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best liquid filling machineWhat is the best liquid filling machine on the market in 2021? That’s exactly what we will aim to answer today.

We have selected 5 filling machines covering a range of price points and functionality.

Whether you own a small factory, work in a laboratory, or require liquid filling capabilities at home or, we have selected a machine that will meet your needs.

For our top choices at a glance, check out the summary boxes below. For an in-depth review of each of our selected filling machines, keep on reading.

Our Top Picks

BEST PNEUMATIC MACHINE: OrangeA Horizontal Liquid Filling Machine

If you’re looking for an affordable pneumatic liquid filling machine, this offering from OrangeA is hard to beat.

Easy operation along with high precision and durable design, all make for a reliable unit that will get the work done. Highly recommended.

BEST FOR LARGE VOLUMES: GFK-17L Liquid Filling Machine

Sumeve Liquid Filling Machine Automatic Digital Control Bottle Filler 20ml-17000ml(0.68oz-575oz) GFK-17L
  • Widely used in medical, chemistry, food, beverage, oil, and cosmetics.Like water, olive oil, fuel, drinks, vinegar, milk etc(low-viscous liquid without pellets)
  • Compared with other filling machines, this filler improve the motor and the pump.Due to the pump upgrade, accuracy can be achieved±0.5%
  • Stainless steel case, meets GMP requirement,acid and alkali resistant.Filling range: 20ml-17000ml(Water), Voltage: AC110V, Power: 80W
  • Electric digital control, has two working modes:Pedal mode and Automatic mode,has drip-proof design. Using liquid crystal display, touch panel is easier to operate simple, with functions such as counting, you can see the intuitive panel values
  • BEST CUSTOMER SUPPORT: 2 Year Warranty and free spare parts (excluding consumables). As an enterprise seller integrating R&D and production, we can provide a complete and comprehensive backup catalogue of spare parts, if you need any supports like spare parts or technical assistance in using the machine, we can provide our support no matter how long you have purchased

If you are looking for a filling machine that is suitable for high-viscous liquids, this could well be the answer for you.

As with other entries in our top 5, the unit combines good features, with quality construction and ease of use – exactly what you want from a daily work-horse.

Highly recommended, especially if you are dealing with the types of liquid that this machine is designed for.

BEST BUDGET OPTION: VEVOR Liquid Filling Machine

VEVOR Liquid Filling Machine Digital Control Pump Filling Machine GFK160 Bottle Filling Machine 2-3500ml Digital Filling
  • 【Widely Application】This numerical control liquid filling machine uses micro-computer to control the mini-pump on filling time and the rotation rate of electric motor so that the machine can fill the liquid fluently and at high accuracy. It is widely used in medical, chemistry, food, beverage, oil and cosmetics, etc. It is suitable for filling low-viscous liquid without pellets
  • 【Automatic and Stable】Automatic counting function, effectively control filling quantity. Working performance is stable and can be used for long time
  • 【Easy to Operate】LCD display, touch screen is very easy to operate. Reasonable design, made of stainless steel, meet GMP requirement
  • 【High Accuracy】Self-suck function, don't need to pour. Anti-dripping design; Wide Voltage range, the pump can stand acid and alkali
  • This can self-suck the liquid,Reasonable design, made of stainless steel, meet GMP requirement

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option for your filling needs, this offering from Vevor is one of the best on the market today.

Not only does it come in at a competitive price point, but it also has an exceptional capacity and a ton of good design features to boot.

Add that to the overall ease of use provided by the touch panel LCD display, and you have yourself a winner. However, prepare for a little experimenting before you get optimum results as the instructions on how to use the device are very poor.

Liquid Filling Machine Reviews

When looking to buy a liquid filling machine, there are a number of factors to consider first.

Filling speed and capacity are two extremely important variables. Clearly, a faster and larger machine is necessary if you have large amounts of liquid to process.

There’s also the issue of portability, where will you be using the machine? Accuracy and how easy the unit is to clean are other points to think about.

In this review round-up, you will find a selection of top-rated fillers, backed up with verified customer reviews in tandem with intensive product research and analysis.

Based on these rating criteria and more, the following 5 models are what we consider to be the best liquid Filling Machines on the market in 2021.

