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Best central vacuum hose

What is the best central vacuum hose on the market in 2021? Aftermarket hoses are often stronger, offer more features, and can be a great way of updating your central vac system at a very low cost.

Compatibility is an issue, however, and you will want to check that the hose you buy will fit comfortably with any powerhead and accessories you have, as well as the central vac wall inlet you have installed.

To help you in your search we have pulled together 5 top-rated central vac hoses, covering different price points and brand compatibility.

For our findings at a glance, just head to the table below. For an in-depth review of each of our choices, keep on reading.

Best Central Vacuum Hose

TOP PICK:Beam CompatibleElectric Hose
BEAM/ELECTROLUX35ft Hose2 Prong Plug
NuTone CH515Crush-ProofCentral Vacuum Hose
NUTONE30ft Hose3 Way SwitchSwivel Handle
AirVac Central VacDeluxe Hose(V510PS)
AIRVAC30ft Hose3 Way Switch6ft Pigtail
BEST BUDGET:On/Off, 35ft HoseButton Lock
UNIVERSAL35ft HoseSwivel Handle
Cen-Tec Systems99702 CentralVacuum hose
W/ Knit Sock

Central Vacuum Hose Reviews

central vacuum accessories

There are different types and brands of central vacuum hoses. Some will feature universal fittings in order to be compatible with a range of central vac systems. Other hoses will be more bespoke.

All the same, each hose can be rated based on durability, features, price point and overall comfort of use. Based on such rating criteria, 5 quality central vacuum hoses have been selected for review.

Let’s investigate.

1. TOP PICK: Beam Compatible 35ft Corded, Electric Hose

Beam Compatible 35ft

This 35ft Beam Compatible hose is a top-quality option for those looking for that little extra length.

The unit features a pigtail 8 foot supply cord configuration, so one does need to check the specifications of their central vacuum system before purchasing.

(The manufacturers clearly state that the hose is NOT compatible with Beam Q or Electrolux Quiet Series).

The hose has a two-prong female plug setup, which again makes it non-compatible with handles that are designed with a 3 pronged female plug configuration.

Beam Compatible 35ft

Also, because the hose comes with a chromed steel button-lock stub it should not be purchased as a replacement for handles with plastic stubs.

Compatibility limitations aside, the hose is comfortable to use and strong enough to provide confidence that you will get a number of years of function from it.


Contact the manufacturer for full details of compatibility on 929.800.2980

This hose is not compatible with the following systems:

  • Electrolux Epic & Quiet Clean series
  • Beam Solaire or Q Series,
  • or any other square/oblong wand and powerhead.

To be used with 2 prong systems only.

Pros of the Beam Compatible 35ft Corded, Electric Hose
  • Affordable Beam hose replacement
  • 35ft for those looking for extra long functionality
  • 2 prong female plug
The Cons
  • A list of compatibility issues buyers should be aware of, (see full list in dropdown)
  • Some customers have complained that the durability is not up to original factory issues hoses from Braun.

Bottom Line

Overall this is a top-quality aftermarket hose replacement for Braun central vac systems. You need to check compatibility issues of course, but if you need that extra 35ft length for your system, this is the recommended one to buy.

2. NuTone CH515 Crush-Proof 30-Foot Central Vacuum Hose

NuTone CH515 Crush-Proof 30-Foot Central Vacuum Hose

The Nutone CH515 is a quality replacement hose for NuTone central vacuum systems.

Not only is this 30 foot, hard-wearing, crushproof hose extremely lightweight, (making it easy to maneuver while cleaning), the hose is also current-carrying meaning you can operate the system with a flick of a switch.

The three-button on/off control is conveniently placed on the comfort grip handle.

Using these buttons you have direct control of both the main power unit as well as the motorized swivel handle.

The NuTone CH515 has a 1 1/4″ inner hose diameter, (compatible with a wide range of central vac wall inlet valves).

NuTone CH515 Crush-Proof 30-Foot Central Vacuum Hose

However, the NuTone Amazon sales page provides a handy compatibility lookup just by entering your system model number.

The hose also comes with a convenient hanger and mounting hardware for when the system is not in use.

