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best rv steps reviews

Buying the right steps for your RV is important. Not only do you need to ensure that the set is the correct size, they need to offer stability and have a construction quality you can count on.

However, with so many options on the market, knowing which model to buy can be confusing. Well, that’s where we aim to help.

Below you will find 5 carefully selected RV steps that we consider to be among the best available today. They cover a range of budgets, features, and sizes to suits the needs of most RV owners.

For our findings at a glance, just head to the table below. For a comprehensive review of each of our picks, plus a detailed buyer’s guide, keep on reading.

Top 5 Best RV steps

2, 3 & 4 Step
4 Step, 30" Wide
[Other Sizes
Folding Steps
500lbs Capacity
Solid Step
3 Step, 30" Wide
[Other Sizes
Folding Steps
400lbs Capacity
Camco Adjustable
Platform Step
Single Step
7" to 9" High
1K lbs Capacity
Econo Porch
2 Step, 26" Wide
21" High
Hand Rail
300lbs Capacity
Kwikee 32
Electric Step
2 Step, 32" Wide
[Other Sizes
Electric Folding
300lbs Capacity

RV Steps Reviewed


The following RV steps have been selected based on construction quality, stability, ease of installation and price point.

Our testing method involves a combination of the above criteria, plus recent customer reviews and feedback on performance, as well as analysis of how each of the steps fares against others on the market.

1. TOP PICK: MORryde StepAbove Review

Our top pick RV steps for 2021 at the MOR/ryde International Step Above 4 step, (2 and 3 step versions are also available).

The ever-reliable MORryde has upped the ante here in terms of high-quality RV steps. Traditional foldable entry can be unstable with annoying bouncing as you traverse the steps.

Not so here. Featuring superior construction the STP-4-30-03H has a 500lbs weight capacity, providing stable entry via the steps that secure right inside the doorway of your RV.

For uneven terrain, the unit has adjustable feet so that you can obtain precision leveling.

The operation for the foldout steps couldn’t be easier; a simple twist handle is used to release the StepAbove steps.

This particular 4 step model has a step height of 36.5″- 42″ and is designed to fit doors 30″ in width. The flange to flange measurement comes in at 27.75″ – 28.25″.

However, the StepAbove branding covers a full range of RV door sizes and height, so it is recommended that you check the Morryde steps sales page and enter in your RV details in order to select the correct fit.

Another added plus point is the fact that MORryde steps are made with all USA-made parts.

You can even purchase optional handrails that fit easily onto the steps for increased user safety and stability.

Pros of the Morryde StepAbove 4 Steps
  • High quality construction with all USA made parts
  • Extremely stable while in situ
  • Easy to operate fold out design
  • Adjustable feet for uneven terrain
The Cons
  • Some customers have complained about lacklustre shipping with boxes damaged upon arrival.
  • Ensure to watch the Qualifier video above to select the correct model, (users need to be careful here).

Bottom Line

Overall the Morryde StepAbove series of RV steps are some of the best designed on the market today.

Well built using USA-made components, these offer superior stability and robust construction. In short, a set of Morryde steps will last you the long haul.

Our number one pick for 2021 for good reason.

2 Lippert Components Solid Step Review

The Lippert Solid Step series of RV steps is another industry leader, and no top list would be complete without a review.

Featuring a high-quality universal design, these versatile steps can fit a wide range of ride heights.

Narrowly missing out on our number one pick this year, (the Solid Step falls short of the Step Above based on maximum weight capacity and price point only); these are still a highly recommended option for RV owners.

The list of features is impressive. Firstly, the construction ensures that the steps remain to parallel no matter the terrain.

Made from high-grade steel with aluminum non-slip treads, the steps also have a kickplate built in to prevent damage to the sidewall and skirt.

The top step is extra wide for safer entry and exit, and the mounting fasteners can be used with either wood or laminate flooring.

It takes just two safety latches on either side of SolidStep to securely lock the unit to the RV door frame. The operation to disengage the latches is done via an easy-to-use handle.

Although we have focused on the 30” version here, various size Solid Steps are available, including double, triple, and quad step variations.

Essentially, no matter the size of your RV, there is a Lippert model out there for you.

NOTE: To select the correct Solid Step for your entry door, measure the inside width of the frame and round up to the nearest even number (For example, a 25-5/16″ inside door frame measurement would require the Solid Step 26″ model).