1. BEST PNEUMATIC MACHINE: OrangeA Horizontal Liquid Filling Machine Review

Our top pickpPneumatic liquid filling machine is this duel nozzle unit from OrangeA. With a filling volume maximum capacity of 1000ml with a speed range between 20 – 60 bottles a minute (depending on volume), this is a versatile work-horse that doesn’t disappoint.

The pneumatic method has become more popular within the industry in recent years; even more so now that price point means small to medium-sized enterprises can realistically afford to purchase one.

Precision is far greater on a pneumatic machine such as this. A small piston is used to draw out the liquid in the correct volumes. This then flows down a one-way valve into the filling container.

A magnetic switch controls the cylinder stroke so that exactly the right amount of liquid is retrieved with each fill.

Simple operation means you can set these volumes with great precision.

The construction quality is also impressive in this model. The stainless steel body and durable rotary valve system all help ensure that this is a machine that will continue to run for years, with minimum maintenance concerns.

The food-grade nature of the unit also means that it is easy to disassemble for cleaning.

  • Power supply voltage: 220v ± 5v 110v ± 5v
  • Power: 10w
  • Filling volume: 100-1000ml
  • Filling head: double head
  • Rated air pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa
  • Air Consumption 3-5KG 0.4-0.6MPa.
  • Filling speed: 20-60 bottles/min
  • Filling accuracy: ±0.5%-±1%
  • Weight: 44kg(96.8lb)
  • Speed: Approximate 2-50 r/min
  • Accuracy: ≤±1%
  • Machine size: 1150×680×550mm(45.26″×17.98″×21.65″)
  • Package size: 1160×550×335mm(45.67″21.65″13.19″)
Package Content
  • 1×Main Unit
  • 1×English Instruction Manual
  • 1×Packing List
  • 1×Product certification
  • 1×Set of hexagon wrench(1.5,2.5,3,4.5)
  • 1×Set of Sealing ring(O type, planarity)
  • 1×”+”screwdriver
  • 1×”-“screwdriver
Pros of the OrangeA Horizontal Liquid Filling Machine
  • Filling volume: 100-1000ml (dual filling head design)
  • speed: 20-60 bottles/min
  • Semi-auto pneumatic liquid filling – high precision while easy to operate
  • Rugged design
  • Can be easily dismantled for cleaning
The Cons
  • One user had problems with consistant filling, however OrangeA did refund some of the purchase price as a result.

2. Sumeve Pneumatic Filling Machine Liquid Paste Bottler Filler 20-110ml Filler (P110) Review

Another pneumatic filling machine now, and one with the same capacity as our top pick above.

Pitched as being appropriate for liquid paste, this offering from Sumeve is designed for liquids with high viscosity.

If you are working with liquids such as toothpaste, or food products such as cream, ketchup, and other sauces that would normally clog a standard filling machine, you should opt for something such as this.

The horizontal single head is built so that thicker liquids can pass through with ease.

The filling speed is good too, with a 20 to 60 bottle a minute range depending on volume and liquid.

Build quality and overall design is another plus point on this machine. The bulk of the unit is made from 304 stainless steel, with the base being 201 stainless steel. Both materials are corrosion and wear-resistant and are conducive to food orientated manufacturing and filling.

The machine also has a detachable buckle design, making the components easy to disassemble and wash.

One important thing to note is that the unit does not contain an inbuilt air-compressor, meaning you will need to purchase one separately or already have one in your workshop, factory, or farm.

The machine also requires electricity to run, so that needs to be accounted for too.

  • Drive mode: Pneumatic
  • The capacity of hopper: 22lbs/10kg
  • Filling speed: 20–60 times/min
  • Filling accuracy (+/- 1%)
  • filling range: 20-110ml
Pros of the Sumeve Liquid Paste Filling Machine
  • Designed for use with high-viscous liquids – doesn’t clog
  • Adequate filling range and speed for the money
  • Good design and build quality
  • Easy to use
The Cons
  • Air compressor source has to be purchased separately

3. BEST FOR LARGE VOLUMES: GFK-17L Liquid Filling Machine Automatic Digital Control Bottle Filler Review

Another quality liquid filling machine to make our top 5 is this large capacity 17000ml unit.

For those that require larger volume filling, the GFK-17L is definitely worth considering.

As with our top pick above, the machine is designed for medical, chemistry, beverage and food industry application. It is also priced competitively enough to meet the needs of smaller businesses.

A motor and pump working principle has been used here, along with an intuitive digital control system.

