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Rv cleaning tips

It is important to give your RV a good clean both before and after you take a trip.

Doing so before the trip will ensure you enjoy your vacation in clean surroundings, and you will know where everything is and whether you need to stock up on certain items before hitting the road.

Cleaning after the vacation makes things easier the next time you prepare to take the RV out. It will also be beneficial if your RV is destined to sit without being used for a while.

Dirt left to fester is not a good idea. Not only will it be harder to clean next time you go out, but mold and dampness will also end up damaging your RV.

Staying on top of the cleaning is therefore essential. In this guide, we will give you some handy tips on the best way to do so.

1. Start with the hose

rv cleaning guide

For the exterior, the best place to start is with a proper hose down. Make sure all windows, doors, and hatches are closed, and get out the garden hose with a good spray nozzle attached.

The high-pressure water will help to shift the dirt and grime that may have caked itself to the RV during your trip.

You will still need to clean the exterior with cloths and products (see the next step), however, the hose down is easy work and will take the following steps easier too.

2. Plenty of sponges and worktop to bottom

With the RV wet from the hose down and hopefully the lion’s share of the dirt removed, it is time to clean the bodywork properly.

If you have teenage children, this is a chore you might be able to get them to do with a little pocket-money incentive.

Armed with plenty of sponges, RV cleaning products, and clean water, scrubbing the vehicle down shouldn’t be that bad.

Just ensure you work top to bottom. Water streaks as it travel downwards, so if you clean the bottom and then head upwards, you’re just going to ruin the work you have already done.

3. Get rid of the black streaks

The hose down is unlikely to remove the black streaks (that all RVs get after a decent road trip), so whoever is doing the scrub down will need to attack these.

A specialist RV cleaning spray is the best method for these stubborn marks. You may have to substitute the cleaning sponges for a slightly more robust brush to get into those marks.

For any hard-to-reach marks (high up on the exterior or on the roof), you might need to extend the brush with a long handle. A dedicated RV cleaning brush will provide this option.

4. Have the right tools for the job

On the subject of having specialized cleaning products and equipment, it will make life easier to have the right tools for the job in hand.

There is a whole array of options when it comes to RV cleaning, however, some of the most helpful ones include:

  • A compact vacuum cleaner (battery charged if possible so you don’t need to plug it in) that can reach into nooks and crannies. Also small for easy storage afterward.
  • Foldable step stools that will help you reach high places while also being easy to store.
  • Mops with small footprints, again to reach into the tight spots
  • Handy baby wipes that make short work of spill spots and other small stains
  • An all-natural toilet bowl cleaner and capsules designed for RV use
  • Multi-surface cleaners and any other products you like to use for a fragrant, homely finish

5. Attack the work in stages

rv cleaning guide

Cleaning a large RV can be a daunting prospect. The best way to get around procrastination is to break the job up into manageable chunks.

Maybe do just the outside on one day, leaving the interior for another.

Also, break each of these into stages, with you completing one area of the exterior (the driver’s side for instance), ensuring that it is fully clean before moving to the next.

The same can be done inside. Work on the kitchen first and ensure you are happy. Then move onto the toilet, followed by living areas (or whatever order you prefer).

Put on some good music or a decent podcast and try to enjoy the process rather than be overwhelmed by it.

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