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Best pond aerator

What is the best pond aerator on the market in 2021? That exactly what we will look at today.

After carefully selecting 5 different model aerators, covering a range of price points, functionality, and pond size capacity, we have created this guide to help you pick the right aerator for your circumstances.

For our findings at a glance, just head to the table below. For in-depth reviews of each of our picks plus a dedicated buyer’s guide keep on reading.

Best Pond Aerator – Top 5 Picks


Airmax KoiAir1 Water
Garden Aeration Kit
Up to 16,000 gallons,
Operating depth 4'
1.70 CFM airflow
2 Dual Stick Plate
Dual diaphragm

Hi-Blow (HP 80)
Linear Air Pump
Aeration Septic Unit
Up to 500 Gallons
Quiet, low vibration
Low power,
4.2 cfm Max Flow,
80L Air p/m
Up to 2,000 Gallons
Winter Resistant
Check Valves

Aquascape Pro Air 20
Pond Aerator
Up to 5,000 Gallons
Self-Cleaning Diffuser
15-watt Compressor
Up to 1 Acre
Includes 1/4 HP
100' Weight Tubing,
Membrane Diffuser

Pond Aerator Reviews

Lillies on a pond

As mentioned above, much like ponds, aerators come in many shapes and sizes.

Whether you are looking for the best koi pond aerator, a solar-powered model, something to power large 15,000-gallon features, or maybe a small 2,000-gallon pond, you will find what we believe to 5 superior options to cater to these different needs.

So if you are ready, let’s jump in with the reviews.

1. Airmax KoiAir1 Water Garden Aeration Kit, Single Plate


(8,000 – 16,000 gallons)

The Airmax KoiAir1 Water Garden Aeration Kit comes in 3 sizes, however in our opinion the 8,000 gallon and above kits is the current market leader for large sized ponds.

Are you on the lookout for the right aerator for a large-sized pond? If the answer is yes, then you have many reasons to find this review informative and useful.

The Airmax KoiAir1 aeration kits are often considered to be the best pond aerator though there could be some divergent opinions on this.

It is feature-rich, well-known, and popular and comes with a single plate. Further, it is suited for aerating large-sized ponds having a water-retaining capacity of 8,000 to 16,000 gallons.

We are now happy to share some more interesting information about the reasons as to why this could be a good buy for keeping your pond and water body fully aerated.

Further, there is no denying the fact that Airmax is a big name when it comes to devices and solutions for pond and water-body aeration. Therefore you can be reasonably sure that you will get the best value for money.

Some Main Features

It is perfected suited for large-sized ponds and water bodies. It can operate quite well at a maximum depth of 4 feet. It has one dual-stick plate. The plate is capable of proving 0.80 CFM airflow.

There are also some other interesting and exciting features that go into making this model and make it very special. Here are a few of them:

It also comes with a dual diaphragm. This helps in providing the best possible oxygen and circulation. It is highly energy-efficient. It does not make any noise and is famous for its near-zero-noise operation.

When all these functions work in tandem, you can be sure that you will have a water body that is pure and filled with high-quality oxygen. It goes a long way in keeping the water circulation optimum.

This could go a long way in dispersing dirt and debris and keep the pond in a neat and clean condition at all points of time.

Pros of the Airmax KoiAir1 Water Garden Aeration Kit
  • Comes with a high-efficiency aeration pump
  • Consumes as little as 17 watts but is extremely powerful
  • Easy to operate with simple to follow instructions
  • The diffuser plate is another big takeaway
  • The flexible heavy-duty airline is resistant to snags, cuts, and knick
The Cons
  • A number of customers have not been satisfied with the low-noise levels promised by the manufacturers

Bottom Line

If one goes through the various features and also looks at the functionality, it is quite obvious that this could be a low-cost and high-performing pond aerator.

It can handle big volume of water and therefore is perfectly suited for large sized ponds and other water bodies.

2. Hi-Blow (Hp 80) Linear Air Pump Pond Aeration Septic Aerator


(Up to 500 Gallons)

The Hi-Blow (Hp 80) Linear Air Pump Pond Aeration System is a top quality aeration system for small-sized ponds. It is rather expensive compared to competing models, however the high quality unit (and customer opinion) speaks for itself.

Many customers are of the belief that Hi-Blow could be a good name to trust as far as quality pond aerators are concerned.

This HP-80 linear air pump is often considered to be a high-quality septic aerator with some of the best features and qualities.

