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What is the best motorcycle tank bag on the market in 2021? As with most buying decisions, the answer is very much dependent on your specific needs, your budget, and in this case the type of motorcycle you own.

In this top 5 review round up we have carefully selected a range of tank bags covering the different requirements of today’s rider.

For a summary of our top picks, head to the tables below. For an in-depth look at each of our selected bags, plus a dedicated buyer’s guide, keep on reading.

Top Picks

Best overall: Cortech Black Super 2.0 Magnetic Mount Tank Bag

Cortech Super 2.0 18L Tank Bag
  • 1680 denier ballistic polyester and 1800 denier three-lined twill jacquard construction with Integrated rain cover. Dimensions: 16”L x 7.5”H x 11”W
  • Magnetic mount with locking zipper pull on expansion zipper
  • Top flap internal organizer with removable/replaceable map pocket
  • Two-tone red and black shield pouch included
  • Water bladder holder included

Overall, the Cortech Super 2.0 magnetic tank bag strikes exactly the right balance between design quality and price point.

It’s generous capacity along with well thought out features such as hideaway backpack straps and earphone exit ports make for a bag that is very convenient to use.

Add that to the sophisticated styling and you have a tank bag that really hits the mark. Our top choice for 2021 for good reason.

Best Budget: Coleman Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag

Coleman Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag
  • 1680D polyester
  • Magnets attach bag to fuel tank
  • Scratch resistant, non-slip bottom
  • Expandable zippered cargo compartment
  • Clear top map pocket

Overall the Coleman Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag is an excellent option for the price. Designed for those that do not need any extra bells and whistles, this bag will conveniently store your items with no fuss.

However, if you are looking for extra versatility or cool features such as hidden pockets, backpack straps, etc, our top pick from Cortech is definitely worth the extra outlay.

Best Premium: Givi ST602 Sport-T Range Quick Release Tank Bag

Givi ST602 Sport-T Range Tanklock Quick Release Tank Bag 4 Liters
  • Works with bike specific quick release Tanklock fitting kits (sold separately) that mount to the gas tank

The Givi ST602 Sport-T Range Quick Release Tank Bag is a premium option with superior materials and build quality. It also has a cool tank lock quick release feature. The bag simply clicks into place and can quickly be removed by pulling on a tab.

Tank Bag Reviews

motorcycle tank bag

There are different types, brands, and sizes of motorcycle tank bags available today. These bags can be rated based on their build quality, versatility, features, and cost-performance benefits.

Based on these rating criteria and more, 5 of the best tank bags have been identified and chosen for review.

Let’s take a closer look.

1. BEST OVERALL: Cortech 8230-0505-18 Black Super 2.0 Magnetic Mount Tank Bag

The Cortech Super 2.0 magnetic tank bag is our top pick for 2021 for good reason.

Not only does it have a generous, 18-liter capacity the design of the bag features a top flap internal organizer, along with a very useful removable and replaceable snapped pocket to store your map.

The soft lining ensures that everything is nicely cushioned within the bag, there’s also a hidden external pocket for easily accessible, item storage.

Another great design addition is the built-in sip tube/headphone exit ports, have complete access to your phone’s audio while safely having the device tucked away inside the tank bag.

There’s also an integrated stowaway rain cover for when the weather turns for the worse. The bag also contains some hideaway backpack straps for when the day’s ride is over and you need to conveniently carry the bag yourself.

Not only does the Cortech have all these features, but it is also damn stylish too. The striking, 2 tones red/black soft lining interior is complemented with a red and black soft lining shield pouch.

You can buy the Cortech tank bag in either a magnetic mount version, or should you prefer, a strap based system.

Pros of the Cortech Super 2.0 tank bag
  • Stylish, durable 18l capacity design
  • Top flap organizer
  • 2 x headphone exit ports
  • Internal removable shield tote
  • Hideaway backpacks straps
  • Includes a water bladder holder
The Cons
  • Quite narrow which can make some items hard to pack.

