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We recently took an in-depth look into some of the best suspension lift kits on the market.

And while in that article we lifted the lid off various products and the differences between spacer kits and suspension lifts, we did leave one important question unanswered – why you should actually buy a lift kit in the first place.

So that’s exactly what we will dive into today. Starting with the main benefits of actually owning a lift kit for your truck.

The 5 main benefits of fitting a suspension lift kit to your truck

Truck owners generally love to modify their vehicles; and why not, it’s a big part of what driving a truck is all about.

And while the suspension lift kit can provide an extra ‘Look at that’ feature to your vehicle, there are some real practical benefits too.

Let’s take a look…

1. Increased Clearance

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One of the main reasons to fit a lift kit into your vehicle is the increased clearance that can be gained from it.

When going off-road, that extra clearance will make driving over rough ground, with steeper ascent or descent off-road, much easier.

If you like taking your off-road driving to the limits, a suspension lift kit is a must-have upgrade.

2. Larger Tires

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Continuing that theme of better off-road capacity, the higher clearance will also allow you to fit larger tires onto your truck.

This of course translates to better traction while driving through mud, deep snow, rocks, and deeply rutted trails.

Bring it on!

3. Added Strength

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A lift kit will provide a higher level of robustness while driving off-road. A strong kit can withstand all sorts of abuse; and as a result of the high clearance, your vehicle body can too.

No longer do you risk snaring the chassis on some wayward branch or rock. Your truck will carry on over the rough stuff without coming to harm.

4. Better Performance overall

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With a lift kit installed, you will enjoy the better performance while driving your truck in tougher conditions.

Better clearance, higher traction, larger wheels, and a more robust ride overall, with less risk of something bad happening to your vehicle.

This leaves you to enjoy what you like doing with your truck most of all – testing her to the limits.

5. Pimp my ride

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And let’s not forget the really cool aspect of having a truck suspension lift kit installed. It just looks so damn good.

The kit will help make your truck stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re off-road or sitting in a traffic jam, towering above mere mortals on the road as you sit behind the wheel of your raised truck will always provide you with pleasure.

The bottom line is, as far as increased styling goes, adding a lift kit makes a big impact. Combine that with the oversized wheels you can now attach and you have something which will really make a statement.

And who doesn’t want that when driving around?

How to install a lift kit

Our aforementioned review article will give you the low down on what kit you should buy; however, if you choose not to have a professional install the kit and opt for a bit of DIY, the following video will help you get started, (please note that the video is specific to the Rough Country lift kit for 1999 – 2006 GM 1500 vehicles)

We do recommend that you consult a mechanic or expert first so that you can discuss in detail what to do; no lift kit or a vehicle is the same so a helping hand will often be required.

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