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A garden, no matter what size, can act as a zone of cathartic peace for all those lucky to have one.

And it doesn’t have to be an area that is ignored in the winter. With just a little bit of simple tender loving care, that space at the back of your house can be a wonderful area of peaceful retreat throughout the year.

The most important way of doing this of course is by keeping your garden fresh and clean.

The following 8 tips will help you get the most out of the yard.

1. Get out the Weed Trimmer


Nothing destroys the impact of a garden other than having an army of protruding weeds across the lawn or flowerbeds.

Unfortunately, because weeds can be so pervasive, it is one of the first problems that garden owners will allow to take hold.

The important issue is to get in early, and keep the fight up, (even when you are not using your yard as much).

Beyond the obvious application of weed killer, (we will reserve discussion for the pros and cons of that another time), there is the handy weed trimmer tool.

We would go as far to say that a weed trimmer is an essential requirement for any garden.

Not only is a trimmer the best way to control areas of the garden that your mower can’t hope to reach, but they are also very easy to use and come in many different guises, (gas, electric or battery-powered).

The type you go for will generally depend on the size of your yard. However, when armed with a good trimmer you have a great opportunity to win the war against weeds.

A weedless garden is a massive step towards a fresh and clean garden.

2. Update Your Lawn


Another good way of keeping your garden fresh and clean is to update the lawn.

What does this mean exactly?

Well, you can start by understanding what is working in your yard, and what is not.

For instance, if you have some plants that are struggling or not working as they should, do not be afraid to pull them up and start with something new.

You might also want to add a few features to your gardens, such as some lawn furniture, a new BBQ or grilling area, a few small ornaments, or some lighting / heating.

Just because it gets darker earlier in the fall and the temperature clearly drops, it doesn’t mean space should not be used.

With minimum financial outlay, you can freshen up your garden and increase its usability with ease.

Any small update to space will normally result in a yard that feels fresh and more enjoyable to use.

3. Inject some color


Colour has the ability to freshen up any space, inside or out.

To inject a quick splash of color into your yard without waiting months for flowers to grow, you can plant flowering spring annuals.

These will give your garden a quick lift. Some top recommendations include pots of cineraria, pansy, polyanthus.

If the time of year is right, plant some flowering bulbs such as daffodils and tulips.

You should also plan ahead, so that later in the year your garden will enjoy nourishing splashes of color.

Petunia, phlox, and impatiens are good late spring and summer flowers you should look out for and plant nice and early.

4. Clean and Mend


Probably the simplest tip to follow on our list. Just make an effort to walk around your yard every few days to give it a quick clean and mend.

If there are loose tools, or garbage and fallen leaves, grab a garbage container and clean it up.

Keep on top of things. If some of your plant life only looks untidy, give them a trip.

By keeping your flowerbeds and grass free of ugliness, you will maintain a fresh and tidy space that is enjoyable to be in.

5. Top up the Mulch


A nice and easy way to give the garden a facelift is to lay down some organic mulch.

Not only will this give a uniform look to untended areas, but it will also help reduce weed activity while saving water at the same time

  • First, you should remove any weeds and grass from around your trees and flower beds
  • Then, spread the organic mulch over exposed soil to a depth of about 5cm thick

For more info on the benefits of mulch and how to spread it, head here.

6. Repot your plants


Any container-grown plants that are left too long and outgrow their pots will end up suffering.

Don’t let that happen. Give your pot plants a new lease of life by planting or repotting them.

This is simple to do, but even easier to procrastinate over. Don’t be that person.

Where you see plants in need, obtain some larger pots and replant.

If you have plants that merely require a fresh pot of soil, get out the potting mix, trim the roots and replant in the same pot. (Be sure to give the outside of the pot a wipe down too).

Once you start you’ll be surprised how quickly you will be able to help your pot plants – giving them a fresh and clean look at the same time.

7. Plant some vegetables


A vegetable patch is a wonderful addition to any garden. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing produce you can actually eat, slowly taking hold of your own yard.

Early spring is the best time to plant vegetables, (and for this it doesn’t matter whether you have a large plot reserved for vegetable growth or a small window box for some herbs – that satisfaction level is equally valid).

Plan ahead and when it comes time to plant, there’s a lot of options for you.

Tomatoes, snowpeas, capsicum or chili, lettuce, cucumber, basil, rocket, and parsley all look and smell wonderful if successfully grown in your yard.

8. Add a Water Feature


Finally, a great addition to any yard to inject a sense of freshness, is to have a water feature.

The therapeutic impact of a body of waterworks no matter the size, (as long as it is done tastefully).

A water feature can come in many forms; from a small fountain or bird pool, to a fully-fledged hot-tub.

Whatever you decide to go for, you can be confident the feature will brighten up the space.

And there you have it, our 8 quick tips to freshen up your yard for use throughout the year. Have fun and enjoy the beautiful space that is your garden.

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