2. Nelson-Rigg RG-1045 Trails End, Adventure Motorcycle Tank Bag

The Nelson-Rigg Trails End Adventure Motorcycle Tank Bag, is a great choice for those going the distance with their trail bike.

Featuring sturdy, quick release straps for convenient and fast removal for refueling, the base of the bag is specifically designed to fit the tanks of off-road, adventure motorcycles.

With a capacity of 16.25litres, you will be able to carry much of what you need for a day excursion, (anything more and you will need to consider larger volume storage with saddlebags or rear luggage solutions).

Build quality is exactly what you would expect from the highly reputable Nelson-Rigg; this durable UltraMax polyester constructed bag is loaded with UV protection to ensure greater longevity against the elements.

Thoughtful design has provided the bag with easy-access side pockets for more essential, smaller items (keys, wallet phone).

The Trails tank bag also features reflective piping and a smooth, lined interior.

Other additions for the adventure motorcyclist include reverse coil zippers to help keep the dust and dirt from entering the bag. This type of zipper will also continue to work, even when caked in dirt.

For navigation, the Nelson-Rigg includes a clear map pocket that is of course, touch screen device friendly.

Finally, the bag is built with a protective base material to ensure that no unwanted slipping or marking happens against your tank.

This bag also includes the generous Nelson-Rigg lifetime cover. For wet weather, there is also a waterproof rain cover.

  • Main compartment: 12”L x 7”W x 9”H
  • Standard: 12”L x 7”W x 12”H
  • Expanded Holds:12. 39 Liters
Pros of the Nelson-Rigg Trails End Adventure Motorcycle Tank Bag
  • Durable, UltraMax polyester design with UV protection
  • Quick-release straps for easy refueling
  • Reflective piping, lined interior, protective base to protect the tank
  • Can operate your phone through a touchscreen-friendly clear window.
  • Sturdy reversed zippers built for tough conditions.
The Cons
  • It isn’t waterproof throughout.
  • Despite being 12 liters it still feels quite small depending on what you are trying to pack.

Bottom Line

For those looking for a durable tank bag designed to withstand off-road conditions, the Nelson Rigg Trails End Adventure bag is the one to buy.

Extremely well built, with some lovely design touches it is hard not to like this bag. Highly recommended.

3. BEST BUDGET: Coleman Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag

The Coleman Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag is our number one budget pick for good reason. It has a low, low price point for one. A factor that makes the bag accessible to everyone.

However, it still has the capacity and features you need for a convenient, quality tank bag.

The 1680D polyester constructed bag can be magnetically attached to the tank. It has a scratch-resistant, non-slip bottom for sturdy and reliable mounting.

For easy storage of your valuables, the Coleman features a good-sized expandable cargo compartment, (this is fully zippered). There’s also a top compartment that has a clear window that can house your map or GPS phone/device.

The overall dimensions come in at 9 x 8 x 5.1”. For peace of mind, the tank bag also comes with a generous 2-year limited warranty.

Pros of the Coleman Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag
  • Durable 1680D polyester construction, with scratch-resistant base
  • Conveniently attached to your tank via inbuilt magnets
  • A good-sized, zippered main cargo area that is expandable
  • Features clear top pocket for map
  • 2-year limited warranty
The Cons
  • Rather basic from a storage and features point of view

4. Wolfman Luggage S0305, Blackhawk Tank Bag V1.7

The Blackhawk Tank Bag V1.7 from Wolfman is a premium style bag from a well-respected brand. The design quality here does not disappoint.

For those acquainted with the Wolfman range of tank bags, this model utilizes the same 4-point harness as featured on the Explorer Lite, Rainier, and Large Expedition Tank bags.

This is very convenient should you own other bags from this company; simply switch them around using the quick release snap mounts.

Another element of convenience stems from the fact you can unclip this bag from the harness and walk off using the grab handle.

