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What is the best croquet set on the market? That’s exactly what we will look into today.

Whether you’re after a quality, Amish set with handcrafted components; a cheap and cheerful budget option, or maybe something in between – we have a croquet set here for you.

Taking a series of products from a range of price points we have aimed to provide the ultimate review and buyer’s guide.

For our findings at a glance, just head to the table below. For full reviews of each of our choices, keep on reading.

Best Croquet Set – Top 5

8 Player Set
Maple Hardwood
(32" Handles)
Wooden Storage
BEST BUDGET: Maggift Croquet
6 Player Set
26" Handles
Carrying Bag
6 Player Set
32" Wooden Mallets
Carrying Bag
6 Player Set
30" Wooden Mallets
Carrying Bag
6 Mallets, 6 Balls
9 wickets, 2 posts
35 inch

Croquet Set Reviews

wooden croquet sets

A little history

Croquet is a popular outdoor game that has been around since the early part of the 19th Century. The origins of the game we play today can be traced back to England in 1852.

It was in this year that a game known as ‘Crooky’ found its way across from Ireland, (the origins there date back to the 1830s).

As became evident, this popular lawn game quickly found its way across the British Empire as well as most of Western Europe.

To this day, the game appeals across the classes. The traditional image of the well-to-do playing croquet across manicured lawns in between sips of Pimms remains, but the fact is any family or group of friends can enjoy a round of croquet as long as they have a working set and a patch of grass to play on.

And on the subject of croquet sets, there is a number to choose from. As promised we have selected 5 of the best from within a range of price points to give the ultimate low down.

So if you’re ready, let’s jump in and take a look…

1. TOP PREMIUM PICK: The Amish-crafted Deluxe with 8-Player Croquet Game Set, has Maple Hardwood(s)

This is an old fashioned maple hardwood croquet set crafted in Lancaster County by Amish folks. The set has six maple mallets and they are lathe-turned.

Each end of the mallet head has a polished brass ring. This protects the head from smashing or cracking.

This top-quality croquet set helps keep your game organized since it comes with a ready-to-play wooden holder.

The balls in this set are made from plastic polymer making the balls durable while the metal wickets are vinyl-coated. The metal wickets will not bend easily and they are quite substantial.

Pros of the Amish-Crafted Deluxe which has 8-Player Croquet Game Set, also with Maple Hardwood(s)
  • This best croquet set is durable and will last for a number of years.
  • The ample hardwood construction and the metal rings in the mallet heads ensure that the set is sturdy. The hardwood material also increases the resistance of this croquet set.
  • It offers players more convenience since it comes with a convenient wooden holder. It also comes with two different mallet lengths which increase its convenience.
  • It has a very good and unique design which sets it apart from other croquet sets. The stylish design offers players more passion for the game.
The Cons
  • This croquet set is a bit costly for a croquet set.

Bottom line

This is a beautiful croquet set packed with a stylish design and finish. With the top quality Amish craftwork going into its build, this is a very sturdy set that will last for many years. As a result, it gets our top pick choice with no hesitation.

To top it all off, it comes with a handy wooden storage kit that will help ensure your set remains in tip-top condition.

2. BEST BUDGET PICK: The MAGGIFT with the Six Player Croquet Set Carrying Bag, that is 26-Inch

The MAGGIFT 6 player croquet set is perfect to be played at family gatherings or picnics. The set comprises of weather-resistant molded balls and vinyl-coated wickets. The hardwood mallet and handles are easy to install.

It will only take you a few seconds to install the handles since you will only need to screw the handle into the mallet. The MAGGIFT croquet set can be played by two to six players.

The hardwood mallets are fitted with caps for added protection. The set comes equipped with the following:

  • Six 26inches hardwood handles.
  • Six 8inches hardwood mallets that are fitted with caps for more protection.
  • Nine steel wickets that are vinyl-coated.
  • Six weather-resistant balls.

The main objective of the MAGGIFT croquet set is to race your opponents around the wickets and get to hit the finishing stake.

Ensure that whenever children are using this croquet set they are under the supervision of adults.

Pros of the MAGGIFT with the Six Player Croquet Set Carrying Bags, which is 26-Inch
  • The MAGGIFT croquet set is portable since it comes with a carrying bag making it easy to transport. The bag helps players organize the equipment neatly and store away the equipment when not in use.
  • It is very easy to install. The installation will only take a few seconds to screw the handle into the mallet.
  • Storing this croquet set is quite easy because the mallets can be taken apart to offer compact storage.
  • The set is durable and will last long since it has been made using high-quality materials.
  • The set can be played by players of different ages and abilities. A maximum of eight players can play using the set at a time.
  • The hardwood mallets are equipped with caps to increase protection.
  • This set is affordable which makes it desirables for most players.
The Cons
  • The MAGGIFT croquet set is not very sturdy.

