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best powder filling machine

What is the best powder filling machine on the market in 2021? That’s exactly what we will aim to answer today.

We have selected 5 filling machines covering a range of price points and functionality.

Whether you own a small farm, require powder filling capabilities at home or are running a commercial enterprise, we have selected a machine that will meet your needs.

For our top choices at a glance, check out the summary boxes below. For an in-depth review of each of our selected filling machines, keep on reading.

Best Powder Filling Machine

Best Overall: Hanchen Powder Filling Machine

Hanchen 100g Powder Filling Machine Glitters Powder Filler Machine Particle Weighing Filling Machine for Seeds Grains Coarse Powder with Foot Pedal 110v
  • 【Applications】Not suitable for steel beads, cermatic beads, wet materials. Suitable for filling dry and mobile materials, such as POWDERS: glitter, baking flour, milk powder, coarse coffee powder, chemical powder and any other dry coarse powders, also designed for filling PARTICLES(Φ1.2--10mm), such as round tea(leaf-like tea is not suitable), grains, beans, seeds, granulated sugar, preserved fruit, spices, electronic components, diamond, small hardware, plastic beads and so on.
  • 【Questions】If all the answers of the following questions are yes. This machine can serve you well. If you are not sure about it, please feel free to contact us. (Whatsapp: +86 13735844757) 1. Is your material Dry (will not stick to the inner wall of the filling machine)? 2. Is your material Mobile (not stick together and not hard to move)? 3. Is its diameter between Φ1.2--10mm? Very fine powder and large particle are not easy to move, which can cause a clog in the passageway.
  • 【Quick Filling】Accuracy: 0.1~0.5g depending on your material. Filling speed: Seeds and small heavy particles move quickly while fluffier ones are slow. There is a vibrator inside the machine which can fasten the filling speed and make the filling material do not stick to each other to make sure the accuracy. There is an infrared inductive head under the outlet so when you put a bag under the outlet, the filling materials will come out automatically.
  • 【Very Easy to Clean】The upper lid of the filling machine can be taken off by opening the 2 locks. Some inner parts are sharp so please put on gloves before cleaning. If your material is powder or something easy to hide in the corner, it is recommended to use a small air compressor to blow it away. If your material is particle, please clean the machine with a soft towel or brush. (Please DO NOT pour water in the machine directly.)
  • 【One year warranty and Transportation】We provide ONE YEAR warranty for every our customer. Before shipping, we will use 3 red bolts (on the bottom of the powder filler) to reduce the rate of damage of inner parts during transportation. And before using, please remove them first.

The affordable price point and wide application in terms of materials this unit can work with are what make it a top choice filling machine.

Although pinpoint accuracy isn’t its strong point, this is still a versatile particle weighing filling machine that does the job very well indeed.

Best Budget: Happybuy Powder Filler Machine

For those looking for a reliable powder filling machine at a great price, the HappyBuy option is difficult to beat.

With some great features and an adequate weighing capacity of 100g on the top end, this machine will suit a lot of users. Highly recommended for the budget buyer.

Best Manual Option: Sumeve Manual Filling Machine

Sumeve Manual Filling Machine Filling 5-50ml Filling Bottler Filler(A03)
  • A03 Manual filler. Single filling range:5-50ml; Capacity of hopper:22 lbs/10 kg; Filling speed: 20--50 times/min; Filling accuracy (+/- 1%)
  • This manual filling machine is specially designed for small and medium enterprises use and family use, it is suitable for medicine, daily chemical, liquid food, oil, shampoo that without particulate and so on (Not suitable for particularly thick paste).The filling material contact part are all made of food grade stainless steel
  • The Hopper is easy to disassemble and clean and the stable iron base assures the machine to work steadily and smoothly
  • Stainless steel filling nozzle, wear resistance, high temperature resistance.Can be used for the filling of paste liquid within 200℃
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: As an enterprise seller integrating R&D and production, we can provide a complete and comprehensive backup catalogue of spare parts, if you need any supports like spare parts or technical assistance in using the machine, we can provide our support no matter how long you have purchased. Please feel free to contact us for any questions

Only one manual powder filling machine made our list in 2021, and it’s this unit from Sumeve. Compared to the rest of the market in this category, the A03 provides excellent control and capacity with a build quality the will stand the test of time.