Hence it would be interesting to know more about it over the next few lines. It is often considered to be one of the most compact and high-performing pond aerators and it has a number of interesting features that are worth looking at.

Some Main Features

To begin with, it is one of the few aerators that is suitable for making the pond oil-free. Further, it enhances the quality of the water and makes it rich in oxygen.

This helps in making the water body rich in fish, and other marine life. It is known for its quiet operation. It starts on current and power consumption is also low. It can handle 80 liters of air per minute

It has some of the most solid and proven technical features and this makes it a good aerator to have for cleaning and oxygenating your water body.

However, it needs to be understood that this is suitable only for small-sized ponds or water bodies where the water quantity is manageable.

Apart from the above, features, we are also happy to share some more information about the pond aerator for the benefit of readers.

It could be a wonderful replacement for other 80 LPM air pumps that are in vogue now. It is perfectly suited for 500 GPD systems.

The HP models of pumps are known for their high quality. They are longer than most pumps available in the market today. It comes fitted with Hiblow diaphragms. They are tough and last long.

Pros of the Hi-Blow (Hp 80) Linear Air Pump Pond Aeration Septic Aerator
  • It is a high energy efficient pond aerator
  • It consumes very little power even when starting and when running
  • It also has much lower vibration compared to other brands and models
  • It also has a low pulsation
  • You can expect a long life
  • It is easy to service and maintain
The Cons
  • It has a very low capacity
  • The pump in some cases has failed to function after a few days.

Bottom Line

After carefully evaluating the pros and cons and also looking closely at the features, the Hi-Blow Pond Aerator could most certainly be a good choice for those who have small-sized water bodies or ponds.

It is rugged, economical both in cost and also in performance. In fine, you will be investing in an aerator that offers good value for money.

3. Aquascape 75000 Pond Air 2 (Double Outlet Aeration Kit)


(up to 2,000 gallons)

The Aquascape 75000 Pond Air is a top quality, affordable option for small-sized ponds. Energy efficient and quiet to run, you will not be disappointed with this kit.

Those who have some decent and reasonably good idea and information about pond aerators would certainly believe that Aquascape is a well-known and proven manufacturer and supplier of such devices. Hence, this particular 75000 pond air-2 aerator is quite popular amongst scores of customers.

This comes with a double outlet aeration kit. It is suitable for midsized ponds and other such water bodies.

It is sturdy, easy to use, and therefore it could also be considered one of the best pond aerators in its price range and capacity.

Further, it has a number of useful and user-friendly features. We will be having a look at a few of them so that it gives a reasonably good idea about what it can offer to its customers.

Some Main Features

It could be one of the best solutions for complete oxygenation of your water body or pond. It is capable of putting in place all biological processes

You can expect a completely stable environment.This will be quite good for plants, fish, and other marine life inside the pond and water body.

It is known for its energy efficiency and will not burn a hole in your pocket. It is quiet in operation and will not disturb your neighbors. The airline is water-resistant

Apart from the above features that go in making it perfectly suited for use in a mid-sized pond, it also is famous for some more interesting and unique features.

We are happy to share some more features which could help in understanding this model even better.

It has two and four water outlet options. The two aerator pumps are placed above ground. The two or four discs are usually placed inside the water. It is known to oxygenate your point quite easily and thoroughly.

Pros of the Aquascape 75000 Pond Air 2 (Double Outlet Aeration Kit)
  • Extremely efficient
  • Quiet in operation
  • Easy to use and not so tough to maintain
  • Outer housing is tough and durable and free from damage
  • Extremely durable and long lasting
  • Comes pre-assembled with weighted air stones and check valves
The Cons
  • The low noise wears off after around 1000 to 2000 liters

Bottom Line

Putting things in right perspective, we do believe that it could be a good buy. It performs quite well and therefore you could have a pond aerator that keeps your water body pure, oxygenated and good for the marine life that depends on it.

4. Aquascape Pro Air 20 Pond Aerator Out-door Rated 61009


(Up to 5,000 Gallons)

The Aquascape Pro Air 20 Pond Aerator is an out-door rated unit that falls in to the mid capacity category. Capably of aerating ponds up to 5,000 gallons, this is our top pick for koi ponds of this size.

This is yet other good quality aerators that is suitable for medium sized ponds. It is powerful enough for handling 5000 gallons of water.

It could be suitable for swimming pools inside homes and also for naturally occurring ponds and other small water bodies.

Yes, since it comes from the house of Aquascape, many would like to bracket it as one of the best pone aerator solutions in the market today.

