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Daily Archives: February 3, 2022

rifescope guide

Riflescopes and the .338 Lapua Magnum – An OC Guide

The use of the .338 Lapua magnum by coalition snipers during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq changed the battle-scape dynamics as enemy forces were forced to reconsider using their extemporized battlewagons that were fitted with improvised laminated steel armor plates. This was because this

best fusion slicer

Best Fusion Splicer – 5 Top Rated Machines Reviewed

Fusion Splicing is a skill that requires precision tools. If you are not using an accurate machine with the appropriate features, your working day will soon become frustrating. Essentially, whether you’re a contractor, or running a business employing multiple technicians, purchasing the right fusion splicer

Soil penetromter review

Top 5 Best Soil Penetrometer & Compaction Testers [2022]

When testing soil conditions there are two main tools at your disposal, a soil penetrometer or compaction tester. In fact, in many States, a pocket penetrometer is required by OSHA on all excavation jobs. To avoid costly construction delays, you should have one on-site to