Bottom line

The MAGGIFT with the Six Player Croquet Set Carrying Bag, which is 26-Inch is a croquet set that can be played by players of different ages and abilities. It is easy to install and easy to carry around since it comes with a carrying bag.

For increased protection, the hardwood mallets are equipped with caps. The set is also easy to store since the mallets can be taken apart for storage.

This croquet set can be used during family gatherings or picnics since a maximum of eight players can use it in one go. The price of this croquet set is affordable and it gives you value for your money. This is the reason why we recommend it as the best budget buy.

3. BEST VALUE PICK: The Six-Player Deluxe Croquet Set of Wooden Mallets, by Crown Sporting Goods

This is a croquet set that offers players a convenient set in one. It includes 32 inches hardwood mallets fitted with rubber caps for extra protection.

It also has two hardwood stakes, 9 vinyl-coated steel wickets, 6 weather-resistant polymer balls, and a carrying bag.

Setting this croquet set is very easy to set up and is crafted from high-quality materials. The set includes 6 mallets that are made using hardwood.

This ensures that you are able to achieve an accurate and most effective experience while playing.

The mallets have cylindrical heads and octagonal handles perfect for garden croquet and yet strong enough to withstand a serious game of croquet.

The set is also simple to transport since it comes with a durable carrying bag that can be used to carry all the equipment. All you need is to strap it on your back and literally carry it everywhere.

Pros of the Six-Player Deluxe Croquet Set of Wooden Mallets
  • The set has an elegant design and finish and the quality ensures that players get a reliable and durable finish.
  • This croquet set is both convenient and versatile. It comes with a complete set of 6 mallets, colored balls and a set of wickets that offers players increased convenience.
  • Deluxe croquet set is durable owing to its vintage hardwood construction. The mallets are constructed using quality and resistant hardwood material. The rubber caps increase protection to ensure that the set lasts longer.
  • It is portable since it comes with a durable carrying bag with straps. The bag can fit all the equipment and carrying it is easy so the set can be transported everywhere conveniently.
  • The set is perfect to be used by a large group of players and can be used on various occasions like picnics, camping trips, etc.
The Cons
  • The carrying bag capacity may not be sufficient to fit the whole set.
  • The finishing on the wood tends to peel off fast.

Bottom line

Of all the best croquet sets this is the best value set. This is because the croquet set offers players more convenience since it comes with a complete set. It has an excellent design and finishes.

From the balls to the wickets, the set is built to last for many years. The durable carrying bag with a zipper ensures that all the equipment can easily be transported almost everywhere.

Another thing that adds to the value is that a large group of people can use the set making it perfect for picnics or large family gatherings.

4. The Scottsdale’s Croquet Set by the North Meadow

The Scottsdale’s Croquet Set by North Meadow comes with 6 polymer balls, heavy wickets that come with their own storage bags, a canvas carrying bag, and 24 inches goal stakes.

The set offers players convenience, high quality, reliability, and attractiveness. It can easily be played by 6 players comfortably at a go.

The mallets are made from hard maple which is one of the most durable and resistant materials in the market. This offers players excellent hitting quality.

Pros of the Scottsdale's Croquet Set by North Meadow
  • This best croquet set offers players a durable and resistant set. This is because the set has been build using resistant and durable maple wood.
  • The set can be used during large gatherings because it can be played by five players at a time.
  • It is portable considering that it comes with a durable canvas carrying bag. The bag is large enough to fit all the set’s equipment comfortably.
  • The set has more resistance to moisture and scratching since it boasts of a high-quality coating. The superior coating gives the set an attractive look and superior strength.
  • It is also quite easy to install the set since each mallet comes with its own color and can be assembled easily.
The Cons
  • The Scottsdale’s Croquet Set by North Meadow best croquet set is a bit costly compared to other sets.

Bottom line

This best croquet set offers players convenience and reliability since it has been made using reliable and durable maple wood. It is easy to transport the set because it comes with a large canvas carrying bag that fits all the equipment comfortably.

It is resistant to scratches and moisture since it has been coated using high-quality material. The coating not only makes it attractive but also very sturdy.

Assembling the set is also very easy because each mallet comes with its own color and they are easy to assemble.

5. The GoSports Premium Croquet Set(s) for the Adults & Kids – Choose Between the Deluxe and Standard

This is complete croquet set from GoSports, that comes complete with six balls, six color mallets, nine wickets and two end posts. Also included in the set is a carrying bag which makes the set nice and portable.

The set has premium construction to feature a modern construction and durability.

The modern design makes the set look attractive in any lawn or backyard. The set can be played by players of different ages and ability.