It comes with an aeration kit and also has self-cleaning diffuses and that could be unique of its kind.

Further it also has tubing which helps to cover longer distances. We are happy to share some useful and pertinent information about the main features and functionalities.

Main Features

As mentioned above, it can handle aeration up to 5000 gallons. Can efficiently and effectively oxygenate ponds. It also has energy efficient 15-watt compressor.

The compressor while packing quite a punch in performance is energy efficient. It also comes with a 10-inch high quality, clog-resistant membrane aeration diffuser.

The 30-inch roll of tubing is also a big takeaway. It also has an Aquascape 3 limited warranty.

Apart from the above main features, we also need to understand something more about the technical aspects of this pond aerator. This will ensure that you will have quite a few reasons to spend money on this device.

Outdoor-rated compressor having the best of a heavy-duty metal housing. This ensures complete protection from the elements and prevents rust and corrosion. The rubber feet ensure lesser vibration and noise.

The braided tubing has a pre-installed check valve. This is freeze resistant and has been built to last for many years. The interior weighted ballast is another big takeaway.

The ballast helps to keep the diffuser firmly fixed at the bottom of the pond. The rubber membrane has a self-cleaning technology.

Pros of the Aquascape Pro Air 20 Pond Aerator Out-door Rated 61009
  • The aerator is enough for handling 5000 gallons of water.
  • Suitable for home swimming pool
  • It completely oxygenates the entire water body within a short period of time
  • It ensures a healthy water quality for plants, fishes and other marine lives inside the water body
  • The water remains fish-safe even during freezing winter months
The Cons
  • The pump at times is not able to keep pace with the function of the aerator

Bottom Line

When one takes into account all the above points and also goes by the customer reviews and feedback, it is quite obvious that you investing in an aerator that is built to perform.

It is sturdy, well designed and highly efficient in oxygenating, cleaning and also when it comes to saving power consumption.

5. AirPro Pond Aerator Kit by Living Water


(Up to 1-Acres)

The AirPro Pond Aerator Kit is a powerful, high quality premium system that comes with a price tag to match. However, if you are looking for an aerator that can handle water bodies up to 1 acre in size, this is the system to buy.

LivingWater Systems is at it again. The new aeration system that is suited for use for use for 1 acre water bodies is an all inclusive and complete water aerators.

It performs many jobs in one go. It helps in minimizing odor emanating from the water and also ensures that fishes and other marine lives thrive and grow healthily.

It also comes with a ¼ HP compressor and a number of other accessories. It would be interesting to have a closer look at this pond aerator as far as features, functionalities, and other such attributes are concerned.

Main Features

It offers complete and total aeration system. It is one of the few aerators that can cover a water body or pond that is one acre in dimension. It is known for its inbuilt safety features.

It rules out electricity running through the water when the aeration process is on. It is made from high-quality materials that are rust and corrosion-resistant. It comes with a two-year unbeatable warranty.

The reason for the growing popularity of this pond aerator is because it helps to not only oxygenate the water. It also is useful for preventing foul order and other such things. Here are a few more reasons why it could be a good buy.

It could help in getting rid of mosquitoes and even prevent a fish kill. The oxygen levels get improved quite speedily. It has a solid and quality piston compressor.

This can go 50 feet deep. The motor draws 1.7 amps and is capable of pumping 2.3 CFM of air. It is totally wildlife safe because live electricity does not flow when the machine is operating.

Pros of the AirPro Pond Aerator Kit by Living Water
  • Capable of reducing organic muck at the bottom of the water body
  • Helps to reduce nutrient levels which could contribute to algae growth
  • Improves oxygen levels through the entire water column within a short time period
  • Water continues to remain safe for human use (not potable). Comes with 2-year warranty
The Cons
  • Some customers feel the desired results are not there to be seen even after use for 2 weeks.

Bottom Line

In fine, there are many reasons to believe that this aerator from Air-Pro has been built with quite a bit of thought and intelligence in it.

It is all-encompassing aerator which oxygenates the water, removes odor and increases the life span of fish and other living things and also plants and other growths. On the whole, it certainly is a good value for money purchase.

Factors to Consider when buying a Pond Aerator?

There are a number of factors you should consider when buying a pond aerator, let’s take a look at a few of the most important ones now.

Size of the Pond

It stands to reason that the size of your pond is the most important variable. You will need to know approximately how many gallons of water are in your pond so that you can purchase a device with sufficient power to aerate the pond.

