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Wheeling your motorcycle into position in a crowded garage space can be very annoying; especially if you are handling a large bike with some heft.

Not only are you likely to knock into things, (who hasn’t tipped over or scrapped something they rather hadn’t when pushing their bike into place?), you can actually end up damaging your motorcycle and whatever else might be in the way.

That’s where the good old motorcycle dolly comes in. If space is limited and you want to maneuver your bike safely, a dolly is what you need.

In this review roundup, we have done the research and selected 5 of the best dollys currently on the market.

Let’s take a closer look.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Dollys

CONDOR Motorcycle Garage Dolly for Wheel Chock
Black Widow Cruiser-Dolly Steel Motorcycle Dolly
Low Profile Motorcycle Dolly 1250 lb. weight capacity
Merrick Machine M998030 Cycle Dolly
BikeMaster Adjustable Motorcycle Dolly
CONDOR Motorcycle Garage Dolly for Wheel Chock
Black Widow Cruiser-Dolly Steel Motorcycle Dolly
Low Profile Motorcycle Dolly 1250 lb. weight capacity
Merrick Machine M998030 Cycle Dolly
BikeMaster Adjustable Motorcycle Dolly
CONDOR Motorcycle Garage Dolly for Wheel Chock
CONDOR Motorcycle Garage Dolly for Wheel Chock
Black Widow Cruiser-Dolly Steel Motorcycle Dolly
Black Widow Cruiser-Dolly Steel Motorcycle Dolly
Low Profile Motorcycle Dolly 1250 lb. weight capacity
Low Profile Motorcycle Dolly 1250 lb. weight capacity
Merrick Machine M998030 Cycle Dolly
Merrick Machine M998030 Cycle Dolly
BikeMaster Adjustable Motorcycle Dolly
BikeMaster Adjustable Motorcycle Dolly

Motorcycle Dolly Reviews

condor lift motorcycle dolly

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We selected the following motorcycle dollys based on build quality, load capacity and the level of adaptable design.

Essentially, some units are made specifically for a type of motorcycle, while others take a much more universal approach, (as you will see there are pros and cons to both).

The price point has also been a deciding factor, with us highlighting both an overall Editors Choice below, plus a lower-priced option for those with a smaller budget.

1. EDITORS CHOICE: Condor Motorcycle Garage Dolly

Our top pick motorcycle dolly for 2021 is this high-quality offering from Condor. Here they have taken the basic design of the traditional dolly and really thought about what every motorcycle owner needs to maximize storage space.

Used with the condor wheel chock, you can easily push your motorcycle into a secure upright position. The 4” wheels of the dolly then enable you to maneuver the bike into storage as you see fit.

Furthermore, with the patented adjustable cradle all types of motorcycles can e safely used with the Condor dolly, (as long as the wheel size is anything between 13″ to 30″ – which basically covers most motorcycles on road or track today).

The maximum load wearing the weight of 1300lbs also ensures that even the heaviest touring bikes can be wheeled into position using the Condor Dolly.

To hold everything nice and fast while wheeling your bike on and off the dolly, it features, 4 large twist -down brakes.

Build quality is taken care of through a sturdy aluminum and steel-reinforced frame. This is also lightweight at only 68lbs meaning you should not have any problems moving your motorcycle around.

For extra convenience, the dolly can be mounted against a wall when not in use. The dolly is 90″ long (expandable to 94″) with the deck size coming in at 12″ wide.

The area of the dolly where the swivel wheels are mounted comes in at 24″.

Pros of the Condor Motorcycle Garage Dolly
  • Holds a wide range of motorcycles (wheel size from 13” to 30”)
  • Large load-bearing capacity of 1300lbs
  • Solid aluminum and steel build with 4 secure twists down breaks
  • Lightweight construction can easily be mounted on the wall while not in use.
The Cons
  • The most expensive motorcycle dolly in our top 5.

Bottom Line

Overall the Condor motorcycle dolly is ideal for all owners that need to maneuver their bike for storage.

Yes, the price tag is higher than most competing brands, but the high quality, universal design you are getting here is a real cut above.

If you have the budget and what the best, this is the unit to buy.