Overall a top option for those needing a manual filler.

Premium Pick: INTBUYING Powder Filling Machine

INTBUYING 10-1200g Powder Filling Machine Automatic Powder Filler for Seeds Peanuts Cashews Soya Tea Bean 10-25 bags/min 110V
  • 1.☛ Automatic machine: With the infrared sensors and the automatic functions, it can weigh the materials automatically for a high precision.
  • 2.☛ Efficient vibration: The vibrator inside the machine fastens the filling speed and makes the material smoothly flow and do not stick to each other. Note: material should be dry but not sticky.
  • 3.☛ Detachable for easy wash: This powder filler is detachable for easy washing, and it can be washed with water, which saves manpower and increases efficiency. And this feature also helps it easier to check the status of internal parts.
  • 4.☛ All stainless steel: The use of food grade stainless steel, the overall frame structure helps stabilize the machine; the internal split structure improves overall safety while ensuring clean and hygienic food.

The INTBUYING 10-1200gram Powder Filler is a premium machine and it shows in the overall design and functionality of the unit.

Easy to use, accurate with good capacity this is a filler that doesn’t disappoint. It is on the high end regarding price point however, so buyers should consider this too.

Powder Filling Machine Reviews

When looking to buy a powder filling machine, there are a number of factors to consider first.

Speed and hopper capacity are two extremely important variables. Clearly, a faster and larger machine is necessary if you have large amounts of material to process.

There’s also the issue of portability, where will you be using the machine? Accuracy and how easy the unit is to clean are other points to think about.

In this review round-up, you will find a selection of top-rated powder fillers, backed up with verified customer reviews in tandem with intensive product research and analysis.

Based on these rating criteria and more, the following 5 models are what we consider to be the best Powder Filling Machines on the market in 2021.

1. BEST OVERALL: Hanchen 2g-99g Powder Filling Machine Review

Hanchen has pulled out the stops with this unit, providing a versatile machine at a very budget-friendly price.

Whereas CGOLDENWALL has concentrated on building machines that are specifically made for counting seeds and grain (admittedly of different types); this unit from Hanchen has a wider scope and is suitable for a wide range of weighing applications.

Just take a look at this list; the machine is designed so that finer substances such as flour, milk and coffee powder or even chemical powders can be measured and poured into receptacles.

Grains, beans, seeds, and fruit can also be processed. Beyond that spices, plastic beads, they even state that small electronic components will flow through the machine.

In fact, the design means that the machine is suitable for filling with dry materials measuring Φ1.2–10mm in size.

Note: the machine is not suitable for steel beads or wet materials. See tab below for a short questionnaire that will help you ascertain whether the machine is suitable for your needs.

As you can see, this makes the Hanchen particle weighing machine an extremely useful item suitable for a range of applications.

The principal method of how the machine works is quite simple. After you have poured the material into the top of the unit, set the desired weight of the sample, a vibrator will turn inside to ensure that the particles do not bind together.

This shaking of the material also helps fasten the processing speed, (i.e how quickly the materials flow through the unit).

An infrared sensor is positioned under the outlet, which then triggers the machine to start as soon as you put a receptacle beneath the outlet.

Your sample, or bag, box, etc can then be filled with the pre-set weight of material or until you remove the receptacle. (The unit will shut down if the sensor no longer detects the receptacle beneath the filling outlet.)

The transparent side to the machine allows you to see inside the filler to watch for any clogging etc. It is also easy to clean with the upper lid being completely removable for better access.

Finally, Hanchen provides a ONE YEAR warranty for every customer.

Is the Hanchen unit suitable for me?
  • Is your material Dry (will not stick to the inner wall of the filling machine)? 2.
  • Is your material Mobile (not stick together and not hard to move)? 3.
  • Is its diameter between Φ1.2–10mm?

