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Spring is on its way, and if you want your lawn to be the envy of the neighbors, there are a few things you should be taking care of right now.

Let’s take a look…

1. Start Weeding

With the coldest months behind us, it will not take long for the weeds to react to warmer temperatures. If you do not see to these early on, you will have to tackle a far greater problem later.

If you have issues with Crabgrass, now is the time to apply pre-emergent herbicides. These will help ensure that any seeds that have made their way into the soil will have a tough time germinating.

Because timing is a big deal when applying herbicides, make sure to carefully read the instructions of your chosen herbicide product.

Beyond Crabgrass, you should also be applying methods to treat or dig perennial weeds such as Dandelion and Clover. Post-emergent herbicides can be helpful here too.

2. Aerate the Lawn

Aeration will help provide a healthy-looking lawn, especially where the soil has become overly compacted during the cool months of winter.

However, the frequency with which you aerate is down to the type of soil you have. Spring is the best time for warm-season grasses, (with fall recommended for time for cool-season grasses)

The video above provides a good explanation of the best method of aerating.

3. Rake the Garden

Needless to say, raking is more or less 101 when it comes to good lawn care.

Making an effort to get out in the yard with a rake during the spring, will help you get rid of any remaining leaves and dead grass that has accumulated over the winter.

Raking will also be effective in loosening grass clumps that have been rotted into a mulch from the wetter (or what could have been snowy), fall, and winter seasons

We recommend that you use a spring-tine rake with a strong upward pull. This will snag and remove dead grass easier.

You should also rake the lawn when the soil isn’t soft and muddy as this will prevent you from pulling healthy grass from its roots by mistake.

4. Water the lawn

Depending on how dry a spring you are experiencing, now could also be the time to start watering your lawn.

For instance, in dry areas in the south, you should start your irrigation now and increase frequency as temperatures climb into summer.

If you live in the North, Midwest, and Pacific Northwest areas you will probably be experiencing spring rains that will take care of your lawn during this important time of the year.

Although a well-irrigated lawn will help provide that lush green we all aim for, do not overdo it. The best course of action is to let nature do its thing, and irrigate only if rain is infrequent and/or your lawn shows signs of dehydration.

5. Mow your Grass

Finally, the longer days and warmer sun will mean that your lawn will start growing a lot faster. As a result, spring will be when you should start mowing the grass more regularly.

Ensure that you cut at a suitable height for your type of grass. This is important as grass that is cut too short means more sunlight on the weed seeds. These could germinate and start to take over.

Too short grass can also lead to stunted root development. This will make your grass weaker to the stranglehold of weeds. The grass will also struggle in the summer when drought might be an issue.

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