As with our top pick Cortech, there are also backpack straps available, however, these are sold separately.

The build quality is arguably the best featured in our top 5. The heavy-duty 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon construction, (quite the tongue twister) is definitely built to last.

The robust design considerations are evident in the zippers too. Here a durable #10 YKK zipper style is used throughout.

A foam structure provides flexibility to the bag while ensuring it holds its form for all riding conditions.

The Wolfman has also been lined with a silver interior. A simple design feature that helps make the stored items more visible.

The clear map top pocket has a loop strip to hold your device firmly in place.

Other well thought out design elements include reflex accents and handles for enhanced night-time visibility, a non-scratch bag base, and interior hook and loop dividers for increased content stability.

To top it all off everything is designed and built within the USA.

  • Length: Top: 9″ / 22cm
  • Bottom: 11 1/4″ / 28cm
  • Width: 7″ / 17cm
  • Height:
    • Rider Side: 8″ / 20cm
    • Forward facing: 3 1/2″ / 9cm
  • Capacity: 8 Liters / 490 per pair

NOTE: Kawasaki KLR Riders will require the proper front harness in order to harness this bag.

Pros of the Wolfman Luggage S0305 - Blackhawk Tank Bag V-1.7
  • Durable 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon construction, with #10 YKK main zippers.
  • Flexible foam structure that also holds shape
  • Hook and loop style internal dividers
  • Silver interior for greater content visibility
  • Clear map pocket with a loop strip to hold devices in place.
  • Increased night-time safety and visibility with reflective accents and carry handle
The Cons
  • The premium features come at a high price point

Bottom Line

The Wolfman Luggage S0305 – Blackhawk is a high-quality tank bag packed with excellent design features all wrapped up in a premium build quality.

Highly recommended for those interested in entering the Wolfman eco-system with other motorcycle luggage items, this is one of the most sophisticated tank bags currently on the market.

5. BEST PREMIUM: Givi ST602 Sport-T Range Tanklock Quick Release Tank Bag

The Givi Sport-T Tanklock bag is one of the smallest in our top 5 at just 4 liters capacity. However, if you are looking for a no-nonsense bag to carry essentials this could well be the solution for you.

This thermoformed Tank bag features a convenient quick fitting tank lock system that similar to the Wolfman can be used across a range of Givi products.

(see the Amazon product page to check compatibility with your model motorcycle as well as other Givi items you may already own)

The bag features a durable EVA laminated Polyester 1000D construction. This is designed to semi-rigid so that both your items and the bag itself hold their form whatever the current riding conditions may be.

Other features that help ensure your valuables remain safe and dry include, sturdy, waterproof zips, waterproof bag design, and an internal pocket to hold your smartphone in place.

The main negative here is that the bag is not shipped with the BF series Mounting Flange Adapter that you will need to buy separately.

  • Dimensions: 11.4″ L x 9.5″ W x 6.7″ H
  • Volume: 4 Liters
Pros of the Givi ST602 Sport-T Range Quick Release Tank Bag
  • Convenient quick-release tank lock system compatible with other products in the Givi range
  • Sturdy, EVA laminated Polyester 1000D waterproof design
  • Small and easy to carry after use
The Cons
  • Requires BF Series Mounting Flange Adapter/Fitting Kik that has to be bought separately
  • Small capacity at just 4 liters
  • Doesn’t hold up to our best budget option in terms of value for money

What to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Tank Bag

motorcycle tank and handlebars

The tank bag is a fantastic accessory for any motorcycle owner. However, with the wide range of models, sizes, materials, and mounting options available, it can be difficult to decide which is the best tank bag for you.

If the reviews above did not help narrow down the process, hopefully, these following tips will.

Here’s what you should be thinking about when choosing a new tank bag.

Appropriate Capacity

One of the first things to consider is what sized tank bag to go for.