As you would expect from this reliable, well-known central vacuum manufacturer, the system is completely UL and CUL recognized.

Pros of the NuTone CH515 Crush-Proof 30-Foot Central Vacuum Hose
  • 30ft crush-proof construction
  • Current carrying
  • 3 position on/off switch conveniently placed on the handle
  • Ergonomic, motorized swivel handle
  • Hanging and storage accessories provided
The Cons
  • Some customers have had issues with the overall build quality, with hoses breaking after a short period of use.
  • Designed for NuTone systems only.

Bottom Line

The CH515 is a quality replacement hose for NuTone central vacuum systems that has enjoyed a lot of great customer feedback for overall design and use.

However, the fact that some users have questioned the overall durability of the hose, prevents it from being our number one pick.

Worth checking out if you’re a NuTone central vac owner all the same.

3. AirVac Central Vacuum Deluxe Hose, 30 Ft. (V510PS)

AirVac Central Vacuum Deluxe Hose

The AirVac V510PS Deluxe Central Vacuum hose is another after market replacement that comes in at 30 feet long.

To fit most units, the hose is 1-1/4” in diameter and is designed to be crushproof. It also features an ergonomically designed swivel handle, complete with a conveniently placed 3 position control switch.

High voltage power brushes can be connected to the hose. The unit also allows for direct control of the power unit.

If your system has an air-driven powerhead or similar accessories, they will be compatible with the AirVac hose.

The inbuilt variable suction control ring is another nice feature of the AirVac V510PS. As is the quick release button for disconnecting tool attachments.

The unit fits standard central vacuum wall inlets with a 1.5” diameter. The 6fit pigtail configuration makes for top-notch cleaning functionality.

One word of warning. If you are looking to use the hose with a 3 prong powerhead plug, you will likely need to purchase a compatible upper wand for everything to work as it should.

Call on 929.800.2980 for any compatibility and technical questions before you buy.

Pros of the AirVac Central Vacuum Deluxe Hose, 30 Ft. (V510PS)
  • Crushproof aftermarket 30ft hose compatible with AirVac systems.
  • 1-1/4” diameter hose designed for standard 1.5” wall valves
  • 3-way switch with 6 ft pigtail configuration
The Cons
  • Only designed for AirVac systems
  • 3-prong powerhead plugs could need a new upper wand fitted

Bottom Line

Similar issues apply here as to others in our top 5 picks. Compatibility issues mean you should only buy this if you already own an AirVac central vacuum system.

That being said, this is still a sturdy, comfortable hose to use and will suit those looking for a replacement for their system.

4. BEST BUDGET HOSE: Low Voltage On/Off 35ft Hose with Button Lock

Low Voltage On/Off 35ft Hose with Button Lock

This 35 foot, crushproof yet lightweight hose is another worthy addition to our top 5.

For those looking for an aftermarket option with extra length, you could well have found your answer here.

This affordable hose, features a 360-degree swivel handle, along with a convenient position on/off switch to operate the suction.

Designed for central vacuum units that utilize air-driven non-electric power brushes, (the manufacturer’s state models such as those from TurboCat to be compatible); if you use small air-driven brushes, this is the hose for you.

If you have vacuum wall valves with two small low voltage metal contacts inside the 1.5 inches (or so) diameter hole, you can also use this unit.

It is also compatible with chrome extension tube wands.

As a word of warning to Vacuflo users, the hose is not actually designed to be used with their 2-pin wall valves.

As it is better to be safe than sorry, the manufacturers advise that you call them free on 929.800.2980, for clarification on which systems can be used with the hose.

Pros of the Low Voltage On/Off 35ft Hose with Button Lock
  • 35-foot crush-proof hose
  • 360-degree swivel handle with on/off switch to be used for non-electric attachments
  • Features an inbuilt button-lock mechanism
  • Technical Support can be reached free on 800.2980
The Cons
  • Not compatible with 2 pin wall valves

Bottom Line

This is our best budget central vacuum hose for good reason. Suitable for a range of central vac brands and delivering a good quality build and functionality for the price, there is a lot to like here.