2. BEST BUDGET: Black Widow CRUISER-DOLLY Chopper Motorcycle Dolly

Black Widow CRUISER-DOLLY Chopper Motorcycle Dolly

For those that do not wish to spend large sums on a secure motorcycle dolly, this unit from Black Widow will likely fit the bill.

While it doesn’t exude the same build quality as our top pick from Condor, (or any of the clever design features); this is still a dolly that will get the job done. Assuming you have the correct type of motorcycle that is.

In a manner that is a lot more restrictive than the Condor, the Black Widow Cruiser dolly is designed specifically for cruisers and choppers.

With a loading capacity of 1250ls, it is clearly in the same ballpark as the Condor. The extra-long 95” ribbed track also matches our top pick when extended fully.


Build quality is also good here considering the low price. The frame is made from 12 gauge steel and has a black powder-coated finish for added durability. Exactly what you need in a dolly designed to carry large motorcycles.

When it comes to loading the bike on and off the dolly, you just pull the ramp handles to fasten the unit in place and then push/ride the motorcycle on top.

The dolly has two pins at either end to ensure the motorcycle does not roll off the frame. There is also an adjustable kickstand plate for securing your bike into place, (this has a versatile range of 31″ with 5 different locking positions).

Heavy-duty double caster wheels take the load as you wheel your motorcycle into its final storage position.

Pros of the Black Widow CRUISER-DOLLY Chopper Motorcycle Dolly
  • Low budget model for maneuvering large cruisers and choppers
  • The high maximum load capacity of 1250lbs
  • Good build quality with 12 gauge steel frame
  • Features an integrated loading ramp with adjustable kickstand plate, and wheel safety pins
The Cons
  • Not particularly versatile as far as bike usage goes, designed for choppers and cruisers

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an affordable, well-built dolly to maneuver your cruiser motorcycle around the garage space, this could well be the unit for you.

It is our best budget pick for good reason in that it does its job well for the money you are paying.

That being said, for anyone needing a dolly of a wider range of bike sizes, the top pick from Condor is clearly the way to go.

3. Low Profile Motorcycle Dolly 1250 lb. weight capacity

Low Profile Motorcycle Dolly 1250 lb. weight capacity

Here we have a simple, yet effective motorcycle dolly solution designed for a wide range of bike sizes.

With a load capacity of 1250lbs, it matches the Black Widow directly.

The unit has a low profile configuration meaning it has a lower center of gravity, (the main loading frame sits just 1-3/4″ above the ground surface).

While this is great for easy, one-person loading, if you have a garage floor with an uneven surface you may well find it awkward.

The smooth-rolling swivel casters also help with the maneuverability factor. Everything is held in place securely once the bike is mounted onto the dolly via the three-position adjustable kickstand plate.

Similar to the Black Widow reviewed above, this dolly has a powder-coated steel frame to ensure durability.

Overall dimensions come in at a much smaller size than the two dollys reviewed above, (83″ long instead of 94”) with the width and height being 30-1/2″ and 3-3/4″ respectively.

The lightweight construction comes in at 71.00 lbs.

Pros of the Low Profile Motorcycle Dolly 1250 lb. capacity
  • That high, 1250 lb. weight capacity matching it with our top budget pick from Black Widow
  • Three-position adjustable kickstand plate
  • Low profile design to prevent tipping and to aid one-person loading
  • Smooth-rolling swivel casters
The Cons
  • The ultra low profile design can make things awkward on uneven surfaces

Bottom Line

Overall another motorcycle dolly worthy of our top 5. Good all round build quality and design at an affordable price point too.

However, if you have an old-style garage space with vastly uneven floor space, that low profile design could cause you problems.

4. Merrick Machine M998030 Cycle Dolly

The Merrick Machine M998030, is another dolly that aims to cater for almost all motorcycle owners.

Designed for a one-person load operation, this also has an ultra-low profile rolling design, (here the frame sits just ¾” off the ground surface).

This ‘V Channel’ as the manufacturers have chosen to call it is wide enough to accommodate the majority of motorcycle sizes.

Combine the secure mounting with a low center of gravity and you have a dolly where your chances of tipping your motorcycle are slim.

The Merrick opts for an all-steel construction, that while feels sturdier than some of the other dollies in our top 5, does add to the overall build weight, (good luck lifting this one around).