This is very much dependant on the type of riding you do and how much you need to take with you, (whether you have other luggage options available such as saddlebags or rear tail bags is also a factor).

For short, day-use journeys you might easily only need a 2 to 5-liter maximum capacity tank bag. This will store essential belongings and will not make riding any more difficult.

If you are a commuter and need to store things such as a change of clothes or a laptop, a larger 10 to 20-liter bag might be more appropriate.

Likewise, if you plan on lots of longer travel with overnight stays, you will want to opt for the largest bag your tank can accommodate without your riding comfort being unduly impaired.

The same applies to tour riders where max capacity over 20 liters will be desired.

The shape of your tank

motorcycle and sunset

The shape and style of the motorcycle tank is also an important issue when buying a bag to fit on it. Essentially, you need to be sure that everything is compatible.

Small capacity bags will fit most tanks. However, large capacity bags will struggle to be safely mounted on small tanks.

The shape is also a major factor. A large bag will struggle on top of highly sloped style tanks you might find on a cruiser or adventure bikes (unless the bag is designed specifically to fit such tanks).

Flat tanks will accommodate a wider range of bag sizes as the flat base provides more surface area for connection.

It is recommended that you become aware of the dimensions and style of your tank and then buy accordingly, even seeking advice from the brand directly before you purchase.

Mounting Options

There are 3 common mounting options when it comes to connecting a tank bag to your motorcycle; magnetic, strap-mount, and ring mount.

There are pros and cons to each and it is good to know what these are before you buy.

Magnetic Tank Bags

cortech magnetic tank bag

Magnetic tank bags are very simple to mount. The bags feature magnets sewn into the base and the bag will hold fast against the tank, as long as it is metal.

This is the main disadvantage however unless you have a metal tank you will not be able to use a bag of this nature.

If you can, you will benefit from a very fast and easy method of mounting. The same bag can also be used across a range of bikes as long as the tank is metal.

Another benefit is that the soft underside of the bag makes contact with the tank and doesn’t leave scratches.

However, security can be a problem if you leave the bag unattended.

Strap Mount Tank Bags

strap mount tank bags

An increasingly popular method of mounting is to use straps. The advantage here is that they are more difficult to steal, (although not impossible) and are useful for off-road bikes where extra fastening ability is required.

They are also useful if you do not have a metal tank.

The disadvantages include not being easy to disengage and the possibility of scratching due to the straps.

Ring Mount Tank Bags

A tank ring is mounted to the bike’s fuel tank using the bolts around the gas cap. The bag then conveniently clicks onto this using a quick-release mounting connector.

The advantages here are the fact that it is so easy to dismount and that the bag is kept on the surface of the actual tank, hence preventing scratching.

However, these are motorcycle model specific so you will need to buy a mounting ring suitable for your bike.

Standard Features

There are standard features that most tank bags will have and you will want these as part of any normal functioning storage option.

These are things such as carry handles, expandability to increase volume capacity, reflective piping for better visibility and top window pockets for maps and devices.

Specific Features

Extra features that are worth looking for include extra pockets, (inside and out); interior dividers, hard-wearing zippers, earphone inlets, backpack straps for use while off the bike, and other neat additions.

Build Quality

high quality tank bagDurable, water-resistant materials are a must for a high-quality tank bag.

Look for materials such as 1680-denier (or 1680D) ballistic nylon and other rather grand-sounding inventions.

The light-colored lining is good for interior visibility. Hard-wearing zippers built to withstand dust and dirt are another good option.

lockable zippers with extended tabs at the end that can be locked with a padlock are also recommended.

Built-in storm flaps are worthwhile as is robust linings to ensure that the bag holds its shape while empty.

Price point


Price is always a factor when buying anything for your motorcycle. The standard rule of them is to buy and spend the most you can afford to in order to purchase a bag of quality.

That doesn’t mean that budget options cannot deliver, however you do need to shop carefully and do your research in order to buy the best model tank bag your budget will allow.

Further Information

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