If you can answer yes to all of the above, the machine is likely suitable for your needs. (The manufacturers are happy to help you with any questions, however – see here.

Pros of the Hanchen Powder Filling Machine
  • Can be used to weigh a wide range of material samples
  • Affordable price point
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
The Cons
  • Does not count individual component amounts

2. BEST BUDGET: Happybuy Powder Filler Machine Review

Our top pick budget powder filling machine is this option from HappyBuy. While it clearly isn’t the most well-known brand on the market, customer feedback has been good, and of course, the price point is spot on for those that do not want to spend a lot of money.

As you would expect, the capacity is on the diminutive side when compared to larger, more expensive units, however, this is still a capable machine offering 2-100g particle weighing.

This means that the hopper has a 100g capacity.

The precision range is also very good. The HappyBuy can pinpoint your weighing down to 0 – 0.2g accuracy, with the variation being on the type of material you are working with.

And on the subject of material, this really is a versatile unit. Whether you’re weighing powder-based products, (coffee, medicine, flour, etc), or larger items such as rice, tea leaf, seeds or grain, or larger still with electrical components, this machine will be able to accommodate.

That being said, the specifications state that the unit should not be used with materials that have a granule larger than 0.5” in diameter.

(See tab below for a more extensive list of compatible materials)

The system works using a microcomputer control of optical technology. An end result is a unit that is both accurate while capable of working reliably at speed.

For example, are under normal working circumstances you can expect a sub packaging speed of 10-15 bags per minute, with an adjustable range of 2-100g.

Other great features include multi-functional packaging and the fact the unit incorporates a vibration plate complete with a sealant seal in order to minimize material leakage.

The robust, stainless steel housing also adds to the overall look and build quality of the machine.

Compatible Materials

Rice, tea leaf, farina, flour, milk powder, plaster, coffee powder, medicine powder, coarse powder, Tieguanyin, herbs, seeds, grains, Chinese wolfberry, monosodium glutamate, salt, seasoning, beans, chemical components, and electronic components.

  • Power: 150W
  • Voltage: 110V/60Hz
  • Bucket Capacity: 1.5kg
  • Scope: general particulate material
  • Subpackaging range: 2-100g adjustable
  • Filling type: Automatic Weighing and Filling Machine
Pros of the Happybuy Powder Filler Machine
  • Affordable price point
  • Easy to use and clean
  • A great overall workhorse for small to medium size enterprises
The Cons
  • Some users have complained that the machine is too loud
  • Poor instruction manual

3. BEST MANUAL: Sumeve Manual Filling Machine Filling 5-50ml Filling Bottler Filler Review

For anyone looking for a manual filling machine, there are a number of options available to you; our favorite being the A03 from Sumeve.

If automatic filling is overkill for you, (if your quantities are small, manually controlling your bag fills can definitely be a benefit), this machine could be the top choice for you.

As the manufacturers state, the A03 is specially designed for small and medium enterprises. If you’re using a filler at home for medicine, or daily use chemicals on the farm, etc, manual control is all you would need.

Furthermore, this unit can even be used where optimum food hygiene is a necessity. The material contact parts of the machine are all made of food-grade stainless steel.

Cleaning is also easy with the unit being designed in a way that is simple to disassemble. The hopper can be removed from the iron base and the stainless steel filling nozzle can also be cleaned with ease.

The A03 has a great range, with single fill specifications coming in at 5-50ml. The capacity of the hopper is also impressive at 22 lbs/10 kg

Filling speed and accuracy are also good coming in at 20–50 times per minute and with accuracy levels of +/- 1%. Sumeve has also designed the unit so that it can fill paste liquid within 200℃.

Finally, the manufacturers offer a one-year guarantee on each unit sold.