That’s a small price to pay for overall sturdiness however as this dolly has the highest maximum load-bearing in our top 5. A whopping 1500lbs can be carried using this dolly.

If you have a large and heavy motorcycle, the Merrick could well be the dolly solution you are looking for.

Pros of the Merrick Machine M998030 Cycle Dolly
  • Very sturdy all Steel Construction
  • 1,500lbs maximum load
  • V-channel frame designed to accommodate a wide range of wheel sizes
  • The loading frame sits just 3/4″ off the ground for easier, non-tip, one-person operation
The Cons
  • That problem of uneven surfaces and a low profile design.

Bottom Line

Overall the Merrick is a dolly that does its job well. There’s no real flair in design yet the low profile operation and sturdy construction make for a unit that will please most owners.

Add that to the fact you can use almost any kind of motorcycle with it and you have a recommended solution from us. Well worth checking out.

5. BikeMaster Adjustable Motorcycle Dolly

bikemaster dolly 2

The BikeMaster adjustable motorcycle dolly is another simple answer to maneuvering your bike in tight storage conditions.

The manufacturers here have actually opted for a shorter dolly so you will not be impaired by the full-length frame of over 90” as you can with our top picks from Condor and Black Widow. (This measures in at 65″ total length.)

The maximum load-bearing weight of the BikeMaster is the lowest in our top 5 being just 1,100 lbs. This is to be expected with a smaller, more convenient adjustable design, however.

Here the adjustable design means you only access the dimensions that you need for your specific bike. This is a really good system that even helps storage capacity when not in use; it is a lot more economical in that regard as it takes up less space.

The High-quality wheels and bearings ensure everything rolls around as smoothly as possible. The 8 mm heavy-duty laser-cut plate-steel, while not super heavy, will provide the long-lasting durability you need after regular use of your dolly.

A universal approach has been taken with the BikeMaster; the kickstand arm adjusts to fit most bike sizes and configurations, (as long as the center of the rear wheel to your kickstand measure between 34 – 50”).

Pros of the BikeMaster Adjustable Motorcycle Dolly
  • Conveniently adjustable design that takes up less space
  • High-quality wheels and bearings for smooth rolling
  • 8 mm laser-cut plate-steel for increased durability
  • Kickstand arm adjusts to fit most bikes (within the specified range mentioned above)
The Cons
  • The adjustable frame means that this has the lowest maximum load in our top 5; just 1,100lbbs.

Bottom Line

Overall the BikeMaster is a good, heard-wearing motorcycle dolly.

The adjustable nature of the design is the real selling point here, and if space is really limited in your garage, you should definitely look into this option.

Motorcycle Dolly Buyer’s Guide

condor bike dolly

What is a Motorcycle Dolly and why should you need one?

A motorcycle dolly is one of the best ways of securing your bike so that it is easy to maneuver while not in operation.

In other words, when moving your bike around a confined space (i.e your garage or workshop) in order to store it, or carry out some repairs and maintenance, using a dolly will be a huge benefit.

A good way to imagine a working dolly is that it acts like a skateboard for your motorcycle.

The long and thin platform frame is designed for your motorcycle to sit upon. Beneath this, the normal configuration is to have 4 wheels that can move in all directions.

This set up gives you the ability to push and pull the motorcycle (that is now securely sat upon the dolly) around your garage space.

In short, if you need to move a motorcycle across a garage, repair shop or sales floor, a dolly is by far the most convenient way to do so.

What to consider when buying a motorcycle dolly

motorcycle adjustale dolly

So we’ve covered what a dolly does and why you might need one.

If you remain undecided on what to buy after reading the 5 reviews above, you may want to conduct your own further research.

To that end, here are some issues you consider when looking to purchase the best motorcycle dolly for you.

a) Which type of motorcycle dolly to buy

sports motorcyle

There’s actually 3 main types of motorcycle dolly you can buy; fixed, adjustable and the scissor stand.

We covered fixed and adjustable dollies above as these are the most common, and essentially the most popular. They are also the easiest to use.

Here’s a breakdown of the different types:


fixed motrocycle dollyA fixed motorcycle dolly generally has a larger maximum load capacity because the frame is larger than an adjustable type.

The fixed configuration is often stronger and more durable too. Dollies designed for heavier bikes will, therefore, opt for a fixed design.

