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What is the best beach stroller on the market in 2021? As you would expect, there’s a wide selection available and choosing the right one for your needs can be difficult.

To help you we have pulled together 5 top-rated models covering a range of price points, features, and extras to provide a no-nonsense low down.

For our findings at a glance, just head to the table below. For an in-depth review of each of the selected beach strollers, plus a dedicated buyer’s guide, keep on reading.

Best Beach Strollers

Best Overall: BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller

BOB Revolution Flex 2.0 Jogging Stroller - Up to 75 pounds - UPF 50+ canopy - Adjustable Handlebar, Lagoon
  • Fit: Birth to 75 pounds; 0 to 8 weeks with the use of an infant car seat adapter and compatible infant car seat; child height 44 inches; dimensions 25.4 w x 43 h x 44 d inches; the seat reclines to 70 degree from vertical
  • Smooth; speedy stability: Locking swivel front wheel; air filled tires; and mountain bike style suspension system
  • Adjustable and safe: 9 position adjustable handlebar with wrist strap; no rethread five point harness; near flat recline; and extra-large UPF 50 plus canopy
  • Carry more gear: Store and organize your gear in the integrated pockets and extra-large cargo basket
  • Travel system ready: Compatible with BOB or Britax infant car seats when using the bob infant car seat adapter (sold separately); and with most other major brands

The BOB Revolution Flex 2.0, is a premium beach/jogging stroller that provides everything you need for a safe, comfortable and happy child.

With tons of features, adjustable seating, and that robust BOB design, it is hard to fault this stroller. The fact that it comes at a premium price point may put off some buyers, however.

Best Budget: Baby Trend Jogger Stroller

No products found.

The Baby Trend Jogger Stroller for Expedition is our best budget option for good reason. First, of course, is that low price point, this stroller really can be considered a bargain for the level of build quality and features you are getting.

However, the trade-off can be reduced comfort for your child in terms of the seat and slightly more difficult maneuverability when compared to more premium options.

Beach Stroller Reviews

beach stroller

In choosing the 5 beach strollers for this review roundup we rated the models based on their build quality, ergonomics, durability, and cost-performance benefits. We also took into account weight, comfort, and other factors.

Based on these rating criteria, the following are what we believe to be 5 of the best beach strollers currently available.

1. TOP PICK: BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller Flex 2.0 (Lagoon)

The BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller is perfect for any kid below 75 pounds and 44 inches tall! The primary feature that you will look for in a stroller is its wheels, which should not get bogged up in the sand and at the same time make the stroller easy to steer.

The Flex 2.0 comes with locking swivel-font wheels, and an adjustable handlebar, and can fit in your car easily too.

The stroller is made from superior materials and is designed with your child’s comfort in mind.

It also comes with storage pockets and 2 bottle holders as well. There are more features and benefits of this stroller but let’s divide them as pros and cons and have a look.

  • Weight (Net): 28.5lb, 12.9kg
  • Capacity: 8 weeks to 75lb, 34kg (occupant plus luggage weight);
  • Maximum occupant height: 44in, 112cm.
  • Frame Materials: High-strength aluminum alloy.
  • Seat Material: Poly and dobby weave fabrics with water repellent coating and open-cell foam padding.
  • Seat Recline: One-hand adjustment, down to 70° from vertical.
  • Suspension: Coil spring and elastomer core shock absorbers provide three inches of wheel travel. Adjustable shock release knobs allow for two shock positions to fine-tune suspension for varying occupant sizes. Position 1: 0-40 lbs. Position 2: 41-75 lbs.
  • Tires: Pneumatic tires with tubes and Schrader valve. Rear 16″ x 1.75″, Front 12.5″ x 1.75″.
  • Front Wheel Hub: Thru-axle design for enhanced security.  Quick-release lever for easy installation/removal without the need for tools.  Sealed cartridge bearings for low maintenance and durability over time.
  • Rear Wheel Hubs:  Quick-release levers for easy installation/removal without the need for tools.  Sealed cartridge bearings for low maintenance and durability over time.
  • Wheel Rims and Spokes: High-impact polymer composite.

Note: From birth with the use of an Infant Car Seat Adapter & compatible Infant Car Seat.

Pros BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller Flex 2.0
  • The BOB Revolution comes with a suspension system, which will certainly make the ride much easier and smoother for your kid even on uneven surfaces too.
  • It has a handbrake, which makes it much safer for joggers. Footbrakes can be awkward when you’re moving at speed.
  • You can adjust the stroller’s handlebar to various settings
  • There’s a lot of accessories that can be added to it.
  • The Bob revolution Flex 2.0 is wider, than convential strollers, offering more space for your toddler or baby.
The Cons
  • There are few cases, where users complained about the stroller making squeaky noises.
  • Some users said that they found the space underneath the stroller inadequate.
  • The reclining seat can be difficult to adjust.

2. Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller, Jet

The Jogger City Baby Stroller is the perfect stroller for those who are not looking to spend much but at the same time get all the essential features in a stroller.

Of course, it goes without saying that you will not get all the features that you would get in an expensive stroller.

Let us have a look at this affordable stroller’s pros and cons so that you can get a better understanding.