  • Filling Range: 5-50ml
  • Hopper Capacity: 10kg
  • Accuracy: ±1%
  • Filling Material: cream & shampoo, Cosmetic etc
  • Machine size: 710mm*280mm*230mm
  • Machine weight: 9.2kg
In the package:
  • A03 Manual Filling Machine X1
  • Nozzles(4mm and 8mm)X1
  • O-Ring X9
  • Inner hexagon spanner X2
  • Operation manual X1
Pros of the Sumeve Manual Filling Machine A03
  • Manual operation for greater control
  • Construction material pass food hygiene standards
  • Large capacity
The Cons
  • Requires regular cleaning

4. Hanchen Powder Filler Machine LCD Display Automatic Powder Filling Machine 20-5000G

Another unit from Hanchen makes our top 5. This is a more expensive machine than our top pick, and as such has a far greater capacity.

In fact, this is more commercial-grade in its application with the hopper sizeable to accommodate 5000g in material weight.

The type of material that can be used with the machine is similar to our top pick above, however. The unit is not suitable for steel beads and wet materials, while it can perfectly accommodate dry powders of varying sizes as well as electrical components, as long as the diameter is between Φ1.2–10mm.

In order to accurately process varying sizes, the material valves can be adjusted to control the flow rate.

As with the offering from Sumeve, this unit is easy to clean. The upper lid can be completely removed just by opening the appropriate lock.

Again, similar to the lower capacity Hanchen, the machine works using a vibrator inside that controls the filling speed. This is adjustable to approximately 6~15 bags per minute depending on the material being used.

An infrared inductive head under the outlet will initiate filling once a bag is placed into position.

Hanchen also provides a ONE YEAR warranty for every customer.


  • Voltage:110v/60Hz
  • Power: 350W
  • Filling speed: 6~15 bags/min (depending on the materials and filling weight)
  • Filling weight range: 20~5000g
  • Error: ±2g
  • Dimensions: 38×66×145cm
  • Weight: 56kg
Pros of the Hanchen Powder Filler Machine LCD Display Automatic Powder Filling Machine
  • Extremely high capacity compared to other machines in our top 5
  • Good for commercial grade use
  • High accuracy, speed and control
The Cons
  • Very expensive

Bottom Line

The Hanchen 5000g capacity filling machine shares all the great attributes of our top pick reviewed above, with what is clearly a larger hopper size.

If the higher capacity is something you need, (and you have a higher budget for that functionality); this is the machine to buy in 2021.

5. PREMIUM PICK: INTBUYING 10-1200gram Powder Filler Machine Review

The final filling machine to make our top 5 is this premium option from INTBuying.

Not a well-known brand on the market, we will admit, however, this does provide a lot of great features for the higher than average price point.

First off, the filling capacity puts it firmly in the mid-range of capability. At 1200g it is clearly smaller than the 5000g beast from Hanchen (reviewed directly above) while being more versatile than the likes of our top budget pick.

It is automatic of course, the auto vibrating system helping to maintain a consistent filling speed. You can expect bag filling times of 6-12 bags per minute, (as always this is dependant on the type of material being used too).

Accuracy levels are further improved further with infrared sensors for equal filling and other automatic control mechanisms.

In order to maintain the unit, you can easily remove the hopper for a deep clean using water.

The use of food-grade stainless steel also increases the range of applications for this machine.

The frame structure has also been carefully designed to increase the working stability of the unit. Vibrations can take its toll on any machine, however, here an internal split structure has been used that helps stabilize the machine while in use.

The system is also said to help operational safety while helping to maintain hygiene levels when used with relevant substances.

Material List
  • powder,
  • seeds,
  • capsule,
  • metal materials,
  • flour,
  • sunflower seeds,
  • soybeans,
  • peanuts,
  • cashews,
  • ginkgo,
  • pet food,
  • screws,
  • chemical components,
  • herbs,
  • coffee
Pros of the INTBUYING 10-1200gram Powder Filler
  • High-quality design
  • Mid-range but versatile filling capacity
  • Reliable speed control
The Cons
  • Poor instructions make getting the correct settings difficult to begin with

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