The trade-off is that they take up more space in storage and are slightly more cumbersome in tight spaces, (you cannot adjust the frame to take up less space).


BikeMaster adjustable dollyAn adjustable motorcycle dolly gets around the flaws of the fixed type by being just that; adjustable.

The configuration here will allow you to mount only the rear wheel and the kickstand.

This space-saving ability makes the adjustable dolly beneficial in tight spaces. Having rear wheel position adjustment provides greater mobility.

The main disadvantage of the adjustable type is that the maximum load-bearing capacity will generally be lower than that of a fixed model.

Scissor Stand

Scissor Stand with wheelsA scissor stand with wheels will have the lowest weight capacity of the three types.

With the many moving parts involved, lighter bikes such as mopeds, pit, and dirt bikes suit this type of dolly better.

However, you would not be advised to mount a large bike on such a dolly, especially if you intend to move the bike around with the scissor extended. That’s a tipped over motorcycle just waiting to happen.

b) Weight & Type of your motorcycle


A major consideration and one which will help you answer the question of what type of dolly to buy is the weight of your bike.

If you have a heavy cruiser style motorcycle, it would not be advised to buy an adjustable dolly with a low weight capacity.

Equally, spending substantial sums on a top grade dolly designed for large Harley Davidson motorcycles is futile if all you want to mount is a small Honda dirt bike.

Think about the weight and type of motorcycle you have and buy a dolly that is designed to match.

c) Amount of space you have available


Is yours a crowded workspace or will you have a lot of space to move around? Do you have sufficient area to store the dolly between use, or will this be confined also?

The amount of space you have accessible for your bike and dolly is another factor to consider and will also help answer that fundamental question of what type of dolly to go for.

If space really is an issue, opt for something adjustable. If you have a heavy bike with more room to maneuver, a fixed option is recommended.

d) Build Quality

motorcycle on scissor dolly

Build quality is another important factor. You will want a dolly that is made from durable materials with components that are built to last.

Aluminum combined with steel works well. Powder-coated finishes are also recommended as these will help prevent wear and tear on your dolly, while reinforcing it and making the frameless prone to rust.

Sturdy wheels are a must, while a low profile design with the inherent lower center of gravity will help reduce the chance of you tipping your bike, (especially if you plan on operating the dolly solo).

e) Price Point

motorcycle and car

The budget you have to spend will have a determining factor on all of the above.

The best advice is to buy the highest quality dolly you can afford. A superior built motorcycle dolly will be able to withstand years of use and should also be a pleasure to use.

Matching your budget to your needs in order to purchase the best type of dolly for you, (with all the necessary specifications) should be a priority.

The great news is, most dollies available today do not break the bank. You should be able to buy something up to your specific needs without too much trouble at all.

Motorcycle Dolly FAQs


Here is a list of questions and answers you may have when looking to buy a motorcycle dolly for the first time:

Q: What type of motorcycle dolly do I need?

The type of dolly you go for (see an explanation of each above) is dependant on the weight and size of your motorcycle.

Fixed dollies are the best for heavy bikes. Lighter weight bikes such as dirt bikes can be used with scissor center stand dollies.

Adjustable dollies are recommended for medium-weight motorcycles.

Q. What materials should my motorcycle dolly be made from?

It goes without saying that the sturdier your dolly, the longer it will last and the safer your motorcycle will be.

Resistance to corrosion is an important consideration, which makes stainless steel a popular choice as it is both strong and durable against the elements.

Q. How do I use a motorcycle dolly?

Using a motorcycle dolly is relatively straightforward. The dolly is basically a plate with wheels. Just set the dolly at an angle where you can roll the motorcycle wheel on its plate, and lock it into position.

You can then use the dolly to easily maneuver your motorcycle within a confined area.

Q. Should I use a safety strap with the motorcycle dolly?

Some dollys come with a security strap which indicates that this is a good safety precaution. You use this to wrap around the tire and the dolly plate so that the is less chance of any slippage.

A little extra security never goes amiss, so we recommend that you use one.

Q. Can the tire sidewalls get damaged while using a motorcycle dolly?

A good-quality dolly will be designed so that there is no unnecessary pressure on the tire sidewall. The wheel will be held in the correct position so that no damage will occur.

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