Pros of the Lippert Components Solid Step
  • Sturdy steel design that eliminates bounce
  • Kickplate included to prevent damage to sidewall and skirt
  • Easily folds up into the RV doorway when not in use
  • wide top step for safer entry and exit
  • Double, triple, and quad step variations available
The Cons
  • 400lbs capacity compared to Step Above 500lbs capacity
  • More expensive than our top pick

Bottom Line

The Lippert Solid Step is another premium range of RV steps that doesn’t disappoint. Everything you need is there, from stable construction, easy to operate fastening and folding and a non-bounce design that stays parallel no matter the terrain.

If the Step Above from Morryde doesn’t suit your fancy, these are the next best thing. Highly recommended.

3. BEST BUDGET: Camco Adjustable Height Aluminum Platform Step

While the RV steps from MORryde and Lippert are high quality folding solutions, for some users the higher price point makes them seem like an unnecessary expense.

If you are after a simple one-step unit for easier entry into your RV or caravan, the Camco Adjustable Height Aluminum Platform Step, maybe the perfect solution for you.

At a fraction of the cost of the folding options reviewed above, you can have a strong and sturdy, aluminum adjustable step to make getting in and out of your low form vehicle a breeze.

The dimensions are good, with the top platform measuring 19-inch x 14.5-inch. The all-important height is clearly limited when compared to other units, however, the adjustable range available here is from 7.5-inch to 9-inches.

As you will see from the pictures these steps will not suit all RVs by any means, however as a cost-effective solution for smaller trailers this offering from Camco is hard to beat.

The maximum support is double that offered our top pick at 1000lbs. This is also a convenient step to store away; with the legs folded for storage, it measures just 3 inches high.

The step features non-slip rubber feet for greater stability. It also has grip tape across the top of the platform to ensure a secure footing.

Pros of the Camco Adjustable Height Aluminum Platform Step
  • Extremely affordable when compared to larger folding steps
  • Very high maximum weight capacity of 1000lbs
  • Adjustable between 5-inch to 9-inches in height
  • Stable aluminum construction and easy to store away
The Cons
  • For low profile entry only, (no suitable for high RVs)

Bottom Line

The Camco Adjustable Height Aluminum Platform Step is a great option for RV owners that require a simple platform for stepping in and out of their RV.

However, this is not a suitable solution for larger vehicles as the maximum height is just 9 inches.

4. Stromberg Carlson EHS-102-R Econo Porch-2-Step

The Econo Porch from Stromberg Carlson is another high quality set of folding RV steps with some great design features.

The unit actually comes fully assembled, meaning you just need to unfold the item and attach the 6 lock open braces into place for stable entry and exit to your RV.

The Econo also features a built-in handrail, which is a real benefit when compared to models from Morryde and Lippert that require you to buy the rail separately should you want one.

The rail is interchangeable, offering an easy placement for left or right-hand usage.

A negative when compared to the aforementioned brands, however, comes in the form of the weight capacity. Here it comes in at only 300lbs which is 200lbs less than our top pick Step Above.

This particular model is a 2 step variant and has a 27″ wide by 16″ deep landing platform.

The steps measure in at 27″ wide and have ample space being 9″ deep. Meanwhile, the rise between steps is easy to traverse 7″. The total platform height of the two-step model comes in at 21″.

Pros of the Stromberg Carlson EHS-102-R Park Model Econo Steps
  • Easy to install, comes fully assembled
  • Has built-in, interchangeable handrail
  • Sturdy design with the large upper platform
The Cons
  • One of the lowest weight capacity in our top 5 at just 300lbs.

Bottom Line

The Stromberg Carlson EHS-102-R Park Model Econo Steps are another worthwhile option for RV owners, especially if you wish to have a handrail too.

However, the steps are let down by the lower weight capacity when compared to other brands.

5. Lippert Components Kwikee 32 Series Electric Step

The final set of Rv steps in our top 5 selection is this offering, again from Lippert.

This differs from the Solid Step model above in that these are actually electrically powered.

After being fitted you will benefit from the fact the Kwikee 32 Series Double Tread Electric Step actually automatically lowers as soon as you open your RV door.

The motor control unit and switch kit are all included, of course, however, it is recommended that you get a professional electrician or your local Rv dealership to install the steps

The steps are built to last and stay true to the build quality we have come to expect from Lippert. Made from heavy-gauge steel and black powder-coated finish, the construction quality is impressive.

The components to power the unit are of high quality too. The sealed wiring connectors have been designed to withstand the elements, while the solid steel drive rods and stainless steel bushings, should carry on working for years with little maintenance.

Dimensions are good with the rise being 7 inches, run 9 inches, and the tread 24 inches.

As an extra safety precaution, the electrical power step feature will automatically shut-down if the step strikes an object while it unfolds.