Pros of the GoSports Premium Croquet Set
  • This best croquet set is quite portable since it comes with a large and durable carrying bag which fits all the equipment comfortably.
  • It is a durable set that has made using high-quality and durable material. It also has a modern construction which gives it a unique and attractive look.
  • This is a perfect set which can be played by players of different ages and ability. Both adults and kids can comfortably use this set.
  • Its handles offer players comfort since they are wrapped with a comfortable grip. This makes the handles superior and convenient.
  • The set also comes with a reliable and dependable warranty to give users the confidence they need while purchasing this croquet set.
  • This is a perfect quality set made from high-quality and real wood.
The Cons
  • The heads of this croquet set mallets are smaller compared to other croquet sets in the market.

Bottom line

This is the best croquet set that has some desirable features. It is made using high-quality wood which makes the set durable. Transporting this set is easy since it comes with a carrying bag that allows users to store and organize all the equipment comfortably.

The set can be played by players of different ages and abilities making it perfect for picnics and large family gatherings.

It has a modern and unique construction which makes it quite attractive on your backyard or lawn.

The Vintage Croquet Set

vintage croquet set

Buying a vintage croquet set is rather more difficult online. eBay would be the recommended approach.

Beyond that, it could be a needle in the haystack type affair of visiting yard sales and vintage stores in the hope that you might come across one.

The Amish croquet sets do follow the vintage aesthetic quite closely, so as a contemporary solution you may well look there too.

What to Consider when Buying a Croquet Set

croquet mallets on grass

Who is it for?

One of the first issues to consider is who will be using the croquet set.

Something for the summer months to have some fun with the children will be different from a set designed for adults and teenagers that might last several years.

The fundamental aspect here is the size of the set. So let’s break that down by dividing available croquet sets into two groups:

So let’s first divide croquet sets into two groups:

  • Sets for children
  • Sets for teenager/adults

The length of the mallet shaft is the main differentiator here; as is the weight of the mallet and ball.

Croquet Sets for Children

croquet set for children

Croquet sets for children will have mallet shafts between 24 and 29 inches long. This is a great size for a child as they will be able to control and swing the mallet.

For an adult, however, this length range means you would need to bend over quite considerably to hold the shaft and swing the mallet.

Most mallets for young players will weigh less than two pounds, with the balls coming in at around 8 ounces. These are lighter, so the child does not need to swing so hard to make the ball move over greater distances.

This lightweight nature is especially helpful in a normal backyard, where the grass is more unkempt than a designated croquet court.

Court size for children

The USCA Official 9 wicket court is 50 X 100 feet; this is too large for children to comfortably play, (and for the average household lawn dimensions). 25 X 50 feet is a much better size for young players.

Croquet Sets for Teenagers & Adults

croquet for adults

Sets for older players have a standard size 36-inch mallet shaft length. (A few sets utilize 34 or 32-inch shafts.)

As with the sets designed for children, anything shorter than 32 inches becomes difficult for the average adult frame to use.

Harder woods are used for adult sets. It is common to see robust materials such as maple, oak, and hickory used for the mallets and shafts.

Not only does this make the adult sets more expensive, but these components also weigh a great deal more, with the mallets being closer to two and a half pounds each.

The balls are larger (3 5/16 inches), and heavier (around 12 ounces) than those used in children croquet sets.

Court size for adults

Regarding court size, if you have space a ¾ of the full USCA 9 wicket court is great. The grass should be as short as possible, however.

6 ball or 4 ball set?

croquet mallets

Whether you purchase a six-ball or a four-ball set is dependent on the number of players you expect to have at any one time.

For some family sets, 4 balls are enough.

That being said, the majority of backyard croquet sets available online, opt for the six-ball combination with 6 mallets and nine wickets.

In fact, the traditional “American 9 Wicket Croquet” set has been 6 balls since its adoption from the British, (who interestingly throughout the Empire, opted for four balls and six wickets approach).

A word about the Extras

croquet mallets in a rack

Finally, there are a number of extras that will impact the overall quality and cost of a croquet set.

Boundary strings and corner pegs are one such addition that will not be available in all sets but is definitely good to have.

Nylon string will normally come in 500-foot spools. Corner pegs will be made from dowel or narrow board.

In high-quality sets, you may even get colored pegs with mounted flags.

Storage is another consideration. Lower budget options should at least come packaged in A lightweight nylon bag. The benefit of this is that one person can easily carry the bag, and put it in the trunk for transportation.

A traditional wooden box is aesthetically pleasing and is the approach premium Amish style croquet sets might adopt, however, they are slightly more impractical.

A wooden trolley is a nice touch, as this can be wheeled out to the court when it comes time to play.

Final Thoughts

professional croquet set

We are hopeful that you have been able to pick useful buying tips from this review. It will be wise if you compared the pros and cons of the products that we have selected, as well as check the price to see if a given set falls into your budget.

This will help you make an informed purchase which will not only give you value for your money but give you a wonderful gaming experience too.

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