the boundaries of tire engineering, introducing new features, materials, and tread patterns into the tires they build.

See what others have to say about their experiences with a particular tire and whether such advancements can be beneficial to you and your needs as a CRV driver.

Tread Warranty

tread warranty tires honda crv

Tread warranty offers valuable peace of mind when buying new tires for your CRV. Look at the specifications to see what is being offered.

While one brand offering several thousand more miles over another shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, the extent of cover you are able to receive is definitely worth noting.

In some instances, you will need to check the documentation as a tread warranty can vary depending on your location and the type of driving you do.

Consider the type of driving you will be doing

Honda_CR-V tire guide

Image: Thomas doerfer, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The type of driving you most often do will also have an impact on the style of the tire you buy.

City Driving

Your checklist if you do a lot of city driving should be the following:

  • Braking distance: This will be important. You will want tires that provide the shortest braking distance on both dry and wet ground.
  • Durability: city driving calls for frequent stopping and acceleration. This puts a lot of wear on the tires so look for something with high resistance in this regard.
  • Fuel economy: A high-quality set of low resistance tires will offer better fuel efficiency; a bonus when doing a lot of city driving.

Motorway Driving

Your checklist for buying tires when doing a lot of motorway driving should include:

  • Superior Handling: Your tire should offer good handling at high speeds.
  • High-Speed braking distance: You will want your new tires to offer a short braking distance on both dry and wet roads, when traveling at speed.
  • Comfort: As you will be doing a lot of long journeys the tire should offer quality in terms of comfort and noise/vibration reduction.

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