Most aerators will clearly state the gallon capacity within their specifications. It is generally recommended that you buy a unit that has more power than you need.

For example, if your pond is approximately 1,500 gallons in size a 2,000-gallon aerator should be the size you aim for.

Bear in mind that some of the largest aerators measure their capacity in acres. If you have a very large garden pond, you may already know the size in terms of acreage.

To help work out the size of your pond, the guys over at have created a very handy calculator.

The shape of the Pond

Pond shape is also a factor when deciding on which aerator to buy. A small, circular pond will work with a low powered model as this shape can be aerated by any type of diffusion system.

Essentially, it is easy for oxygen to be evenly distributed around a circular shaped pond.

However, if your pond is larger, with irregular shapes and channels the oxygen cannot travel evenly throughout the water. A different type of aerator will need to be used under these circumstances.

In fact, for specialized ponds that have been created to landscape a garden, speaking to an aeration service provider is recommended. They will be able to advise on an appropriate aerator for the job.

Depth of the Pond

Finally, there is the issue of pond depth. Some aerator models have a maximum depth point. Beyond this, they will not be able to circulate oxygen efficiently. In some cases, it will mean aerated water is not even reaching the bottom sections of your pond.

Again, the model should state its depth capacity within the specifications. You should measure the depth of your pond (to know the average depth, plus what the deepest point is), and buy the correct aerator accordingly.

Different types of Pond Aerators

Submersible vs Floating Fountain Pond Aerators

The main types of pond aerators are submersible or floating fountains.

As the name suggests, a submerged aeration system is placed beneath the waterline and slowly releases oxygen directly into the water. This type works well for irregularly shaped ponds as they can be positioned so that hard to reach sections of the pond receive oxygen.

Floating fountain aerators are a popular choice for circular and/or uniformly shaped ponds. This is because they work best when positioned in the center of a pond. The units provide aeration via the falling water of a fountain. In other words, they double up as an attractive water feature.


Linear compressor vs rocking piston

The compressor is the part of the unit that does the heavy lifting in the aeration process. It is what creates the force that in turn oxygenates the water.

The two main types of compressors you’ll find in today’s aerators are the linear compressor and the rocking piston compressor.

The linear compressor creates and releases air via an internal diaphragm. This type is best for small ponds as they do not require much power and have a smaller capacity than the rocking piston.

Rocking piston compressors create and release air via a (you’ve guessed it), rocking piston. These units have a high capacity and are therefore better equipped to oxygenate large and deep ponds.

Where should you place your new pond aerator?

A submersible aerator is best placed at the deepest part of your pond, or near the area that requires the most aeration, (which is generally the deepest part of the pond 🙂 ).

This is because the silt, muck, and organic material will gather near the bottom, are to aerate this will make for a healthier pond.

With a fountain aerator (for use in a small pond), the center of the pond is the best position, so that the water can be aerated evenly.

Again, if you have a large pond where expert advice would be helpful, you should contact an aeration service technician to guide you.

How to Install a Pond Aerator?

Installing a pond aerator is a relatively simple procedure, however, it does differ depending on the type of device you have.

Submersible aerator installation

With your aerator unpacked, the first step (after choosing the installation location) is to fill the diffuser. This has to be weighed down so that it can be submerged under the water. Gravel is the normal choice.

The pump part of the aerator should be positioned on dry land. You will also need an energy source for this. (Some are solar-powered, others will need electrical mains hook-up).

Link the diffuser up to the pump via the provided tubing, and then drop it into the deepest part of the pond. After this, you should be ready to go. Switch the pump on and stand back as your pond is aerated.

Fountain style aerator

A fountain style aeration unit is installed in much the same way, in terms of needing the pump to be on dry land and connected to power (or have the solar panel positioned to collect sunlight).

The difference of course is that in absence of a submersible diffuser, you have a device that creates the water fountain. If you do not have the means to set this up in the center of the pond, it can be placed at the edge, with the impact of the fountain hitting the center area of the pond.

The fact that these are designed for small ponds, makes this possible.

When to Run Pond Aerator?

So should you keep your aerator working all year long?

The answer is yes if you can. In cold climates, it can be prudent to remove the aerator in winter if your pond regularly freezes completely.

In summer months it is definitely advised that you keep the aerator running constantly. During hot weather, warm water has less dissolved oxygen in it. There’s also a higher level of decomposition taking place.

To ensure your fish have enough of that beautiful oxygen, your aerator should be churning away throughout.

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