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A fountain is a lovely addition to your outdoor space. These come in various styles, sizes, and designs to turn your backyard into a paradise.

Investing in a fountain is a wonderful idea but consider decorating it to make it stand out. there are various ideas to decorating a fountain according to your personal style. To make the process easier, here are 6 features to highlight your garden fountain.

1. Flowers

water fountain and garden

A garden fountain surrounded with flowers gets a single color blast. Ensure to choose flowers after considering the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone of your particular area.

This ensures that the flowers will survive. Another consideration when selecting flowers is their height at maturity. You wouldn’t like the flowers to grow above and hide the fountain. Ensure to plant the flowers in the same shape as your fountain.

2. Herbs

These are a good feature to spice up your fountain. With some water splashing around, herbs such as lavender and sweet basil will thrive.

The best thing is these herbs have a sweet scent making your environment smell sweet. Additionally, herbs don’t grow so tall as flowers. Therefore, your fountain will always be in full view.

3. Lighting

water fountain lighting

A fountain with lighting will always shine around the clock. Luckily, lighting comes in various options including multi-color, single color, or white light.

Choosing the appropriate lighting to install requires minding about the color and accents surrounding your pond water fountain.

Afterward, it’s important to choose the power source for the light. Wired lights are more convenient than solar powered lights. However, it’s very important to mind about the distance of the power source when using power from the mains supply.

4. Pathways

Make a pathway to the fountain and around it for a well-finished look. This pathway will give unlimited access to the fountain throughout the year.

For those in snow-prone areas, the pathway medium should allow shoveling away the snow to allow access to the fountain every season. A fountain with a pathway leading to it looks well organized and makes your landscape design more appealing.

5. Figurines

water fountain features

Adding artistic figures of things like a popular gnome will give your fountain a personalized touch. You can as well choose figurines representing your favorite port or cause.

Other options to consider when choosing figurines for your fountain include metal butterflies, animals, and mermaids. These will give your fountain a natural appeal.

6. Seating

Installing comfortable seating is a great idea to enjoying the beauty of your fountain conveniently for longer periods. It’s a wonderful idea reading a book or scrolling away on your smartphone as you hear the soothing sounds from the fountain. A concrete or metal bench can work with enough space for more than one person.

Bottom line

Adding a fountain to your outdoor space is a wonderful idea. It gets even better if you can add some accents to your pond.

Options such as lighting, pathways, and herbs will make the fountain a focal point in your outdoor space. The fountain will be a great spot to sit down and wind down from a hard day at work.

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