  • Color: Various
  • Material: Steel frame, rubber wheels
  • Weight Capacity: 65 Pounds
  • Overall dimension: 44.88 x 21.21 x 43.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 21.4 pounds
  • Harness Type: 5 Point
Pros of the City Jogger Baby Stroller
  • The City Jogger Baby Stroller offers an easy storing option. You can remove the rear wheels to create more space.
  • The Stroller is a lightweight stroller, which makes it easier to carry around. This is helpful especially when you have to travel far with your kid and the stroller
  • One-hand fold system – just lift a strap with one hand and the City Mini GT2 stroller folds itself
  • The stroller has had great customer feedback for its smooth ride. The large, air-filled rubber tires have a lot to do with this.
The Cons
  • The City Jogger Baby Stroller is relatively expensive

Bottom Line

The City Jogger Baby Stroller is a lightweight, portable stroller that comes at a very affordable price point. You can journey to the beach and know that your child will be safe and comfortable.

A highly recommended premium beach stroller.

3. BEST BUDGET: Baby Trend Jogger Stroller for Expedition (Bubble Gum)

The Baby Trend Jogger Stroller for Expedition is another popular stroller that is ideal for those who wants more from less!

The stroller consists of all the basic and essential features that you want in a stroller. In addition to that, this Baby Trend is also lightweight.

The best thing about lightweight strollers is that they are safe and easy to carry around; you don’t need too much of your strength to lift them up or down stairs, or in and out of your car.

The Expedition has gained popularity over time for its value for money. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

  • Stroller weight: 21.7 pounds (average-light for jogging strollers)
  • Stroller dimensions (standing): 21 x 47 x 41 inches
  • Stroller dimensions (folded): 23.5 x 16.75 x 33.75 inches
  • Maximum capacity: 50 lbs (average weight capacity for jogging strollers)
  • Seat back height: 17”
  • Colors Available: Phantom (black and charcoal), and Vanguard (black, charcoal, and orange)
Pros Baby Trend Jogger Stroller for Expedition
  • The Baby Trend Jogger Stroller for Expedition comes with a swivel wheel and you can also lock the wheels.
  • These two feature makes it easier to jog along and lock the stroller at one place while you catch your breath!
  • The back wheels will be near your feet and it will be easy for you to push the red levers and keep the stroller in one place.
  • The brakes are strong and it can hold the stroller even on downhill slopes too. (You can try it, but without your kid in it!)
  • The Baby Trend Jogger comes with a child tray, where your kid can rest his hands or place his or her food there.
  • It is affordable and lightweight.
The Cons
  • Some users found the Stroller to be difficult to maneuver and difficult on corners.
  • Few customers said that their kids weren’t comfortable in the stroller and the seat felt hard and uncomfortable.
  • The overall appearance of the stroller is rather bland

4. Thule Jogging Stroller Urban Glide 2

The Urban Glide 2 is often considered as a true sports stroller. It is one of today’s hottest and most popular strollers and it is easy to see why.

It is built with quality in mind and is perfect for light joggers and beach use.

The Thule Urban Glide 2018 was the previous model and Thule Jogging Stroller Urban Glide 2 is the new and updated version with more features.

Therefore, it’s time we take a look at the pros and cons and decide if the Thule Jogging Stroller Urban Glide 2 is the best choice or not.

Best Use
Seating Capacity
Weight Capacity (lbs)
75 pounds
Running Brake
Parking Brake
Adjustable Handle
Reclinable Seat(s)
41.1 x 40 x 27 inches
Folded Dimensions
34.2 x 22.8 x 13.3 inches
Front Wheel Diameter (in.)
12 inches
Rear Wheel Diameter (in.)
16 inches
25 lbs. 5 oz.
Pros of the Thule Jogging Stroller Urban Glide 2
  • It has top quality wheels and suspension. It is easier to maneuver and more stable as compared to many strollers.
  • The built-in suspension of this stroller makes the ride pleasant and smooth for both the parents and babies
  • The stroller has many safety benefits as well. It has an integrated twist handbrake, which will give the parents better control.
  • It also has a wrist strap, which will ensure that the stroller doesn’t roll away while jogging.
  • It has a five-point harness. The baby will be comfortable and safe in the seat; the harness is extremely soft and will not rub or harm the delicate skin of the baby.
  • The Glide 2 has two seating arrangements. One for the babies less than 5-6 months old and for a bit older kids.
The Cons
  • This stroller is expensive.
  • Although Glide 2 has a flexible set of wheels, they are inflatable and you will have to watch tire pressure to ensure you’re getting the most out of your stroller.

Bottom Line

The Thule Jogging Stroller Urban Glide 2 is a premium product in line with our top-rated offering from BOB.

Here you are paying for a smooth, comfortable ride with features to ensure that both you and your child are happy while at the beach or while jogging. Highly recommended if you have the budget.

5. Joovy Zoom 360 – Ultralight Jogging Stroller

The Joovy Zoom 360 – Ultralight Jogging Stroller is designed for bumpy and rough terrain. It makes sure that the ride is comfortable for both the parent and baby.