As always you should check the compatibility to ensure that the hose will fit your setup. However, if it does, and you don’t wish to break the bank replacing your current hose, this is the one to buy.

5. Cen-Tec Systems 99702, 35ft Central Vacuum hose

The final entry in our top 5 is the #99702 electric hose from CenTec Systems.

This comes in at 35 feet and is an electric hose designed to power electric powerheads and accessories. The hose comes with a direct connect wall end as well as a chrome locking stub tube.

As with all the central vac hoses in this review roundup, the CenTec Systems 99702 features a well-designed soft-grip handle. However, here it is fitted with an excellent flush cord management system.

Construction is good too. The CenTec is a robustly designed, 4-wire hose designed to prevent any kind of kink.

Suction is maintained throughout the operation; the lightweight hose is also easy to use while cleaning.

The unit is built with a knit hose sock that is designed to save your furniture and floors from scratching damage, as well as wear on the hose.


The Amazon sales page provides guidance on which central vac systems the hose can be used with. However, compatibility is stated with the following major brands:

  • Beam,
  • Nutone,
  • Electrolux,
  • Hayden,
  • VacuMaid,
  • Aggressor,
  • Vacuflo,
  • MD,
  • Canavac,
  • Cyclovac,
  • Air Vac
Cen-Tec Systems 99702, 35ft Central Vacuum hose
  • 35ft hose with universal ends for better compatibility
  • Compatible with major brands of central vac system (see drop-down above or Amazon sales page)
  • Soft-grip handle with flush cord system management
  • 35 foot knit hose sock for added protection
The Cons
  • One of the most expensive hoses in our top 5.

Bottom Line

The CenTec Systems 99702 is another hose that is designed to fit with as many brands of central vac as possible.

And while the compatibility is wide-ranging (always check first though); the fact that this unit is substantially more expensive than our top budget pick, cannot be ignored.

It is still a high quality, well-built hose, however.

Central Vacuum Hose Buyer’s Guide

There are a number of factors to consider when buying a new central vacuum hose. The first and foremost is the type and configuration of the hose. Let’s look at the options now.

Types of Central Vacuum Hoses

Below are the three types of central vacuum hoses:

Basic hose

The straight suction, basic hose is one of the most common central vacuum hoses. They do not rely on electricity as the powerhead spins the brush wheel using the suction force of the vacuum system.

This type of hose is simply inserted into the wall inlet valve for suction to be automatically generated.

There are no on or off switches required, as the circuit is complete as soon as the basic hose is plugged in. The central vacuum system will power up and you can begin to clean.

Low-voltage hose

A low voltage hose is similar to the basic, however, here there is some control of the vacuum system. Instead of powering up as soon as you insert the hose into the valve inlet, low-voltage wires within the hose run to a switch that provides the option of turning it on or off.

Electric hose

Full, electric hoses need to be used with an electric powerhead. This type of hose carries the voltage required to turn the electric-powered brush wheel.

There are two types of electric central vacuum hoses:

  • Direct Connect – the type of hose has a 2-pin plug attached to it, (referred to as prongs). This is inserted into the wall inlet valve that is compatible with this type of hose. Your central vacuum system will need to have been built with a direct connection in mind for this to work.
  • Corded (Pigtail) – Here, the hose has a cord that is inserted separately into a nearby power outlet. This enables a non, direct connect vacuum system to utilize an electric powerhead.

As you can see, it is important to ascertain your needs and the setup of your vacuum system before buying a hose. Otherwise, you could run into compatibility issues, or not achieve the level of performance you require.

Central Vacuum Hoses – Finding the right fit

Buying a new hose can bring up the issue of compatibility and what size hose you should buy.

Fortunately, there has been a standardized approach across brands when it comes to hose diameter. If your system is less than 20 years old it will more than likely be 2.5 inches in diameter. All newer systems use this.

To be sure, you can always lift the flap to measure the hole diameter. If it falls into the 2.5 inches, you know that universal replacement hoses will fit. All you need to concern yourself with is the type of hose (electric or basic as described above).

Anything older than 20 years and it is likely to be manufacturer specific. Assuming the brand exists, you will have to speak to them directly in order to find the correct sized hose.

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