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the shallow water anchor

We recently took an in-depth look at 5 top-rated shallow anchor systems currently on the market. Both the popular Talon system and offerings from Power Pole clearly made the grade, (for a comprehensive review of each head here).

To complement the review guide, we will now look into some of the big advantages of using a shallow water anchor, and why you might want to consider buying one.

1. Why you should use a shallow water anchor

When fishing in shallow inshore depths you will need to keep noise and pressure waves to an absolute minimum if you do not want to scare the fish.

Therefore, one of the biggest reasons to have a shallow water anchor, is that it gives you the ability to quietly hold your boat in position in limited depths.

We all know what it sounds like to throw a regular-sized anchor into the water; when you need to create a little distance from the boat, the resulting splash will scare all the marine life in the vicinity.

Not only that, conventional anchors are time-consuming and impractical when compared to the much more efficient, (and all importantly quieter) shallow anchor system.

2. Better than other shallow water anchoring solutions

You may argue that the push pole or manual stake-off pin is just as good in shallow conditions. And while they do make for an affordable alternative to the likes of the Talon or Power Pole systems, they can be difficult to use if the bottom is hard sand or rock.

Furthermore, graphite push poles are liable to snap if pushed into a bottom littered with hard obstructions.

3. Easier on the bottom habitat

Another benefit of the shallow water anchor system is that they are easier to control and does less damage to the bottom habitat.

The conventional anchor is cumbersome, and it is very easy to damage sensitive seagrasses or bottom habitats when you drag it back from the water.

The push pole literally has to penetrate the bottom in order to fix you in place.

4. Trouble-Free Operation

Another advantage of the shallow water anchor system is that it should give you years of trouble-free operation.

Routine maintenance is required, of course, however, this is not something that will take you much time at all.

Simply flush the system with fresh water after use, and regularly inspect cables and pumps to make sure there is no wear and tear that could compromise the anchor’s lifespan and overall performance.

5. A variety of options

There are a number of products available to accommodate the shallow water fisherman. Talon and Power-Pole are the most popular options, with a variety of models, sizes, and price points available.

Whether you are after a hydraulic or electric/mechanical system, there is a unit for you.

As mentioned in the introduction, we recently reviewed 5 top-rated shallow-water anchor systems (you can find that here) to give you the low down on what’s available and what you should look for when buying one.

6. The Competitive Advantage of the Shallow water system

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The bottom line is shallow water anchors really do provide a competitive advantage when fishing around in-shore areas.

Once you have used one, you will find it a vital piece of equipment for competing in such conditions.

The ease of use, stability, reliability, and low impact nature of the shallow water anchor will allow you to sit silently exactly where you want to be; i.e where the fish are. The resulting increase in your catch will do all the talking you need.

Final Words

The highest quality shallow water anchor systems can cost over $1000, however, if you are serious about your fishing, it will be more than worth the investment.

Offering rapid remote-control deployment, multiple sizes, and mounting options with low impact anchoring as standard, the most popular units by Talon and Power Pole have long been the must-have piece of equipment for inshore enthusiasts.

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