With many useful features, the 360 is a stroller that you can be sure about while traveling. It’s tough and durable and as already mentioned it ensures that your baby is comfortable.

Now let us move on to understand what are the pros and cons of this beach stroller are.

  • Material: 6061 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Open Size: 54 x 25 x 46 in (L W H)
  • Folded Size: 34 x 25 x 19 in (L W H)
  • Stroller Weight: 25.7 lbs
  • Minimum Child Age: 3 months or Birth+ with Car Seat Adapter
  • Maximum Child Weight: 75 lbs
  • Seat Back Height: 18 in
  • Headroom: 22 in
  • Height to handlebar: 41 in
Pros Joovy Zoom 360 - Ultralight Jogging Stroller (Black)
  • The Joovy Zoom 360 is perfect for almost any kind of surface and won’t get stuck mid-way. This is because of its superior shock-absorbing suspension and large wheels that can make ride easy.
  • It has very good storage space and you can use the storage basket to store knick-knacks for the road.
  • The extra-wide canopy ensures the baby is comfortable in it.
  • It is durable and tough, which makes it better for any climate and condition.
The Cons
  • The handlebar is not adjustable
  • It only has foot brakes, so the parents need to be a little more careful.
  • It is big and less convenient for places like crowded sidewalks, or other public places.

Bottom Line

With its superior shock-absorbing suspension and large wheels, the Joovy Zoom 360 is one comfortable ride. It’s a mid-point price point, and generous storage space makes it a popular choice for many parents.

However, the fact the stroller only has foot breaks is an issue from a jogging perspective. It isn’t fully adjustable either, so bare these factors in mind before you buy.

What to look for when buying a beach stroller?

child at beach

There’s a number of things you should consider when buying a beach stroller. Let’s take a look now.

Weight capacity

One of the most important factors is clearly the weight capacity. This will determine the age/size of the child that can comfortably be carried within the stroller.

Generally speaking, more premium models will have a higher weight capacity due to the robustness of their design.

For example, our top pick budget model above (from Baby Trend) has a 30lbs capacity.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have the Thule Urban Glide. This more expensive model has over double the weight capacity of up to 75 lbs.

Check the specs of the stroller you are interested in, and ensure that it will carry your child’s weight with ease. That way, you will be able to continue using the beach stroller as your child grows.

Weight of the Stroller

The weight of the stroller itself is another variable you need to consider.

If your circumstances mean you need to lift the stroller up a short flight of stairs to your home, or in and out of the car on a regular basis, a lightweight model will be a must.

If you are in a position where lifting will not be required often, you can opt for a heavier, more robust model stroller.


Relative to overall weight is foldability. A foldable beach stroller is a lot more convenient if you’re going to be lifting it from place to place or carrying in the car. It’s also a must if you plan on getting on any flights.

A stroller with a fast and easy to operate fold mechanism is what you should look for.

One-handed folding is especially helpful if you will be with your child alone as it allows you to hold them as you manage the stroller.

Wheels and Tires

baby trend strollerLook for a beach stroller with over-sized all-terrain wheels. This is the only way you will be able to run along the sandy beach with your child.

A model with large air-filled tires and wheels will make rolling through beach terrain so much easier.

A good suspension is another bonus that will make the child’s ride more comfortable as well as make it easier for you to push.

Comfort levels

A good beach stroller has to be comfortable for your child or baby to sit in. This means the seat should be cushioned and envelops the child in place, it should also recline to enable them to sleep should they need it.

The recliner should allow for a number of positions too, not just upright or horizontal.

Seat Belts

Seat belts are an essential safety requirement. Sturdy seatbelts with pads for your child and a simple click-button connection system (that your child cannot operate) is what you should look for.

Most strollers today have these as standard, however. Adjustability is also key so that you can ensure whichever model you buy, the straps will continue to fit your child as they grow.


costzon stroller

A beach stroller should definitely have an adjustable canopy. Whether you are out on a hot summer day where protection from the sun is required, or maybe you are jogging in the rain; either way your child needs to be sheltered from the elements.

A lot of models will feature a canopy with UV protection. Some will also provide clip-on waterproof covers for the more challenging weather conditions.

A stroller that provides an extra-large canopy that covers the child without you needing to disturb them, (clicking on extra bits or unfolding fabric from behind their ears is never fun if you’ve just managed to send them to sleep).

A model that comes with the peekaboo window is also a plus.


The second important safety feature is the brakes. Standard parking brakes are found on all strollers, however, for a jogging/beach stroller a hand-operated system is a real benefit.

As you are jogging along, the ability to quickly engage the brakes with your hands is a must. A stroller that provides this is worth the extra outlay.

Storage and accessories

Strollers vary in the amount of under-seat storage that they provide so you should check to make sure your model of choice has enough for your needs.

At the very least you will want space for essentials such as wipes and diapers. A long day at the beach will need a lot more space than that, however.

Other handy features such as cupholders or zippable pockets for keys and phones are another thing to look out for.


child with family at beach

Finally, your beach stroller of choice should include a competitive warranty.

An extended warranty shows that the manufacturer has faith in their product and is willing to bet that the majority of customers will not need to bring their stroller in for repair.

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