The touch panel is easier to operate and provides helpful functions such as counting, as well as displays of important filling data.

The machine itself has two working modes, a pedal mode for better user control or an automatic filling mode instead.

For longer-lasting use (and high capacity use throughout the working day), the machine features a heat dissipation design that helps to protect the motor and pump for undue strain.

Furthermore, the manufacturers state that the upgraded pump mechanism now means that the GFK-17L has an average accuracy rating of  ±0.5%. A marked increase in precision compared to older models.

The stainless steel case is built in order to meets GMP requirements. The machine is also acid and alkali resistant.

Finally, other useful design features include anti-leakage nozzle, self-suck pump mechanisms, and continuous idle for longer operating times.

  • Voltage: AC110V-220V.
  • Power:180W.
  • Max Flow Rate: 10L/min
  • Max Suck Distance: 2m
  • Repeat Error:<0.5%
  • Anti-dripping Function: Available
  • Memory Function without Electricity: Available
  • Weight: 15KG
Package Content
  • GFK-17L Filling Machine.
  • Foot Pedal.
  • Power Cable X 1.
  • Anti-dripping Nozzle X 1.
  • User Manual X 1.
  • Inner hexagonal wrench X 1.
Pros of the GFK-17L liquid filling machine
  • High capacity filling with a range from 20ml to 17000ml
  • High-quality design and features (including inbuilt heat dissipation)
  • Easy to operate and intuitive digital control display
  • Two working modes, foot pedal and automatic
The Cons
  • Lack or decent instructions
  • One user on Amazon had issues with the build quality overall

Bottom Line

As the highest capacity filling machine to make our top 5, it will certainly appeal to those that require such high volume filling.

The features are good too, as is the build quality. And while the price point is competitive, there are better value options available.

4. BEST BUDGET: VEVOR Automatic Digital Liquid Filling Machine Review

The best budget unit in our top 5, (and impressively enough the machine with the second-largest volume capacity) is this 3500ml offering from Vevor.

With a capacity of, yes you’ve guessed it, 3500ml this is a machine that provides greater versatility than your average model.

The flow rate is good too at 3.2l on the maximum end, (this translates to approximately 20 to 60 fills a minute depending on bottle size and liquid type).

Operation is made simple with the liquid display and touch panel control. Important data, volumes and bottle count can all be read from here.

Rather than working via a pneumatic system, this unit incorporates a micro-computer controlled mini-pump and electric motor.

Essentially, the self-prime pump works to suck the liquid from the main container. This is done with great accuracy via the main microprocessor. The liquid is then released via the head nozzle into the bottle.

This system also helps the machine to be smaller and more portable in size as no air-compressor is required.

Unlike the offering from Sumeve reviewed above, this machine is not designed for highly viscous liquids. It is recommended for clear, thin liquids only, (however, manufacturers do state that the unit can be used with olive oil).

  • Filling range: 2-3500ml
  • Max Flow Rate:3.2L/min
  • Speed: 20-60 times/minute
  • Filling accuracy: ±0.5%
  • Machine Size:350 X 270 X 150(mm)
Pros of the VEVOR Automatic Digital Liquid Filling Filler
  • Very affordable
  • High maximum capacity level of 3500ml
  • Smaller and more portable than pneumatic fillers
  • Good flow rate and filling speeds
The Cons
  • For use with thin liquids only
  • Very poor instructions that have led to confusion for some users.

5. Sumeve Peristaltic Pump Filling Machine Review

The final liquid filling machine to make our top 5 is another unit from Sumeve. With a maximum capacity of 2000ml (double what you get from the Sumeve model reviewed earlier), this is a filler that will appeal to those requiring that level of volume.

Where this model comes into its own, however, is the fact it can be used with high-corrosive and chemical liquids.

This is due to the fact it follows a peristaltic pump design. In laymen’s terms, this means that the liquid only passes through the pipe without touching the pump body or other components of the machine.

This results in no contamination at all. Harmful liquids will not damage vital parts of the machine. Likewise, food-grade processing can be achieved as the liquid will not come in contact with anything other than the pipe.

As such you will find this Sumeve model widely used in factory lines, laboratories, food, and agricultural industries as well as for medical scenarios.

The unit also has an LCD touch screen display and control panel for easy, intuitive operation. That being said, the instruction on how to use the machine lack detail, which can make it confusing during the early stages of use.