Similar to the Stromberg Carlson Econo above, the weight capacity here is a bit limited, coming in at 300lbs.

Pros of the Lippert Kwikee 32 Series Double Tread Electric Step
  • Electric, automatic operation that unfolds the step on opening the RV door.
  • Weatherproof high-quality electrical components
  • Sturdy, heavy-gauge steel construction
The Cons
  • Only 300lbs weight capacity
  • Being electric there are installation issues to consider

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an automatic, electric folding solution to your RV step needs, the Lippert Kwikee 32 Series Double Tread Electric is the model to buy.

However, the extra expense and the fact there is more that could possibly go wrong (despite the superior construction evident here) might not suit all RV owners.

A neat set of steps nonetheless.

What to consider when buying steps for your RV

rv in america

While on the face of it, buying steps for your RV may seem simple enough, there’s definitely a number of factors you need to consider to ensure you buy the best ones for your needs.

And that’s exactly what our short guide will now take a look at.

Measuring up & buying the correct size steps

The most important issue is that you buy the correct sized steps for your RV.

The two measurements you need here are the height entry point of your RV, (how far from the ground is the base of your door?) and the inside width of your doorway.

With knowledge of these two, you can check the specifications of the steps you are interested in to see if they will fit.

Some manufacturers such as MORryde provide specific instructions on how to measure up the fit, (see video above).

You can also contact technical support for many of the top brands to receive guidance on potential compatibility problems.

Essentially, before you pull the trigger on a purchase you need to be sure that the specifications match up to your needs.

Folding steps or a simple platform

platform step for RVThe answer to this is very much dependant on the height of your RV.

Folding steps are the most convenient form of RV entry, especially on high vehicles where a 2 or 3 step height is required.

When not in use, the steps will fold way conveniently often with just a simple twist of a handle.

A simple platform, on the other hand, is a better option if your RV entrance is close to the ground. For example, our budget top pick above is a simple single-step platform with a maximum height of 9 inches.

If this is high enough to help you enter and exit your RV then fantastic. For a small amount of money, you have a solution that can carry up to 1000lbs and can be conveniently lifted up and stored in your RV after use.

Build Quality & Stability

step above rv stepsClearly, you should opt to buy the highest quality steps in terms of construction that you can afford.

The top name brands are pretty reliable from this perspective. The good reputation that the likes of MORryde and Lippert enjoy stems from the fact they have been manufacturing quality RV products for a number of years.

Premium-priced options will often be made from superior materials and will be built to last. Powder-coated aluminum and steel are the best, most common materials used for RV steps.

When buying electrical steps, you should ensure that all the major components are housed in order to be waterproof.

Other important build quality elements to look out for include units that have adjustable feet for parallel fit on uneven terrain, and of course the overall weight capacity that you will be able to find in the specification sheet.

Other Features

When buying steps for your RV one of the main additional features you might want to be included in is a safety handrail.

This is especially important for high entry RVs and when young children or the elderly might be using the stairway.

Another feature that we touched on above is to have electric folding steps. Instead of operating a handle to release the steps, an electric model will automatically unfold (or fold away) when you open and shut the door.

Electric steps are great but you have to consider the higher price and the installation process before you buy.

How to Install Your RV Steps

The process of installing your RV steps will vary depending on the type. A single or dual step stool will simply need to be positioned below the door to aid entrance. You will need to decide on a storage place for it when not in use, however.

Pull-down or folding camper steps, on the other hand, will need to be installed. This often means attaching them securely to the trailer door, (the manufacturer’s installation instructions will need to be followed).

There are also steps that will need to be attached to the rig frame below the door. These can be more complicated to install and depending on your skill set, you may need professional assistance.

Recommended RV Step Brands

There are a number of brands to check out when looking into buying new RV steps. We have covered 5 of them in the review section above, however, let’s take a closer look at some of the notable companies:


Mor/ryde steps were our top pick in 2021. These guys are one of the leading RV accessory brands on the market right now. They release new products regularly and are always updating the technology and optimizing the designs. They have proved very popular with customers and are a reliable choice.


Lippert is known for its high-quality products. Their steps are well-made and in the case of the Kwikee 32 (reviewed above), utilize technology to increase convenience and functionality. A lot of RV enthusiasts swear by them because of their superior design approach.


Camco is our top budget pick this year, however, they are not necessarily a budget brand as their output is wide. They have been around a long time too, creating recreational vehicles and associated accessories. They will certainly have RV steps to suit your needs.

Quick Products

Quick Products are popular with budget-minded RV enthusiasts because of the reliable, no-frills approach. Their range of simple portable RV steps will appeal to those looking to save money.

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