It is also worth noting that discharge is set according to the filling speed X filling time, making the model more difficult to use. (Most machines are controlled by setting the discharge amount directly).

However, maintenance and cleaning are simple on a machine with this design system. The pipe is the only component you need to worry about, just disconnect it from the unit and flush it out for maintenance.

As with the majority of our top 5, the machine should be used with low-viscous liquids only.

Finally, a one-year warranty is offered on the machine. Sumeve also recommends that you contact them directly for any pre-sales questions you may have.

  • Voltage: AC110V
  • Power: 80 w
  • Flow rate: 2000ml/ min (based on water)
  • Single time range:01s~999.9s
  • Working mode: power delay data program setting
  • Display mode: upper row filling time display,
  • middle row intermittent time display,
  • lower row count display
  • Machine weight: 8.0 kg
  • Repeat filling error: 0.5%
  • Filling head diameter:6mm
  • Body material: 201 stainless steel
  • Pipe material:Food grade silica gel
  • The pipe length:2m
  • Max Suck Distance: 3 m
Pros of the Sumeve Peristaltic Pump Filling Machine
  • Low contamination with liquid touching the pip only
  • Can work with highly corrosive liquids
  • Good 2000ml maximum capacity
  • Easy to use touch screen display
The Cons
  • Another unit with incomprehensible instructions, (written by a non-native English speaker).

Bottom Line

The Sumeve Peristaltic Pump Filling Machine is a highly recommended option for those working with corrosive liquids, or where minimum contamination is vital.

The design of the system completely lends itself to that type of application. Coupled with the ease of use and general speed flow, there’s a lot to like here.

What to consider when buying a Liquid Filling Machine

1. The Viscosity of the Liquid

Water is less viscous the milk, which is less viscous than molasses. Because of this, you need to consider the type of liquid you will be using the filling machine for.

Machines vary in the way that they are able to handle the viscosity of a liquid. This is represented in the model specifications. This useful liquid viscosity table will help you understand the properties of the liquid you are using so that you can buy an appropriate filling machine.

Within this, you should also think about whether the liquid has particles (squeezed juice pulp for instance) or is even a semi-sold. For these, more demanding scenarios a piston or pump filler may be required.

2. What type of container will you be using?

The shape and material of the container are another important consideration. There will also be food hygiene issues to think about in many cases.

Plastic, glass, or aluminum containers will each have different requirements when it comes to the filling process. Knowing this before you buy a filling machine will help prevent any operational issues.

For instance, automatic bottle fillers are often designed to grab bottles from the top. If you are filling jars and the diameter is too large, the machine could be useless for that particular container.

We advise that you focus on the compatibility between the container and the filling machine before any purchase is made.

3. How fast can the filling machine work?

In some scenarios speed will be a very important factor, (time is money as they say). If you have large volumes to fill, a reliable and fast filler will be what you need.

In other situations, a small business with less demand for the product, a slower, smaller machine will be more cost-effective and will take up less space. (Try to consider expansion in your buying decision, however. If demand increases, will the machine be able to cope without you investing all over again in a new model?)

The specifications of smaller machines will measure speed as bottles produced per hour (BPH). On larger, industrial fillers this will be measured by bottles per minute (BPM).

4. Automated vs. Manual Liquid Filling Machines

The speed and capacity that you require will also help determine whether an automated or manual filling machine, (budget is a question too).

You should ask yourself what the appropriate level of automation is for your application. Smaller volumes are suited to manual fillers. They are affordable and space-efficient and a good choice for hobbyists, small farms, and business owners with expansion being a way off.

Semi-automatic filling machines are the next step up in terms of speed, volume, and cost. They will still require some manual operation, but the process is sped up and capacity may meet the demands of a larger business.

For large-scale production, a fully-automated filling machine will often be required. However, this is beyond the scope of this article anyway, as this would involve specialist factory equipment and big budgets.

5. Customization & Support

Finally, there is the issue of manufacturer support. Always check the warranty to see what’s on offer between brands. Also, what kind of reputation do they have in terms of support. Is it readily available, or are they just reselling machines imported from China with little in-house knowledge of their intricacies?

For larger applications (and therefore filling machines), you should expect customization on some level. Being able to discuss your demands with the manufacturer is an important part of that process. A good company will be able to deliver.

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